Friday, October 13, 2006

Bratpack Under Attack!

(aka "War" Declared on Dante's Blog) And Jack is to be kept away from a few blogs and my own posts for a goooooooood healthy while! *weg* Just watch the brat in action!

Yes, thank you for asking, I had a very long night, anticipating Jack's coming today. I went to my email, answered the stuff on my blog, and opened simultaneously Dante's and Tiggs's blogs. They go well with coffee and ciggies. ;)

It seems that Tiggs didn't come home with me last night to have some bratty fun... How did I figure that? By reading Dante's post... Yes, of course! Apart from the beautiful review of my blog - thanks, Dante, you rule! - he is suggesting that we, the Bratpack as he calls us (Tigger and I) need a sound thrashing. That's exactly what he says, and I swear I don't imply things. And he even has a plan, which takes the Doms - Jack and Dante - a step ahead of us. But, my dear Doms, rest assured Tigger and I will catch up and when we pass by you we will stick our tongues merrily in your direction! *weg* And that's not in my mind, that *will* happen!

Hell, I wish I could say more, but, unfortunately, Dante left me in the dark with the comments for now. I am not really able to think clearly at the moment, and the fact that Jack comes today surely doesn't help.

Hey... any brats around there reading this? Put your hand up and support our cause. We are one of you, you know? We *would* stick with you if the situation were different, wouldn't we, Tiggs? ^5!

Have I also told you that Dante called me a "BDC"? You want to know what that stands for? Go see his post! hehe But I should get that written on a Tshirt and wear it around!

Hey, Tiggs, wanna get a T-shirt that says Bratpack on it, like Dante shows in his pick?? That would be kool! ;)

Sorry folks, need to rush and get pretty for Jack. My stomach is full of butterflies... and now, with Dante's post, the butterfly population in my stomach has one more reason to increase!

I *will* be back later! Don't you worry about that! I ain't disappearing anywhere! I will fight the Doms square and fair! And Tiggs and I will win!

Go go Bratpack!


Eva said...

You are my hero. I've never been a brat. Do you and Tiggr give lessons? How much? Teach me, teach me!!!


lessa{D} said...

OK, Dante's posting did bring me here.. and ehmmmmmmm, don't they have those big mountains and forests were you can hide in SA.

grin, don't know if you understand any dutch, think you all overthere call that 'boer' but ehhh 'pas op meissie'.

you might start to collect some brownie points.. always handy in situations like this...

Tiggr said...

Hi bestest pal and brattiest cohort!

Just look at all the trouble the boys manage to dredge up while I'm off having a headache!!! No fair, no fair I tell you (stomps foot loudly)!!!

We will plot and plan and scheme quietly on our own... thank goodness for email!!!! If only they knew...

In the meantime, tell Eva we would love to give lessons... we might just make enough money to pay our bail when they find out about our little shopping spree... or for a bus ticket out of town when opur boys come looking for us... maybe we should have a bag packed and ready??? I'm gonna go stuff some lacy panties and lipstick and ripped up old jeans in a bag... be right back.

And Fitz needs to be on our hit list, too, by the way... did you see his comment on my site?

Go get all clean and hairless and do yourself up all fancy for your man!!! You DEFINITELY want to keep him away from the computer until we have time to talk...

Love and hugs... oh, and sorry Lessa, but brownie points don't tend to work in a situation like this...

Yes to the t-shirts... bratpack rules!!! T & K 4 ever!!!!


Paul said...

Hi Kay, I wonder, no I'm sure, Dante can handle the brat-pack, if his back is playing up, there's a few more Doms who can deal with rebellious brats, if only to keep the peace. WEG

If fact I wonder what the boys would think about a spankathon, what with brats and brats in training, and even a mathematical brat to keep score.

This is beginning to look like fun. *G*

What do you think Kay and Tiggr, I think it's a "ripping idea". WEG

Warm hugs,

adam said...

Leave it to me to "comment" in the wrong box!!

(do I get a spanking for that??)

damn!--guess not.

see: post below this one!!

xx, adam.

Master Fitz said...

Oh, so I'm on the hitlist too, eh?

Fine by me, my hand doesn't get tired easily and my lap's more than ready...

Kayley said...

Yeah, so it's a reply that goes to everyone! *weg* No names. Just me and Tiggs, and you - in our conversation.

So Tiggs, sweety, while this Dompack is already trying to catch our tails, let's give them something to remember? If you guys are to catch us, at least you'll remember trying to catch us for a loooooong loooong time. If you keep adding yourself and multiplying and forming a horde, we'll expend our bratpack also! We can raise an army of brats! Eva, still there, hon? If you wanna join us, join the fun. Bratting has never been easier! Try Bratpack and we guarantee the success! ;) hehe

FYI, Jack is sleeping. *weg* And no, he doesn't know about my post. Isn't that sweet of me? *weg* Unfotunately - actually very fortunately for me -, we had other pressing business to attend to and he is as tired and satisfied as I am. hehe

But I wanted you to know for now, not only Tiggs, cuz she knows I'm always there for her, that I AM F*CKING ALIVE AND KICKING! *smirking* We never go down. Oh, you think a spanking will solve the problem? Oh, you Doms have rich imagination! Remember my comment so I don't have to remind you that I've said that next week. hehe

HUGZ to Tiggs and brats, sticking out tongues to the Doms!

