Sunday, October 01, 2006


Don't you just love reading real life spanking stories from people who don't consider spanking erotic? I love their innocence! "Oh, I just got spanked, you know. No big deal."

And they share it with dozens of other vanillas, cooing around happily.

I'm still unable to pronounce, without a tingle, the word 'spank' in front of vanillas... It's a sacrilege! It's taboo!

Anyway, allow me to give you a link to someone who was a vanilla (in disguise, apparently).

Her add was pretty simple as I recall; "I need someone to spank my ass tonight." or something very similar. It may come as a shock to very few of you. I had to make an off color, unwanted comment. I believe it went pretty much like, "I would love to help you out but I've got two asses to beat tonight, and the rest of my week looks pretty busy too."


We bantered, back and forth for a few days in e-mail, where it came out that NO, I hadn't actually ever spanked anyone, but I was willing to learn.


The next date was the first spanking. (...) You want to go up in the woods and have
me tie you to a tree and learn how to administer a proper beating… uh ok.

PS *instant mad thought* mwahaha! Let us convert all the vanillas into spankos! ha! What a pink world of pink butts it would be!

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