Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spanking Drawing

Last night Jack took over the computer until quite late. I was watching Anime and I suddenly got in the mood to draw.

I am sure you will not find my mood amazing, but I, myself, have thought to be quite surprising. You see, I haven't drawn for pleasure and for months since highschool, like ten years ago. A few years back I got again in the mood to draw but it lasted for like one month, then real life took over again.

It was awful. I am not that good or anything, and I don't have any education whatsoever in painting or drawing, my hand lost the habit, so bear with me.

I like black and white, pencil most. But for Tigger, I have this little teddy to cheer her up! ;) Luv ya sis! :)

You know the drill, click on pics to get a better look. hehe

And since we are spankos, here's a spanking drawing. Told you I was out of ideas, so I drew. hehe

I suppose that is Jack whacking me, even though I am a bit too tall in the drawing. hehe If you cut off my head, you might get my real height. ;)

Enjoy! Catch up with ya later, gotta get ready for school!


Haron said...

*squeee* You can draw! Wow! *dies of envy*

Fitz said...


Can't do a straight line with a ruler, me. Deeply envious!

Love the doodles.

More, More!

Lily said...

Very nice pictures.

Take care,



Paul said...

Good a natural artist, really enjoyed the pics, Kay.
Warm hugs Kay,

Tiggr said...

AWwwwwwww..... for ME????? Sis, you really DO love me... you aren't just trying to get me all dressed up in a hot and fuzzy (never mind silly-looking) chicken suit for nothing!!!!!!

Look out... I think I feel my bounce coming back!

I LOVE your pics, especially the teddy, no, maybe the whacked Kay, nah, the teddy... oh, I love them both!

Can't wait to see more!

Love and kisses,

Eva said...

Awesome!! Get that pencil moving and give us more, darn it.


Spice said...

Are you a shortie too? And you're damn good at drawing ady, love the pics! But I want one!!! I'll draw you one if you draw me one, agreed?

Love you,


Kayley said...

Thank you everyone! :) Well, thanks also for the encouragement... :) BIG HUGZ!

Tiggs - of course I love you! :)

AngelBrat said...

What awesome artwork!



Theresa said...

I like the pics too!


Anonymous said...

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