Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Much of a Brat Are You? Test & HNT #3

Ok, guys... So I have promissed you a new spanking test. Here it is. I had something else in mind, but events forced me to change my mind.

So, How Much of a Brat Are You?

Obviously, my results are high... lol

Sorry about the HNT picture. I *really* didn't have time. But I have a plan for Saturday or Sunday.

The Ultimate Brat!
You are 94% brat!
Bratting for you is like breathing. It holds no secrets. You are so used to it, you don't know when to stop. Sometimes you annoy people, but in the right group or with the right person your spankings can rate high!

You also tend to be a bit egocentric. But other people's opinions do not matter anyway, right? So why not enjoy yourself, be always playful, creative, energetic, and positive about life?

By the way, are you also hyperactive?

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on brat
Link: The How much of a brat are you? Test written by KayleyBlue on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Ok. I'm back and it's a bit later. I will post a pic for HNT because I *have* to. hehe Don't get excited because the pic is not. hehe It was taken when I posted my first HNT, two weeks ago.

So HHNT people!


lessa{D} said...

Bratting - an Option
You are 62% brat!
You are a brat. Maybe not a full-time one, but you know when to use bratting to your advantage, and you do so, even if it makes people uneasy sometimes.

You try to take things seriously, but you're not always very successful. Let's just say that laughing at a problem makes it less of a problem.

You are mostly an optimistic person, a playful character. You have imagination. Most of the times you have a smart comment to make, but choose not to do so.

If you want to become the perfect brat, you still have a little pratice to do. You should get spanked!

hahahahahhahahaa.. my results... I definetely need to practice more...

kayleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......... Tiggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

help me... I need practice....

Kayley said...

lol Yeah, I rem writing that! Don't worry, I am sure you are more than 62% brat! ;) HUGZ!! Luv ya!

lessa{D} said...

wowwwwwwwwwwww, big sigh of relief... cause you and tigg would have your hands full with teaching and practising with me... lol....

Theresa said...

I knew it I was only 47% a brat. I get framed! But taking that test makes me want to spank a brat!!! Grrrr.

Great HNT.


Master Fitznicely said...

How did my girl come out as just 50%?? We wuz robbed, I tell you...

Either that, or I'm taming her.

Happy HNT!

Spice said...

I got 70%, and I don't even ave anyone to stop me in my bratty tracks! So unfair!

Love the pic,

Kayley said...

Hey guys! Don't worry about the score. You have to be reallllllly bad to pass 80%. No one scored that high so far, though there is a guy on OkCupid who scored 79%! Wow! And I mean it. Told ya I haven't actually scored that high, but somewhere in btw 70 and 80%.

Lessa - I dunno what else Tiggs and I can teach you, girl! Maybe be a little more snappier - but that can annoy people, really. hehe Luv ya!

Theresa - You were close to the 50% border of the category. ;) I think you are as bratty as it suits you. :) Hugz!

Master Fitz - You must have tamed her, man! Now, no need to spank her too hard for that! Just some good swats... Let me remember... *giggles* A spanking every two or three days should keep her in line. Naahh... j/k. :) HUGZ!

Spice - I didn't expect you to get any lower, trust me, girl! lol I was expecting actually to see you smashing even an 80%! ;) Maybe it's just that like Tigger and Lessa and me, you like bratting, but we can also be sensible people. ;) HUGZ!

Adam said... apple!

~~or,is that a peach?~~

Nope. That's an apple alright!

~~adam, smiles~~


Kayley said...

Definitely an apple Adam! hehe And a Granny Smith one. I love sour apples! hehe


adam said...

A Sweet Spanking story, coming up, for you!

Haloween. Apples too! Red Ones!

stay tuned!!..."The waiting, is the hardest part", as Ton Petty says.

~~adam, checking out of Da Main Blog!!~~