Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Diary

Ok, this has nothing to do with spanking so... decide if you want to continue reading or to move on - if you want to move on, check the nice links on the side. hehe

Reading my blue diary, that covers my last year in junior high and my HS years, I wonder how I survived my 16s and 17s. It seems like my brain was on fire!

Anyway, I think I was a real flirt. I didn't want to, but being the center of attention was typical maybe for me. I really liked being the one to catch everyone's eye. So there was this pretty guy, my ex best friend's neighbor. I thought he had a crush on my friend, but around 17 it seems his crush changed to me.

One day at school, I was going downstairs to get some food, and I heard someone calling: "Hey neighbor! Neighbor!" I didn't turn because I didn't like being hit on. Then I saw the guy running towards me. He asked me if I could lend him ten bucks. I said I didn't have. He didn't believe me. "Search me then..." - I said smiling tauntingly. "Oh, I would... I really would. Don't make me..." And then I just left him there and walked away. I had scored!

On Friday I went to take my History test, since I didn't have enough grades. And I met the guy again, downstairs. He said "hi", then staired at me, looking into my eyes. "Your eyes are very pretty," he said. (lolol) I didn't say anything. And then he kissed me. "You drive me crazy," he added and kissed me a second time, deeper. (still lolol) Then he took my hand and I asked him to let me go because I had to be in class in a couple of minutes. So I pulled my fingers from his hand. He watched me walking away and I heard him say "Oh, God!" (*eg*). I turned around laughing and shaking my head. "Come back!" - he started screaming. "Come back, please... One more time!" I shook my head, laughed at him, and ran away. I felt so damn good!

This entry makes me feel good even today. Oh, those old days...

But I don't wanna be 17 again. Maybe 21, but not 17!

Peace! I'll catch up with you later with some more spanking stuff - hopefully!

PS Tomorrow I need to wake up early so I have to go to bed early. Hope I can do it!


Theresa said...

You may not believe this, but I would just like to be in my 30's again. In my 30's with a computer, and a personals ad!

Kayley said...

Oh yes, the computer! I almost failed to enter the Univ exam because of the Internet. hehe

Don't worry, Theresa. You might not be 30 in real life, but you do have the voice of a young girl! I didn't know you were older than 30! ;) You're a spunky hot chick! ;)

Thanks for the input!