Monday, November 06, 2006

Sorry Guys... Sick Here

Sorry for no posts, people. Truth is, both Jack and I are sick. We caught some virus and you don't want to hear about fever, nausea, vomitting and other funny issues, right? hehe
Anyway, even my cat is not feeling well, which worries me even more.

I hate viruses. Seems that even my friend from school is sick... So, boring and painful life around here.

See you around when I'm better!



Tiggr said...

Feel better, babe, and take care of your poor sick but ever-so-sweet little pussy (oh yeah, Jack, too)...

We will be here for you when you get back to your bratty self... I'm still feeling rather awful myself!

Sending lots of healing kisses straight to your sick pussy... big meanie-bully viruses don't scare me!

Love you!

Theresa said...

Oh know not that! Get better's some nursy hugs!

(Nursy) Hugs

Paul said...

Hope that you feel better soon, sending love and healing thoughts.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Thank you guys! Thank you! I cannot expand much because I dunno when the next yucky show would start... hehe

LUV YA a lot! you know that though, right? :)