Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bought a Brush!

It's five hours later and I'm back. Exhausted. But happy.

From the Body Shop, this is the baby I got:

I could hardly resist the urge to smack it against my hand in the shop. They had this one, a smaller round one, and a tiny oval one. The tiny one looked evil too. I mean tiny and wood, it should really hurt.

Anyway, I got home, very excited... opened it... it's a beauty! Very smooth, wood, and a bit heavy. I gave it a whack against my palm. First: needle like pain, and then it goes on hurting and hurting for a couple of very good seconds. Maybe a full minute. So I said, "ok, kool! what about my butt?" So I tried it. Oh boy, it's the worst I've ever seen! The noise - pretty noisy, but it's understandable. But the pain... as seconds pass it hurts more and more. Burning. Maybe it's not that good that I picked this one! hehe Maybe I should have just settled for something more innocent. I didn't know what I got myself into!

And to make it even worse, I payed by credit card - prohibited action - and well... hey had so many nice things, you know... I ended up buying a facial gel polish and a gentle facial wash. Not that two weeks ago I bought again from them some stuff, again with credit card. It's just that it was like 3 bucks cheeper, you know... and those were things that I use and it's good to have them around.

Jack just called. Yeah... So I confessed my little crime but refused to say how much I spent and what I bought. "Did you need them?" It was a long pause, and then I said something like "Well, kind of... I liked ... and needed..." Didn't mention how many of them were liked and how many needed. He still lives with the impression that I bought one thing. lol And he asked how much. I couldn't tell him that either. So I asked him to guess. What he guessed was half of how much I had spent. But I lied and I said: "Well, a little more than that. Not much more, just a tiny more." Thanks God he didn't guess again. lol

I think Tiggr mentioned spanko suicide... Well, I might just have commited it. Darn!

PS added two hours later:
Yeah, so I showed Jack the brush picture in the email I sent, before he called me. His only reply, that make me really laugh was "thank you I needed a hair brush :)". Ummm... ok. What is that suppose to mean? I'm not gonna ask. It will ruin everything. Now I'm stuck between wanting to reply with a comment to match his comment or just dropping it. hehe I love this guy!! Ooohhh, my sexy funny hubby!!

Hmm... bet he knows why I bought it! You think he does??? *worried*


Theresa said...

Well if he does not know what the brush is for you can tell him and watch his eyes light up! No reason he can't still brush his hair with it.

I once read this in a story. Daddy/baby girl story. Guy pulls the brush out. Girls ask "What end of me are you going to use that on?" Priceless.

I think you made a good choice. It is the one I would have picked.


Tiggr said...

Oh, Kay, trust me on this one... he knows what to do with the brush. No worries there. The only worrying you will soon be doing will be wondering when that burn is going to subside in your backside. Lucky you!

Glad you're feeling better... me, too!

Big hugs,

Kayley said...

Theresa - ha! That's a good line! I sure will keep it in mind! A brat needs to know these kind of remarks! ;) Thanks!

Tiggr - I'm so glad you also got back to your usual self! It's been a yucky week. hehe Anout the brush - I have a very bad feeling that you might be right... *poking her tongue* I really screwed up, didn't I? There's no chance he would forget about it, right? Not when you buy it with the credit card, that is...

*suddenly feeling bratty again* Well, never mind! He's still a bit vanilla so maybe my ass is safe.

...Safer if he doesn't read this post...

Look what you did to me, girl... with that witty remark! My adrenaline started pumping in my veins and I already got a wriggly butt. I'll get you for this! hehe ;)

Huge hugz for 2xT,

adam said...

Leave it out, on the night-table next to the bed...

brush your hair..turn over, naked, onto your tummy..raise your bottom, invitingly.

He'll get the idea...ummm??


Kayley said...

lol Adam! I think in such a situation he would prefer to use his hand - it's still his fav implement. hehe But trust me, that brush will come out quite soon after he gets home. I have no doubt. And now I wish I had.

How do I know it? I got the brush before, but that brush was nothing compared to this one's evilness.

Still, I can't wait to have a post about it... *stroking her fav implement at the moment*