Saturday, October 07, 2006

C'mon, Jack, I Dare You!

I'm not sure this is a smart idea -

- I shouldn't lie to myself: it's the worst so far, but a brat gotta do what a brat gotta do!

C'mon, Jack... Whacha waiting for, Mister? I dare you to spank me! Ha! You can't, eh? Sure you can't; not when you're miles away, anyway. *laughing* Oh, well, what can we do? This is what happens when you leave the brat home alone. The more time passes, the crazier the brat gets!

What are you saying? That I should wait until you get home? And see what? Duh! I am waiting and I haven't seen one single thing! No, M'am! Peace and quiet around here. Have any of you guys heard anything about spankings going on in my house? Nope? I thought so. So you see, Mister, I am writing this post sitting quite comfortably on my butt, no jingle, no tingle, and lots of smart words are pouring fearlessly out of my mouth. I haven't felt this safe in months! So, let's have some fun with the forbidden things...

Let's see... Are these your boxers? I should think so. Oh, don't I look pretty in them? You know what? I'll keep them for the night. And this t-shirt - oh, I love this t-shirt! You know which one it is? Two hints: Blue Harbour, navy. *grinning like a Cheshire cat* It is your fav, isn't it? Well, I like it too. I'll wear it to bed. Sweet of me to keep your clothes warm, don't you think?

I wish there were more things on the 'not to do' list...

If I am sitting comfy? Yes, I am. Thank you for worrying. Very comfy actually - on the bed, laptop in front of me, one knee bent under me. Why you asking?


*thinking* Well... then... I should enjoy the position for as long as I can, don't you think?

What? Haha! Don't worry about the implements: I'll hide them until you come. Oh, God, you are so funny!

Oh... your belt... Well, I can't get spanked with the belt for this... It's no big deal. Everyone does it. *crossing fingers* Hey, it's Tigger's fault! She got me into posting funny stuff! It wasn't my idea! I swear it wasn't. She taunted me! I thought it would be funny. No... I mean... I mean... -

- no, I don't think I will find it funny when you come but I only 'thought' it was funny... it wasn't funny actually! So I'm not gonna get spanked if I'm sorry already, right?

You are so evil!! I told you I was sorry. Sorry sorry sorry! There! And I won't do it again! I promise! It won't happen again!

To Jack, if he has read the post this far:

I'm in trouble, huh? *poking her tongue* Umm... *sweet smile* I was funny though, wasn't I? OK. Maybe not. But... given that I had said already 'sorry' in my little post, don't you think I shouldn't be spanked?

(*I won't get spanked, I know it! ha!

oops! You're not supposed to read my thoughts so skip that, ok? Just rush to the next line!*)

Okay... but if you plan on spanking me, just promise that first you would consider the fact that my post was funny... Seriously now!

Don't spank me for it, ok? I'm not writing this to get a spanking. I swear I'm not. Don't spank me! I don't deserve it.

You are not gonna spank me, are you?

*trotting away for now* Phew! I think I got away with it! lala!! I can't believe it! If I *am* getting away with this stuff, I'm the best brat in the Universe! *singing merrily* I should be made queen of brats! *dreaming* And I would have a kingdom from where Doms are banned. And we would get into their Dom territory and plunder... and burn... and steal their boxers... and burn the implements! Yay!!

I wanna be the queen of brats...

...and get away with this post!

You see... it's the thrill of doing something bad but so obvious and getting away with it! I think this is the most blatant form of disrespect ever...


B-e/z said...

Ohhhh..B-e/z's got you in his radar, an' Jack's gonna tan your fanny, girl!

~~I be Linkin' your log! It's all adam's fault. That boy could use a good spankin' hisself!!~~

Hope ya it it good, you Brat you!!

Check my Crib,
when Grace-e's home..
she'll get a kick outta youse,



Anonymous said...

Kayley~ And I thought I was blatent about asking for it!! Sheesh girl, you're gonna get it!!


Master Fitz said...

Blatant ain't the word!

If Jack don't spank you good for that one, someone darn well should!

(checks bank account for airfare...)

Kayley said...

Guuuys... just relax... hehe I ain't gonna get a spanking! He won't see this post! I have one week to write a lot and bury this post between others. Until this Friday. Even a bit more, given the fact that reading my blog is not the first thing he would do. hehe

I do admit though: I overdid it.

Master Fitz - trust me, the plane is veeeeeery veeeeeeeeery expensive! *grins* And by the sound of it, you are so determined to have me getting a spanking, that even if I did delete this post, I would get to hear that you said something to Jack. You Doms always stick together!

Hugz B, Eva, Master Fitz! :)

Theresa said...

I get that all the much I need a spanking, and I also reply but here I sit. Quite comfortably I might add.


Tiggr said...

Yowza girfriend... is this the way to treat your new pal? To drag me kicking and screaming and bouncing and hopping right into the mix with you? You just want someone to empathize with when he blisters your ass so hard that you can't sit for a week.

And what's worse? That you KNOW damn well that Dante reads here often... great... now I have you to thank for my next blistered bottom!! At least I can blame you... there's a lot of finger-pointing going on around here isn't there?

I guess you weren't around yet when I foolishly offered to take all the spankings for my blogger pals? OW... OW... OW!!!!!! Never again... I did in fact take one for virtually everyone that night, too.

