Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So I'm drunk so what

I dont care about that. It's just my arm... my damn right arm that hurts from too much darts... I cant even type with the right anymore. Funny. Hasnt happened before. I didn't win but who cares. We've played for five hours - our teacher couldn't come... Had beer - plenty - and ciggies unfortunately but I cant go out without drinking. And a horrible headache.

*watching Sin City on HBO* coool...

I don't think I am in any position to write right now. My right arm really really hurts... and I hate bull's eye. And I'm soo hungry... There were three idiots there who played with us. Yuck. They tried to hit on us, married mf! Sandra kicked their asses. It felt good. Next time it's me and Jack there. Eat that, you creeps! Hit on me when Jack is around! ha!

Gotta go... can't type with the right hand... peace!


Tiggr said...

Too much darts is always a good thing... and a good reason to complain.

Is Jack a righty? If so, he may well be "complaining" about not being able to lift his arm soon either, huh, but then you will be complaining too about not being able to sit... so it all evens out "in the end."

Seriously, sweetie, I'm glad you were able to just kick back and have some fun, but tell those rude SOBs to keep their paws off of you... Jack will tear them apart!!

So what's your final decision on the job? You know I'll support you emphatically and empathically either way!!!


Dante d'Amore said...

I always end up with the crook of my elbow (is that the right term?) sore from playing darts thanks to injuring a tendon years ago while lifting weights. But it was always worse when I played at a bar because the beer served as a nice 'lubricant" - until I woke the next day and couldn't move my arm. But when that happened I was always grateful if a sore arm was my only problem because I could have woken up with something much worse, ha, ha.


Kayley said...

Tigger - hiya girl! :) Jack is 'a righty' but still not here. He comes on Friday. It was a girl's night out.

About the job - I keep calling that guy on his mobile phone, and there's no answer. So I'm giving up. I need to alk to my coordinator about it... The pressure is still on though. And my boiler went on red, so if I dont wash my hair tonight who knows if I dont remain without hot water tomorrow. *hugz* Sry, but I try to keep them messages short... because of my arm I have trouble typing... HUGE HUGGGGZ!!!

Dante - oh, that's really bad, Dante! Sorry to hear that. I had a damn knee injury like that two years ago and I cannot wear high heels anymore - not all day at least - because my knee start poking. I know how frustrating it is. Trust me. I used to play soccer and do lots of sports and bike, now I can do only damn Yoga and Winsor Pilates. So I'm waiting for my knee to go completely 'bad' so they operate it once and for all.

And yes, darts is very addictive. I was playing good after one beer but when I moved to the second and then went on, I started losing focus. But I got an offer to enter their darts team. Maybe ater I shape up a bit. lol And beer is a damn good 'lubricant'... hehe ;)


Theresa said...

Im sorry about your arm...get better soon!


Kayley said...

I'm somehow better today, thanks. But I still can't stretch it. Anyway, tomorrow I might play again so... I doubt it will pass soon. And by the time my arm passes, Jack is back and my butt starts hurting. So what's the deal? lol


adam said...

I love playing darts!

"Sin City"...Big time favorite!!

Spanking stories: Yes, I'm almost ready to post..stay tuned!

xx, adam.

adam said...

btw/TMI: I have trouble typing with my right hand...

...but it's not from a sore arm!!

{Feel better soon..brat!!)

xx, adam.

Kayley said...

You wicked thing you! lol It's from a sore hand, isn't it? GOOOD!! At least you guys remain with something after spanking innocent bottoms! lol