Thursday, October 05, 2006

Brats and... Clothes?

That's the only thing that popped into my mind today. Last night I fantasized a little about the hair brush, but then I stopped - I don't wanna ruin the real moment. hehe

So... today's post: Brats and Clothes.

First come panties:

I have passed through all the phases, in regard to panties. I rarely shop for one pair, but mostly go for a 'collection'. Same thing, different colors.

I tried thongs - I like them in summer. Lace panties - ok, those go to with the right outfit. But my personal favs are the boy shorts. They go well with my bratty attitude.

Here's a pair from Tommy Hilfiger. I just love them. The way they wrap around your bum, so low on your waist. The way the meeting point between legs and butt is revealed... Yum!

I have way too many pairs. Two white, a good couple gray, a few black, one navy, and ready to get more. They are also, for me, the most comfy. If I didn't know better, I'd throw all the others and get Jack to buy me more like this. But I know better... lol

I can rarely picture a brat dressed in lace panties or thongs - maybe because I usually become a woman and act like one when I put those on. But the boy shorts, the moment you're in them, in the morning, you know what you have to do for the rest of the day: be a brat!

My next stop: jeans, khakis, joggers, cropped pants, shorts - bring them on! I just like getting spanked while wearing them. It's like saying: "Hey, I'm not even twenty!" "Yeah, I'm still in HS/University." "Maybe I partied a bit too much during the last semester, but what do you want me to do? Waste the best years of my life studying?" That's how these pants talk to me.

What's priceless? The way these pants (especially jeans and PJs) and being kicked away during a spanking. The way they fall to your feet, making you unable to stand up when the spanking is over.

These two things, plus funny PJs, make me feel good about being a brat. They define me. Too bad I can't wear stuff like this at work! hehe Well, except for the panties. ;)

So this is my post today, guys. Just out of my love for boy shorts!


Theresa said...

I know how you feel. I am a french cut girl mostly. I have a favorite brand, that comes in every color of the rainbow, every design you could imagine. Satin is my fav, but for some reason they are only making cottom this season. These panties were made for my full bottom. I mostly only wear thongs for play....I put them on and I immediately feel naughty and sexy!

Thanks for sharing

Master Fitznicely said...

my brat's been stealing my boxers for years, so now I'm her Master, I'm making sure she's well supplied with french knickers and silly pink frilly panties that are totally at odds with her normal style.

We have thongs for playtime, too.

We did find a lovely pair with a fake pearl detail right...ahem...where it matters. Only when we got them home did we discover the fact that they were actually crotchless. Oops!

Fun, though ;)

Kayley said...

Theresa - *laughing about the colors of the rainbow* Ilove colorful panties. They make me feel small. hehe I have four satin PJs and I think at least 4 other Pjs but I always end up sleeping in Tshirt and panties or smth similar. My Mom goes crazy when she sees that. lol (She has this obsession, which Ive also inherited but less and less applied, about sleeping only in things that were meant for sleeping, and no lying in bed with things you've been wearing outside all day.)hehen HUGZ!!

Master Fitz - Haha!! Another stealer! Well, try to understand her... I keep stealing no matter how many clothes I own! hehe It's just sexy! Crotchless panties... yum!! Guys, you should post of picture of them online! C'mon!! You made me curious - and Ibet many others would love seeing them. hehe ;) Hugs!!

Master Fitznicely said...

Well, that's the next two months of Half Nekkid Tusdays booked up then...


Master Fitznicely said...


Damn cheapo wireless keyboard...

Mutter mutter...

Kayley said...

hehe Sounds good to me! You can be sure I'll check so don't forget!


Caryagal said...

I know how you feel! I can't wait to get to my next weight goal. I am going to get my favorite panties! They are love pats -- hmmm wonder if it is anything in the name! heehee... :-) they too are full bottom, but you can still see the leg/bottom edge, and they have high sides. Just love em! Can't wait to get back in em'.


Kayley said...

Those panties sound good to me. ;) I also love the idea of the high sides. They look sexy! *making a mental note to check for a pair when she goes panties shopping again!*