Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meme on my Blog Too...

Everyone's posting memes so I'll also do it. Since I got it from Master Fitz who got it from Padme, credits go there.

1) My ex is: Busy with his new gf I s'pose, somewhere in NY...
2) I am listening to: and watching in between something about clothes shopping freaks. I am one. Hey!! Marks&Spencer has sales!!! Oh my God oh my God!!
3) Maybe I should: Sit up or stretch since my shoulder is killing me in this position.
4) I love: Jack
5) My best friend: Jack and Jules, and I'm adding Tigger to my online best friends.
6) I don't understand: why some people don't like spankings... It's beyond me.
7) I lose: interest, quite fast.
8) People say: not many interesting things.
9) The meaning of my screen name is: surprise surprise... just another nick name with nice names inside.
10) Love is: red hearts
11) Somewhere, someone is: getting a spanking for being a brat and I wish I was there too.
12) I will always: love animals.
13) Forever seems: like a word that should have been split in two, just for the sake of it.
14) I never want to: be poor.
15) My cell phone is: a Motorola that has already problems with the speaker. Guys, be smart and never change from Nokia!
16) When I wake in the morning: I wash and brush my teeth, play with the cat and make sure she has food, then rush to the computer to the blogs. And drink a lot of water!
17) I get annoyed when: people are too slow.
18) Parties are: things that happen and that I rarely attend. Unless it's my party!
19) My dog is: No dog in my house, but 4 at my Gramma's.
20) Kisses are the worst when: they come from people whose faces and characters you dislike.
21) Today I did: shopping. And spent twice as much as I wanted.
22) Tonight I will: It is tonight. And I'm hungry... and I might check Punished Brats to see if they updated their vids...
23) Tomorrow I will be: crap! I have classes tomorrow. Already planning to skip.
24) I really want: To finish this damn quiz already!

One more:

1. Are you wearing shoes? No.
2. Whats the third letter in your name? What's it to you?
4. What color is your backpack? navy and black.
5. Are you sick? One for yes and one for no.
6. Do you go to school? Yes... yuck!
7. Is the bathroom door open? Yeah
8. Are you on a laptop? Uhuh...
9. Are you watching MTV? No way!
10. Are you smiling? Not anymore. I was when I read Master Fitz's comments though.
11. Do you have on eyeliner? Sure!
12. Is it early? Nope. It's not.
13. Are you blonde? hehe Yeah... Pretty much.
14. Do you have a myspace? No and not interesting.
15. Are you in high school? Whaaaa'? When role-playing maybe...
16. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I am married, for God's sake! Grow up!
17. What is your favorite name? What kind of a dumb 15-yo question is this?
19. What color is your bathing suit? Blue
20. Does your school start in August? Oh no, thanks God!
21. Did you go on vacation last month? Sure did! Been on a constant vacation for almost three months now. lol
22. Have you ever been on a cruise? You mean spend the night on a ship? No.
23. Do you have a sister? No.
24. Are you upstairs? No. Should I be?
25. Do you have a friend named Alex? I know Alex Birch. Does that count? hehe
27. Does your name end with a Y? No, my nickname ends with a 'y'. Do I get a prize for it?
28. What was the last thing you said to a mate? Bye!
29. is your ear pierced? Both are.
30. Do you own a digital camera? Yeah...
31. Do you live in Florida? No, I live on the moon. Have you ever been to the moon? What's this? Some kind of personal ad?
32. Do you like Florida? From Google Earth it looks ok to me...
33. Ever had sushi? Sure.
34. Are you listening to rock at the moment? NO! Told you I was watching shoppinh stuff! Do you think I live in a mad house, with everything playing and chanting around me?
35. What color is your chair? I'm sitting on my bed!
36. Where'd you get your trousers? Sportwear mixed brands blah blah... Don't rememeber the brand and not interested in taking my pants off unless a spanking is coming.
37. Do you type with your feet? No, but I can clap with them! And I also can cover my butt with them when I get a spanking. Can you do that? ha!
38. Have you dyed your hair red? No. Cuz it turned out orange almost... now it's blondish again.
39. Are you tired? I don't think so. But I could sleep.
41. Are you an idiot? You first!
44. Are you "Fake" at times? You mean when you wanna kick your boss in the balls but keep smiling? Or when you want to chew the seller's head but you don't?
45. Is Alcohol Bad for the Soul? Why did you put that in capitals? Have you had some already?
46. Are you bored? Getting there ... getting there... Just be patient!
47. What time is it? oh... it's already 10pm! wow!
49. Chocolate or peanut butter? Chocolate then. But I love peanut butter too. It depends on the day.
50. How many kids would you like? Two, but I don't have time now. Even one would do.
51. Possible girl names : I'm not pregnant yet.
52. Possible Boy names: What's your obsession with names?
52. What is your computer? A Toshiba.
53. CDs or Cassette? CDs or MP3s.
54. Ever been through or to Detroit? Nope.
55. Seen all of the American Pies: Nope.
56. Been to the movie theatre the past month? Yeah.
59. Been to a concert in the past months? Nope
60. What color is your toothbrush? White with ... forgot. Some light color I change every month.
61. Was this quiz really random? Random?
62. Do you think abortion is good or bad? If I were to have a "law", I would say yes to abortion. But nothing is clear cut, eh?
63. Are you depressed right now? No.
64. do you like harry potter? Sure. Whatever, just thanks God I've finished this.


Tiggr said...


I loved your memes, especially the second one. That little brat comes through in all that you do... we are birds of a feather, aren't we? And I feel so honored... and online best friend in only a week or less... of course, since I took your spanking for you, I guess it's only fair!

I love your animal rights' buttons... need to get some stuff up like that myself... now how do I go about adding the 25th-30th hours into the day?

Hugs and love!

Big hugs,

Dante d'Amore said...

Great memes and I, too, love the animal rights buttons. That has been a passion of mine since forever. Way to go.

So, after last night Tigger is a new “bestest” friend, eh? Hmmm. Maybe after tonight I can get you to wanna marry her …



Tiggr said...

Um, er, uh, uh-oh... I've absolutely no idea what this means but I'm gonna just go away now and forget I ever saw it! Quickly, now, I'm sneaking away, tip-toeing silently, careful, now, careful... walking backwards slowly while looking around, watching for any sign of movement... OK, the coast looks clear, no signs of fire anywhere... I don't smell smoke and the sky isn't orange... I'm gonna make a break for it... hey, Kay, I'll see ya later, I hope, shhh... you didn't hear a word, not a word. I haven't been here... remember?

Maybe if I don't leave any tracks, he won't know it was me...

Kayley said...

Tigger - my lips are sealed. I haven't seen you here today. Now scoot fast before Dante finds you!

Dante - I haven't seen Tigger around lately, in case you were wondering... and I have no intention in marrying my "bestest" friend! Duh! What were you thinking? *zips mouth fast before other bratty stuff comes out* Mmhbmumblebumblemhmm...

Hugz and love,

*whispering to Tigger - I covered you! Just don't get me in trouble, k?*

Theresa said...

The meme was great....I might try giving it a go!