Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday's Game: What Next? (1)

I promissed a new set of pics. And I kept my promise. Do me a favor please, and don't scroll down, just keep reading.

This Saturday stuff is actually a game. I hope I can do it every Saturday, but if not, there will be Saturdays when I will.

The idea is to take a sequence of up to three pics (pieces of writing, in the worst possibility), to show a scene. Pictures can be only of you or things you have done or written, not of someone else, unless that someone else is doing something to *you*. Same goes for pieces of writing. If you choose to write something, you cannot have more than four sentences in total.

The fourth pic (or sentence) should be something like "what happens next?" and is supposed to be a a bit of a surprise, or at least something fun that people would love to see as the final scene. Nudity is okay, pornography is not.

So, today I will post the three pictures from a sequence of four, and I will ask you to cast your vote on the poll and tell me what happens 'next'. Tomorrow, as in Sunday, I will post the fourth picture. :)

Now, when I ask you what happens next, I don't ask you to tell me what happened next in real life, but what do you think the fourth picture represents.

I am also giving you a poll asking you what you think that happened in real life, after Jack took these pictures of me.

So, let's see the sequence:




Now it's time to cast your vote people:

Saturday Poll: What next?

What happens in the next picture:

Jack takes Kayley over his knee for a spanking
Jack puts Kayley in the corner
Kayley flashes
Kayley shows everyone the finger

The second poll, with the results to be reveiled the latest on Monday, and which will be accompanied by a story, is about what you think that happened in real life, between Jack and me after he took these pictures:

What happened next in real life?

So, what happened between me and Jack after he took these pictures:

Jack put Kayley in the corner, then he spanked her
Jack spanked and had sex with Kayley
Jack had sex with Kayley
Jack put Kayley in the corner, spanked her, and had sex with her

Thanks for voting guys! See you tomorrow for the results!


Master Fitz said...

Wow! When you promise, you really deliver!

Fascinating stuff.

Eva said...

That was fun!


Tiggr said...

Good game, fellow brat. See? It pays for the ringleader to be out of commission for a week, he, he, he... but if you try to take over the Pack, I'll have to kick your ass... sorry, brat, I'm not dead. I just felt like it!

I'll catch up on past posts later (tomorrow, I hope) but wanted you to know I was here! I do love this game... plus, any chance to see more of your lovely body is a big plus!

Love ya! Hope you got your sassy ass paddled!

lessa{D} said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Kayley.. great them.... and OK... I answered... maybe not the accurate ones... but the ones I hope to happen... grinnnnnnnnnnnnnn

love, lessa

Spice said...

Ooooh fun! In the first one I picked the last one just to be super-bratty!

Have a surprise in store for the Brat Pack! hopefully it'll be finished tomorrow!


Theresa said...

I seem to be winning in all the polls! More we want more!


Paul said...

Great fun Kay, hope that you got what you deserve.
I voted on both polls.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Master Fitz - thank you! :) Well, I try to deliver, well... hehe Hugz!

Eva - thanks! Glad you liked it! hugz!

Tiggs - hell, girls, since you were gone I had soooo much free time on my hands! lol ;) j/k Glad you're back and kicking. Hey, I thought we were a democratic group! That Domme thing went to your brain and I told ya it would happen! Next thing we (lessa, spice, and I) know, is that you take out the whip to whack us! GOSH! lol ;) Btw, I'm sure you got the right answer! ;) At leastm if you thought about Dante's post a few very good days ago... ;) Luv ya!

Lessa - hehe Well, I'm very curious about your vote! Why do Ihave the impression that you chose the 'hardest' punishments kind of stuff in both polls? lol Luv ya girl! :)

Spice - You are so evil!! If I had added spanked, raped, f*cked, made her to suck and do corner time, whipped her, etc, I am soooooo sure you would have picked it, BRAT! hehe ;) LUV YA!! :)

Theresa - hehe *hugz* Thanks girl! I love your enthusiasm! :) Well, let's see if I can get more ideas till next Saturday! ;) Hugz!

Paul - thanks for voting! :) Yes, I certainly got what I needed. Not so sure about deserving, but well, the world is not fair after all, is it? hehe ;) Hugz!

Lily said...

Great game. Hope the outcome was fun.

Take care,