Kayley said...

lessa{D}, thanks for passing by! :) No, unfortunately I don't know any Dutch. But trust me, the woods will swallow us in an instant! hehe Thanks for the tip!

Kayley said...

Tiggs, this is getting more serious that I thought. I agree... let's pack fast. *faded jeans, cut jeans, two t-shirts, one sweater, jacket, sneakers and boots, make up, chips, crackers, water, cans of beer, two credit cards, car keys, ten pairs of panties and 3 bras, lots of socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels...* Girl, what did I forget?? Take the pot from the pocket of the jacket I wore yesterday, will ya? We can take turns when driving... ;) We can flash people! haha! Hey, pack some CDs for the car! Here! I'm taking a blanket also! Did I forget anything? If not, slowly slowloy let's jet, until the Domhood wakes up! hehe They can catch our asses in NY! haha Oh, my baby is sleeping so peacefully... I can't believe he is the same man that tans my bum sometimes! lol

Theresa said...

Is Jack there yet???

Tiggr said...

Hey K, my partner in crime,

The vibrators... did ya pack the vibrators? I have mine... where's yours? Oh, never mind... I don't wanna know. Coke... we need a 12-pack of Coke... some incense, just because, I'll bring my camera and maybe we should bring a laptop so we can check in with our bratty friends and also keep an eye on the doms in our rear view...

Go to bed woman... we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Get some sleep and I'll see you at sunrise, ready to rumble... meet ya at the big oak tree. I'll be the chick with my skirt hiked up to the tops of my thighs and my thumb stuck out, right along with my tongue...

Love ya,

Dante d'Amore said...

Hey Bratworst,

I hear through the DOM grapevine that you & Tigger are planning a road trip. Is that true? I also hear that Spice will be sitting this one out. If she isn’t coming along, you guys have a great time and I’ll see ya whenever. **evil Daddy grin**


Tiggr said...

Hey Kay, psss, Kay, you there?

You hearing this s--t? Come one, we gotta go over to Spice's place quick and talk her into coming along... she doesn't want to be home alone with Dante and Jack, not for a minute!!!!


Kayley said...

*throwing both her bags and Tigger's in the car* Let's hit the road... I talked to Spice. Your turn now! ;)

lessa{D} said...

OK, take a map and and a compass and flashlights and lighters. Those might come in handy. Hey, grab a navigation system, I think all Dom's have them nowadays, and I think it is kinda cute when they obey that 'in 300 meters turn right' commands. (DragonM wants to make a subbie version, like in 300 meter please go the right if it might please you Master)But those can be handy in strange places.

And ehmmm, bring booze, always good against cold and infections.


adam said...

Hey, wait a NEW YORK MINUTE!!

Did I hear someone say: "NY"!!

~~(Do you want to see my etchings???..)~ ~LOL!

Hit the LIE (Long Island Expressway), and come see ME!!

You gals are cracking me up!


Kayley said...

Eva - thank you hon!! *hugz!* We'd be very glad to have a 'student' among us, although I feel there isn't much for you to learn. ;) hehe

Theresa - unfortunately for my ass, he is. hehe

Dante - Hey, Mister Dom, we took care of it, don't you worry! *weg* Thanks for sharing information! ;) Soon the most you will see of us will be the dust of our car hitting the road. hehe

Lessa - Smart idea , the navigation system! And you are right about the Doms. They also have a good nose for butts: they sniff them from miles away when the butts are heated. hehe

Adam - if the girls agree, we might stop by. And if we come, you'd better act like a brat, not like a Dom. Don't forget, for now, we are four against one. hehe

Paul - I don't think Dante can handle his own brat, as a matter of fact - *smirks*. That is delightful. If you wanna join the Doms, talk to them. The less of you, the better for us. ;) hehe We, the girls, are certainly NOT going to take a Dom with us and sign our suicide note. You'd let Dante know in an instant about our "whereabouats" ;) Ya know what I mean? hehe

Master Fitz - You already know you are a target. So you have time to prepare. And we are certainly sure about wanting brat. *grin*

lessa{D} said...

kayley, then do something about those noses... either wearing lots of perfume (not a good idea in the jungle I guess) or leave all the windows open, if they catch a cold they won't sniff a thing...

I know all about it... was wearing real nice perfume ysterday.. but DragonM has a little cold, so it was all wasted...