Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Trends in Spanking

First, lemme tell you that I didn't score 90 something percent in the brat quiz. Obviously, I could have done 100, since I know the value for each question, but if I were to answer honetly, I'd probably score somewhere above 70. That is what Jack said and he took the quiz for me. hehe

Now, about trends. Who do you reckon is the most obsessed nation with spanking? You don't think that Americans are, like I did, do you? Because, if that's what is going now through your mind, you are dearly wrong.

According to Google, these are the top regions looking for the word 'spanking'.

Now, what about the languages for all of those searching for spanking? You will be amazed. You might think that English is leaving all the other languages far behind. Wrong again. You didn't know how kinky the Danish people are, did you?

And do you want to know which is the city most obsessed with spanking?

However, do not let yourself fooled by these results. They might be altered, given that people might look for spanking but not be spankos. But, I think that when you look for "red butt", there is no mistake. They got to be talking about 'spanking'.

As for languages, you got it right this time, it is English. Not only because there are lots of English native speakers out there but mostly because English is an international language and the best 'red bottom' sites need to have an English content. :)

And now, let's see which city in the world has the greatest number of 'spankos'. You might want to relocate.

Well, I hope you had fun with this brief spanking analysis.

In case you haven't voted yet in our spanking poll, you still have time to do it until the October 28, this year. hehe So, check the Tuesday's Poll and cast your vote, people. A poll is no poll if not enough voters.

Also, if you think you are a brat, take the How Much of a Brat Are You? Test that I published yesterday.

Don't forget that Tigger is having her Fantasy Friday today, with a new story. You might want to check that out too and vote for who you think the author is. :)

Have a nice Friday! I might be back later.


Theresa said...

When I look at my stats I do have alot of New Zealanders looking at my blog.

I have known about Chicago folks for some time. When I was Internet Dating, I found the most spankers in the Midwest, and NY NJ area. I had thought long and hard bout relocating!

I also got lots of responses to my personals from UK'ers!

lessa{D} said...

tsssssssssskkkkkkkk. I knew it... we dutch are so good... pure... innocent... with my 62% score from yesterday I must be the brattiest brat in the whole country... grinnnnnnnnnn

but I liked reading these facts sweet kayley...

a big kisssssssss to you....

Master Fitz said...

Yay! Go spanko Brits!

Dutch? Pure and innocent? Ha!

(No offense lessa)

I can tell you from personal experience, by the way, that people are so obsessed by spanking in Milton Keynes because there's nothing else to do there.

Oddly enough my hometown isn't in that list, despite being the town that types "porn" into google the most.

Dante d'Amore said...

This was a fantastic post Kayley. I love seeing stuff like this or anything to do with the psychological aspects of spanking or BDSM. No surprise that the British are “kicking ass.” I would have been shocked had anyone “topped” them. Theirs seems to be a spanking-obsessed culture. But the Dutch? Whouda thunk it? I know they are as open and sexual “as they come” but didn’t realize spanking was so big. Had I known that when I was single I would have been much more receptive to any woman I dated suggesting we go “Dutch.” (In case that is a strictly American expression, it means that each person pays their own way.)

I liked to see Ireland coming in at number two since that’ll give Spice something to shoot for.

lessa{D} said...

Dante... you sure are right... we are on the 5th place with languages searching... now there are 16 million dutch... and not much other countries were they speak the lingo... so guess that 5th place is quite impressive...

mmmmmmmmm, maybe I am not the brattiest dutch brat there is...

hugssssssssss and a wonderfull weekend to kayley....

luv ya...

Kayley said...

Theresa - Well, I'm happy the Google trends are somewhat accurate. Still, I think they are. I mean even if we made an average and say that only 50% of those looking for spaking have a fetish, it's still a lot. :) Hugz!

Lessa - You know what is funny? Lots of Danish and Dutch (no surprise for me when I think of Dutch lol), but how come no Norway, no Finland, etc. What do you guys have that they don't? Population only? Is that it?

Master Fitz - hehe Yeah, I have to agree with you about Dutch and Brits. Tsk tsk tsk... ;)

Dante - I'm happy you had a good time with these results. I completely agree. Statistics are always fun... and mostly surprising. I love the surprise factor! :)

Luv ya!

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnn, it must be more then population only... cause some scandinivian country's do have a bigger population then the danish and the dutch... but both Denmark and Holland are pretty liberal... Denmark is worlds first country that took masochism out of the DSM IV..

overhere there are some tv-shows spending time on bdsm which don't go after the sensation... so maybe that has to do with it....


luv ya...

Kayley said...

Yeah... I know you guys are liberal! hehe I think that, except for the problems with the language, I would feel very happy in Denmark or Holland.

I know many people who went for example to London - sorry Brits! hehe - and hated it because people were cold. I love cold people. I like being able to walk on the street wearing whatever I damn want and looking the way I want and no one to care. hehe Never ever! And no one to talk to me on the damn buses and stuff! lol


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