Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Chat about Corner Time

I couldn't sleep all night because of my cat, so I am agonizing today. If I close my eyes, my head might just fall on the keyboard for a long sweet nap.

I know I got a spanking only two days ago, on Thursday, but yesterday evening I had another chat with Jack. I was ready for more. For a lot more and worse. I needed it. It didn't happen, but the weekend has barely started.

"When are you gonna put me in the corner?" - I asked, while he was watching "Survivor" on AXN.
He looked at me, and it took him a few seconds to connect back to this world.
"Why don't you go stand in the corner now?" - he suggested with a smile.
Of course it crossed my mind to obey. But it wasn't right.
"Not now. Now I wouldn't do it."
"But you've been in the corner before..."
"Yes, but it was very long ago."

He lit a cigarette, went back to his series. A few seconds later he turned to me again:
"Corner time never works for you. You always seem to use it for more mischief, not to repent."
"You're not doing a proper job, it means. Corner time would really help you help me..." Explaining it was hard. "It can take me to subspace pretty fast. I can behave if I *need* to."

The thing is... my previous corner times had me naked standing in the corner. And I also had a red butt. But not red enough to stop me from bratting. Only once I think I was a bit too scared to misbehave. And another time, I painted the wall. That got me another belting and more corner time.

I'm just thinking that putting me in the corner might drain some of the extra energy out of me. The ideal move is: spank me, put me in the corner, go on doing your stuff while keeping an eye on me, spank me again, and one more corner time. And if that doesn't work on any brat, then I might as well dress up as Santa Clause and sell pickles in Jamaica.

That's for today's post. Now, I wanna ask you to do something for me, or for you, if you feel like it. This week or next weekend I'm gonna write one of those '100 things about me', inspired by Eva's post a few good days ago. If you have any questions that you want an answer to, please let me know. Either comment here or send me an email. Anonymous or not. Your choice. I will not answer normally or seriously stupid questions though. When is a question stupid? When you wonder if to ask it or not. hehe ;)

If no questions come, I will just go on rambling about myself for 100 lines and bore you to death. hehe So you're either gonna be proactive, or passive regarding my future post. If you've been here for some time, you knowI don't beg. Tigger suggested on that 'delurk' day that lurkers like being begged. I say begging might seem pushy. I give you a free choice. Either you want to ask or not. :) If you're not in the mood, fine by me. ;) I have no intention in grabbing you by the ear, bending you over the arm of the couch, and tanning your bum with Jack's belt for saying 'no'. Not just yet, let's say. hehe

So, have a nice Saturday guys. :)


lessa{D} said...

uhmmmmmm kayley... about the smart ass remarks... I found something else as well... explains a lot...


There is a super-secret school all Doms attend. Knowledge of this kinky institution is a closely guarded secret. Revealing its location is punishable by death!

Nah, you say?

It must be true. How else would they all know?

Know that exact tone of voice that turns the simplest request to a command. No matter that i'm dead tired and feeling entirely unsexy, The Tone curls around my belly, slides down and starts
the juices flowing.

I hate that!

Then there's The Grip. Natural and unobtrusive as breathing, His fingers twine in my hair, effortlessly gripping and pulling me to Him. This instantly transforms my knees and will to jello.
I'm helpless to resist as He guides my head to the location of His choice.


But then the worst is The Look, a piercing study that bares my every thought to said Dom. The Look conveys a stern reminder of His Dominance and my submission. Rational though instantly
ceases and I fall prostrate, kissing His feet.

They all know this!

Must be that school. But don't tell anyone you heard it here!

© fullbloom

now this interesting piece of information sure explains a lot... yeah yeah yea... They attend a special school... now how about us... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

by the way... they have to get a curriculum on corner time I think... might be interesting *winks*

Theresa said...

I had considered doing the 100 things, but was afraid I would bore myself to the point blood would be running from my eyes at the end.

I think they are a blast to read, but to create? Well can't wait to read it!


Tiggr said...

Hey Kay,

I agree with Lessa... about it all... oh, so much! And yeah, we definitely need to start our own school, on that new project I'm working on... we can have classes and elctures and assignments and everything... he, he, he... we will teach them ALL!!!!

*evil laugh*

Looking forward to that 100 list...

Paul said...

Sorry folk, not a school, it's in the genes, or is it the jeans. WEG
Kay, corner time with a very hot seat worked for my brat, made her good as gold for a while.
Nice post brat.
Warm hugs.

Eva said...

Kay~ I think I'd rather just read you rambling for 100 lines telling us the things you'd like us to know!! Can't wait to read it!!


Ree said...

I think corner time helps me to be more submissive sometimes, but it can also just fuel my temper. Usually I end up in the corner before a spanking so my temper hasn't been tamed yet.

Here are some questions: How did your spanking relationship start? Was your first spanking w/ jack erotic or corrective? Is there any one infraction that gets you spanked the most? You don't have to answer all or any of these really, but maybe they'll get you off to a good start :)


Kayley said...

hehe Funny thing the school you are mentioning! But honestly, I think it is as real as Hogwarts! ;) Which makes us, brats, still unbeatable! ;) hehe HUGZ Lessa and Tiggz! Luv ya!

Theresa - I loved the 100 things about Eva, that's why I wanna do it. But you are right about getting bored soon. hehe

Paul - I understand - anything not to see the walls again! ;) hehe

Eva - thanks! See how much fun yours were?? ;)

Ree - you are right: corner time is as good as spanking to drain your emotional energy! ;) And thanks for the questions! ;) They are helpful!