Friday, October 20, 2006

Morning Spanking

Wake up, sleepy heads! hehe

I went to bed incredibly late last night. I was very tired, but even so, I didn't want to shorten the day by going to bed early. We had a class yesterday, and before going to school, I've tried at least five or six different outfits. Jack asked me, when I put on his shirt, if I was trying to look kool. Duh! In the end, I went back to my Levi's Tshirt and a jacket, and the cherry on the cake was another jacket. It wasn't what I had in mind, but I need new clothes. Jack forbidded me to buy any until I get a job. :( Such a sad world! I need to spend at least like 200-300 bucks on clothes! The fashion changed for God's sake! All my shoes have pointed tips - not extremely, but a bit pointy... Some of my pants are still following last year's trend... I really need new clothes. *sigh* How is a girl to go out wearing last year's shoes?

Anyway, enough about clothing. This morning I got a mini spanking, just cuz. I was wearing only panties in bed and probably a nekkid cheek works wonders upon men. lol It wasn't a very big deal, but I did reach the panicky point where I thought I was in big trouble. It hurted more because it was unexpected, and the slaps were pretty stingy and covering both cheeks simultaneously. Yeah, I pictured a paddle at that moment. hehe Anyway, it's fun to wake up with a pinkish warm butt. :) Makes you want more...

No bratty stuff going on today. I don't have time cuz Jack also needs the computer. I'll be back later though, as usual.


lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmmm, I'd love that afterglow feeling... and I do understand about the new clothes...

we're going to be all perfect this weekend.. going to my mom and dad... celebrate some birthday's etc etc...

so as far away from being bratty as I can be... *sniffffffffff*

hugs to you..


Tiggr said...

A wake-up call of the very best kind... hey, has Jack ever woken you up to spank your butt? Dante never has, though he knows it's rather a fantasy of mine... considering our sleep/wake schedules, there is NO chance of what happened to you happening to me, you lucky girl, but being awakened by a smack in the wee morning hours? That could still happen one of these days...

No worries about being busy (or out of style)... we brats love you just the way you are!!

Huge loves and hugs,

Paul said...

Yes Kay, morning spanks are the very best, my Mel loved a morning warm up, and of course, what followed.
New clothes, new clothes, brats always have to gild the lilly, but that's girls for you. *G*
Warm hugs,

Spice said...

Ooooh lucky Kay!

I agree withyou about clothes and shoes, although thank God I never went for the whole pointy thing so I'm okay in the shoe department!


Kayley said...

Lessa - have a good time there hon! ;) You can still be a brat. It's even more fun like that. hehe

Tiggs - if Dante is still reading this blog, he might as well get the idea and use it sooner than you think. He's good with teasing and picking up new stuff that revolves around your butt. lol ;)

Paul - lol It's lovely to see you around Paul. Thanks! Yes, morning spanks are very sweet. Evening spanks are good too. ;) hehe And about the clothes... *sigh* I need new clothes, that's all I can keep saying... hehe

Spice - glad you agree girl! Thing is, Ihave two pair of very yummy boots, tight, velvety, that reach my knees. I love them! I usually wear them with a short skirt, inside when we play stuff, or when I go to clubs and so on, but they go very nice with everything. Now I have to forget abou them because of the damn pointy stuff. Thing is, I can't imagine a good and pretty and velvety pair of boots with a round tip! They don't create that yummy continous line! :(

HUGZZZ and love ya guys!

Theresa said...

Umm morning spankings, bedtime spankings, naptime spankings, who needs a reason for a spanking. Sorry as you can see I am behind in my blogging!


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