Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bouncy... And Dunno Why...

Bouncy day. Again half bad. But I've just talked to my Mom and then I *had* to call Jack and he made me feel good again. Why? How? Don't know. It's his voice. I love his voice. It can do anything. Maybe because before I saw his face in real life, I heard his voice over the phone for hours and hours. With the right tone he can make me laugh or cry or giggle or medidate, he can turn me on in an instant or off.

*listening to Depeche Mode* Their old albums were good...

So, today I didn't manage to talk to anybody as I was supposed to. I called and called the guy and no one answered. Somehow this also made me feel better, by moving the problem to the back of my mind.

I'm gonna meet my friends in a bit - we'e going to class. I've heard I missed quite a show yesterday. *giggling still* There are foreigners in our class and they are funny. Anyway, Jack and I have a very tiny weird group of guys we hang around with. There's something wrong with all of us, honestly. hehe The girl has a tendency to go for older guys, the other guy is mysterious and all we know is that he's a famous bachelor around here. lol Yeah, we make fun of him. Also... something that intrigues me and needs investigation is that once I was talking to him and we reached the D/s story. I don't think I mentioned I liked spanking - I surely didn't - but I know he let an exclamation like: "Nice." Something like "I would also be interested in domination." Yeah, I think we were talking about sex shops and hand cuffs and deeper stuff.

If I don't go play darts today with my girl friend, I might as well go in a sex shop with this guy - Jack is scared of sex shops for some reason so don't tell him I said that. lol I'm not scared but I just don't like going in there alone, you know... I used to visit these places frequently when Jules was around... Damn chick! She *had* to move abroad!

Anyway... I've also heard that the blond foreign chick who can't speak English properly lost some weight. *evil grin* Jeff, the guy from our group, said that she would be ok now for a quickie as long as she doesn't open her mouth. lol That was so evil but we did laugh. Why I hate her? Well, first because she *is* stupid - yeah, it sounds like HS, doesn't it - and then because she is not aware of how stupid she is. The professor asked once what we do: "In my country, I teach English," she said. I don't have words to describe the laughter that followed. God help the poor kids who learn English from her! Then some other time we fought over the exam date and I'm not the snappy kind normally, but that day I could have really left her without hair on her head! Anyway, it's a delight to hear her talk, so I dearly hope she will be in class today. *evil chuckle* And the funniest thing is Sandra - that's the girl - who always makes funny faces when the girl talks. An amused expression, big eyes lit with interest, and a roar of laughter hiding in her throat. We are evil but we love it. She deserves it! I swear she does!

I dunno what time I will be back... Maybe I have some blog bouncing time now... But if I go play darts I'll be drunk when I get home - can't go out and not drink, sorry. I might even post soemthing while being drunk, cuz I'm the talkative kind anyway. After not having beer for a long time I think two bottles should do the trick. Maybe three, to make sure. But then I need to get home...

Kay, people, chat with ya later!!

Big hugs and thanks to people who've encouraged me: Tigger *love ya, girl!*, Adam *I wanna see that story, Mister!*, Master Fitz *always having something nice to say! :)*, Eva *thanks God she reminded me of spankings - yes, they would help, even if I said they wouldn't*. I don't tend to answer comments to a sad post of mine, just in case I get sad again, so instead, I'm gonna hug the crap out of you guys!! :) Thanks a bunch!


Theresa said...

Did you get drunk and play darts? That sounds like a dangerous combination to me!


Kayley said...

Well my darts kinda bounced a few times - somewhere after my second beer - but I havent killed anyone... hehe Hugz Kay