Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Two Startles

The first one comes from Viasat Explorer. It's about some ritual dances taking place in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. In two of the tribes they showed, to make sure the yams will be enough to feed the whole tribe, the men perform a ritual dance.

They cover themselves in long leaves and wear masks. They also carve a long stick, with small but sharp needles. After they dance in circles, they attack the other members of the tribe with the stick and hit them. The more they catch, the better. Before the ceremony, they hide in the woods, close to the main road. When people pass by during the months of april and may they always watch over their shoulder to make sure the masked guys won't attack and hit them.

In the other tribe, the variation refers to the whipping being done with supple branches from trees that have itchy leaves.

Both peoples described the ritual as scary and exciting. They say that after you get your whipping you feel cleansed and proud. *You don't say.... hehe*

Watching a bunch of men running around with sticks to spank people was exciting! lol

The second startle is from PlayboyUK. They always have these commercials about BDSM and spanking movies, but I never got to watch any. So last night I managed to watch a few minutes of such an episode. Two guys, three girls. First, they show two of the guys spreading themselves on a wall, and the girls paddling and flogging them. One by one. It was funny because the guys didn't seem to be into it. Not much, actually. hehe

Then they flogged and paddled one of the chicks. She was pretty and hot. (So were the guys!)They didn't show much, but later on you see that girl's ass while she was screwing one of the guys, and let me tell you, her cheeks were bruised. I wish I had caught the episode from the beginning. It was fun.

Of course, none of the two startles were enough to get you turned on, but enough to make you think of spanking! :)

Now if you excuse me, I wanna check my brush again! lol It's so so pretty!


Theresa said...

Any story that involves the word spanking turns me on. I sometimes have my sweetie just say to me over and over!

Thanks for sharing

padme said...

Hey kayley,
I'm glad to hear you found your hair brush. :)
Thanks for your link. I linked to you this morning. I am really enjoying your blog.
Hope your enjoying your hump day!

Kayley said...

Theresa - And I thought *I* was a spank addict! ;) tsk tsk tsk... hehe

Padme - Thank you! Yes, I've found the brush and now I'm dreading it... already. Wait till you see my first post about it on my ass! Brrrrr...

Master Fitz was right... We, brats, are weird when choosing implements!

HUGZ Theresa and Padme,