Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Words That Trigger It

What is your number one thing you would like him to say prior to a spanking? What raises hair on your arms and nape, what makes your knees buckle, and drains the blood from your veins?

I have one favorite, repeated in various forms, but having the same core:

"You are so gonna get it when we get home!"
"This is gonna be the spanking of your life!"
"You think that last spanking was hard? Just wait until you see what's coming tonight!"

Give me at least ten minutes to worry about it. The more the waiting time, the bigger the anticipation, the stronger the fear, the sorrier the girl before she even gets on your knees. If it applies to all the brats? *shrugs* I don't know. It does work for me though.

In any case, you tell me one of the things above, and I melt on the spot. You whisper it to me in a public place - my butt starts tingling right away. I don't mind hints either. I love them even more. Or a smart remark. A funny one. But not the same thing always. Be inventive. At least change your tone, if nothing else.

So, has anybody told you today that you have a spanking coming your way and you'd better prepare? hehe


adam said...

Not yet. Let me check my e-mail...

xx, adam.

Kayley said...

It seems to be that our little Spanking Town is quiet today. Friday was a a busy evening for our fellow bloggers - Eva got what she asked for, Tigger also got a walloping, Padme is still recovering... I'm guessing no one will whisper anything to your ear today. But who knows? I might be wrong! hehe

Tiggr said...

Ok, brat, I've just about had it with this stuff... first you drag me down with you and now you are rushing things... geez, girl, you're gonna make me never able to sit again.

Yeah, that's it, it's all your fault and I really don't want to be at Dante's beck and call and feel his hands on my throat and his lips on my neck and ...

oh, crap, I may as well say it... it's still too early to tell here yet but I sure hope he will be whispering something in my ear a little later...

Love ya,

Kayley said...

hehe Tigger girl, a little birdie told me he did whisper something in your ear and even more than that! lol

Sorry for getting you in trouble... but c'mon! That's what friends are for, eh? ;) hehe

big hugz!!

Tiggr said...

Yup, and I wouldn't have it any other way... not one moment of it!!!

I love you, you know that, right?

And it really was all my own fault and I totally take responsibility for it and it was all in good fun and he knows that, too, making it all even more fun (well, OK, not ALL of it was more fun... it really was a very hard spanking... but the nice man that he is did at least stop long enough to allow me to breathe, he, he).

Hugs and ouchies!

Eva said...

Hearing "I'm going to spank your ass red" did it for me on Friday!!


Theresa said...

I like all the little phrases too. I also get going with just a look. That is what makes it a 24/7 to me...his comments, his looks, his hands on my bottom. I mean you can't get spanked all the time! But you can keep the fires burning with the nuances!


Kayley said...

Tiggr - hey, girl, don't take full responsability, leave some to me as well!! lol HUGZ and more pillows!! ;)

Eva - From what I've read on your page, it seems he meant every bit of it! Especially the 'red' part. lol

Theresa - yes, you are so right! The look is so important. One look can do it! But I usually pretend not to understand what he means when he does that. lol Hugz!

Bonnie said...


I like, "Sit now while you still can."


Kayley said...

Promising enough, Bonnie! ;) hehe