Oh, well, we will know why you aren't around at all or why your posts are only a line long... hard tot ype while standing.

This is a beautiful, if not completely STUPID post... I love it, er, ooops, I mean I hate it... you really should be more responsible ya know? I mean, er, um, oh, s--t, Iguess I'm already f----d, or at least I hope so, I mean I hope not, oh what the hell!

You've got me chasing my tail to start my day and I'm now left wondering if Dante will be ending my day with yet another kind of tail chasing...

Love ya,

adam said...

Well. I guess I gotta tell more tales!

~~or, that "tails>!!(LOL!!)"

xx,adam.~~singing, after paradise, a song for friends.

Kayley said...

Theresa - I'm happy you understand me! ^5! ;)

Tigger girl!! hehe Oh, well... I didn't know you got whacked already. I could have postponed my post a little. lol

Maybe you can trick Dante not to come here today, you know... ;) Oh, crap, you are gonna get me in trouble also for making you lie to him. Well, since you're already on your way over his lap, does one extra slap matter anymore? hehe It's worth trying... (Dante, I hope you don't come here today and I also hope you don't read this post... oopsie!) Tigger, you are so sweet when you statter and mumble... lol HUGZ!!

Adam - hehe Get those tails, Mister! I'll be back keeping an eye on your blog! Hugz!

Dante d'Amore said...

Great post. Cracked me up. But I really hate that you are sitting comfortably and acting brattish because of my wife. So she is about to get the spanking you should be getting. She is sitting next to me laughing as she reads this. Must think I’m kidding…

This one’s for you, kid! Literally.

Hope ya feel it. I know Tigger’s gonna!

(I have to add one more thing – I wrote this on Word BEFORE opening your comments to post it. I see my dear Tigger beat me here today. No surprise. I wonder if that will be the case tomorrow. Her computer is a few steps away and I don’t know if she’ll make it without ASSistance.)

Kayley said...

Oh boy... Dante? Why did you spank her? You ruined my plans! hehe It was my fault, not hers... Not entirely at least. Just a bit. hehe

Now you made *me* feel guilty and boy, am I trouble! First I was worried Jack would read this and that means I also have smth big coming... Now I still hope he won't read but I have to tell him about what I did to Tigger because I feel guilty, you know...

Tigger - I'm so soooorrryyy.... *hugz* I hope you didn't really get it too hard. For your sake and my own! *big hugz* *hands Tigger a cushion* I hope you don't need it but... just in case...

Tiggr said...


Do you have a few more of those cushions? Why doesn't this one feel very soft??? Oh, that's right, cause Dante paddled my ass really, really hard and then he paddled it some more... he didn't pull any punches and he kept bragging about how hard he was swinging. Nice guy, huh?

Did you feel it in South Africa? I damn sure hope you did cause I sure as Hell felt it here!!! By the way, just to give Jack some tips, Dante "allowed" me to pic some implements for my torture and I selected the wooden spoon, ping-pong paddle with a soft suede side and the ass-kicking side (he used both a lot) and another wooden spatula-type kitchen object.

But he also used the horsewhip (the really long and very evil one), the thickest, heaviest leather belt (with a LOT of arm going into each swing), our ultra-heavy leather-wrapped narrow wooden paddle, a very thick and well-cured switch from outside (something our little guy liked and brought in, how nice of him), and I'm sure there was some other stuff, too.

Am I complaining? YES! Did I ask for this? NO! Oh, OK, I know that I did ask for a spanking, or at least hoped for one, but THIS was most definitely NOT what I had in mind!!!

Spankings for my friends hurt a LOT more than most of my spankings for me!!!!

Yes, I'm fine and no, I'm not really mad... it is all totally my own fault, he, he, he (and don't tell him but I'd do it all over again, too, in a heartbeat... oh, shit, he reads this now doesn't he, and he hates me swearing, too... damn, I mean f--k and s--t, I mean, oh, here we go again. But hopefully not before I recover from this one... sometime next year!

Love ya, and I really am going back to bed as soon as I read your comment on your next post.

Tiggr's bouncing for a whole new reason today, hopping and grabbing her bottom and looking very, very pouty!


Kayley said...

"Spankings for my friends hurt a LOT more than most of my spankings for me!!!!" Cuz they are all far away, girl, and it's hard for the pain to reach there. lol ;)

Here ya go! More cushions! But give them back when you're finished because it starts looking to me that I will dearly need them soon. Yeah... Thanks to Dante who spanked you... Maybe even next weekend. Crap!

Giiiirl!! Shhhh! What's gotten into you to give Jack tips! oh my God! I'm gonna hide the laptop when he comes, I swear! Or I'll keep covering the screen when he reads. Or maybe I should just say, "Oh, skip that, that is just rambling. She had fever that night!"

*petting her bottom* My poor butt... Don't worry, you're not gonna get any of the above. I'll see to that!

Sheesh, girl! You really want my ass tanned! lol


Tiggr said...

I tried the "you can just skip that" angle when Dante was trying to get your site to load last night... I was screwwed either way cause if he read it, I knew I'd get spanked but trying to distract him away made him even more suspicious...

Didn't work for me, most likely won't work for you... we've got a few more days to plot another strategy, right?

Love ya!

Kayley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayley said...

I did get away with it! ha! Eat that! A brat always finds her way out! hehe