Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Habits that Get You a Spanking & a Spanking Poll

First, let's see the poll results for "You have two pills, one blue and one red. You can use only one. Which one would that be?". 93% voted for the red pill, the one that would turn someone else into a spanko. 7% voted for the blue pill, that would rid them and their partner of the spanking obsession.

For a better picture of the results, click on the image:

The voters are pretty confident and happy with their spanking lifestyle. Why am I not amazed? Well done on your voting guys!

Now, let's move to the title of this post: habits that got you a spanking.

I don't have many bad habits, but some of the ones that have annoy me even. One is playing with my hair. I started long ago and only typing or cooking can help me. Yes, I got spanked for it, but it doesn't seem to help. hehe Now we live on threats. ;)

Another bad habit: bothering Jack when we were in bed. Touching where I shouldn't because it tickles him, insisting on doing things that he asks me to stop doing. He usually grabs me, flips me on my tummy, and spanks me right then and there.

Another bad habit was the one of sticking out my tongue at him and making a disgusting noise. That got me whacked good in the past. So I stopped doing it for like three years, and restarted because of this blog and because of Tigger, who always turns me into a bigger brat. hehe Now I gave up because I got another spanking for it. As easy as that.

The worst habbit that got me the worst spankings was scaring him when he came out of the bathroom - childish and stupid, but you should see his face! hehe - and turning off the light in the bathroom when he's pissing. It got me in real big trouble but I'm still doing it now and then. I can imagine how annoying it can be, but nothing can stop me. Anyway, I think this is the only habit that got me a good belting. :)

I've just asked Jack now if he can tell me a bad habit that got me a spanking? "Yes, when you become annoying." "That became a habit when you need a spanking! Espcially when you do like this - I can't not even explain the faces and signs he made hehe - and make stupid sounds (that I cannot reproduce)". Well, now I know what annoys him most. :)

That's my announcement on spanking and bad habits. :) Your turn!

Poll Time! No need to have a blog to vote. And if you have any hot suggestions, let me hear them!

Which 'spanking' is hotter?

When watching a clip, reading a story, getting a spanking, which verb is the hottest?

Thanks for voting!


Spice said...

Heya bratface,
Been catching up and I'm sorry to hear you're sick, it blows doesn't it? I went to the doctor today because, in his words I am "Blind. As. A. Bat." and seriously need glasses or contacts or SOMETHING, but thank Goodness I aint sick! I hope you feel better soon.... I didn't know whether to choose "thrash" or "punish"... it was a tough one!


Tiggr said...

I'm with Spicey... us brats DO not only stick together but honestly think alike... I had a tough time deciding but picked "thrash"... don't really get punished technically these days but the word still sends shivers all over... but reading the "thrash" word does unmentionables even if in real-life, it wouldn't do as much for me as "punish." Weird, huh? Two different answers for stories and real-life?

Love you,

Kayley said...

Brats, I agree with you! Both thrash and punish make me squirm. I voted for 'thrash'... To me it sounds so much stronger that spank. hehe

Love you guys! HUGZ!

Paul said...

Nice post Kay, for me spank does it every time, it allows for a lot of pleasure as well as pain.
I never thrashed Mel, she was punished, but it was never fun.
Keep on bratting, there's nothing quite like a nice red butt.
Warm hugs,

Theresa said...

I picked punished too Paul!

Hugs Kayley

Kayley said...

Thanks Paul! I will keep doing just that! *weg* I also love red butts! Especially mine! ;) Big hugz!

Theresa - now I know where that high 'punish' results came from! hehe ;) Hugz!