Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Punishment Spanking Position

Today I'm going to post about spanking positions. No, don't run away, I ain't gonna talk about how many there are and I ain't gonna get into decriptions either. However, if you want such a post, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

Today, my spanko fellows, I will get again in the submissive mind and inspect my own feelings on positions during a spanking.

Last night, in bed, after watching a few vids, I found myself fantasizing about Jack spanking me while I am standing in the corner. Then I started picking the right corner for such a spanking in my appartment. I couldn't find one. Why would I be spanked in the corner? Only a bad thing could get me there. I do need a reason, because a spanking without a reason doesn't excite me much. It needed to be a terrible sin. I'm still thinking of one. hehe

I realized that such a spanking would really make me unconfortable and it would turn out to be the ultimate punishment. If I can't touch Jack or feel his body next to me during a spanking, I feel lonely, puzzled, lost, scared.

He spanked me only once over the back of the chair and it was hard for me, psychologically speaking. This position in the corner would be even harder. Nothing to touch, nothing to sink your teeth into, or your claws, or your feet. It's just you and the wall. Nothing else touching you. It's scary. And yet, I want to try it.

I'm curious if I am the only one who thinks like this about 'feeling lonely' if spanked in the corner...

Today, it's Wankable Wednesday at Tiggs's blog. She has a nice post on blow jobs as well. ;)


Paul said...

I agree Kay, spanking is an intimate action and best given when fully touching.
Warm hugs,

Theresa said...

Yeah a corner spanking would be too hard. I would at least need something to hold onto!


Haron said...

Spanking in the corner (or standing up) isn't my favourite, but not because of "loneliness" (although it's certainly a factor) - but because I'm really short. My bottom is quite a long way to the floor in relation to Abel's hand, so whenever he gives me a smack standing up, it lands too high.

I might be getting really technical here, but there you are :)

lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmm, I like the contact and direct touching to... much preferred over other actions....


Abel said...

Hi, Kay

Funny, that. My mind has been drifting all week to thoughts of putting a friend in a corner in a forthcoming scene. And then you post about the very same thing. And then I find that my wife is here complaining that my spanks land too high.

She's just come upstairs. I'm off to practice...!


Kayley said...

Paul - I agree. But I still wanna try a nice spank in the corner punishment thrashing... oooh... those lines make me hot! lol ;) HUGZ!

Theresa - How about you can hold onto a teddy bear? ;) Hugz!

Haron - Ummm... I'm not sure I should make any comments anymore on this, after reading Abel's comment. That 'technical' issue might have changed already! ;) Hugz!

Lessa - heya chica! All of you prefer contact of some kind... That gets me wondering... Am I the only psycho here who likes - or thinks she likes cuz never had - a spanking in the corner session? Lessa, ever had one? Hugz!

Abel - Yes, your wishes do some to come true on a regular basis now! Lucky you! ;) On the other hand, I should feel guilty for Haron - but I don't. *weg* Bet she will enjoy it after all! And... 'practice makes perfect!' ;) Hugz!

Tiggr said...

Kay - How'd I miss this post today? I just got whacked in the corner, as you may recall from my T-Attitude thrashing... and I've been spanked there before, almost always during punishment... (I don't CHOOSE to spend time in the cornrer, lol)!

Anyway, I hate being spanked while standing... I agree about nothing to hold onto... hands are on the wall as I bend forward.

But I've been spanked plenty bending over stuff and with limited contact (or none beyond the spanks themselves), again usually most often for punishment or limit-testing. And I love it, albeit in a different way from being held over his lap.

I love pushing my own limits, trying to think of new ways, positions, implements, limits to surpass... it gets me all wet just thinking about all this stuff... no fair! Now I wanna spanking!

Love you,

TX_ SPANKER said...

Tiggs, I like the way you Think... BIG SMILE.... What new things you come up with lately?

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