Thursday, October 19, 2006

HNT #2

Happy HNT people! Sorry I didn't have time to come out with something more original, but maybe next time... :)

And also sorry I didn't have time to blong bounce lately. I'll catch up, as usual. :)

As you can see, tha party party split. hehe We're going back home to our Tops. We kind of missed them. :)


Bekah said...

Happy HNT!

AndyT13 said...

Nice pic! HHNT!

Paul said...

Nice to see you back Kay, I hope Jack isn't too hard on your butt.
Warm hugs and soft pillows.

lessa{D} said...

wowwwwwwwww kay..lovely pic...


(miss you gals....)

Tiggr said...

What the H*ll are you saying you're sorry for girlfriend? I love this pic... love the light, the composition, and oh, yeah, the subject ain't too shabby either... just KIDDING... damn, you're making me hungry... gott go find something to nibble on. Me and my oral fixation!

Love ya babe and no worries about the blogging... we all know you love us and will be around as time permits... besides, don't you and Jack have some issues to address... glad Paul passed along some pillows.

He must have an "in" with the soft pillow manufacturer... he sent me a pile, too!

Love ya,

Dante d'Amore said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Umm, did I mention, “oh my?”

M G said...

love the tone, great shot, no apology necessary.

Spitfire said...

wow, I like the shot, and what the hell are you saying sorry for?

I dig it!


padme said...

Happy HNT...really neat picture.
BIG HUGS and hope your enjoying your Thursday.

Lily said...

Great Picture.

Take care,



Sassy One said...

Awesome pic!

Regal said...

very pretty photo - c'mon over and visit mine - HHNT

Spice said...

Ooooh YUM Kay! I'm speechless. For once lol!!!



Master Fitznicely said...

Yum indeed!

Like the tinting, very classy.

Happy HNT!

adam said...

Hey...Sorry!! You gotta be kiddin' kiddo!

~~I thought you were coming to NEW YORK! I waited, outside that damn 7-11 till 5 p.m....You know how many stopped, to ask me if I needed a ride:


They ALL stared at my thumb..and passed me I waved the brush @ them!! DaMN nEW yORKERS!!

We need more African people here. They are so nice & spankable!

Happy HNT..I'm going to bed!

xx, adam.

lessa{D} said...

oopppppppppsssssss, now I just see poor Adam waiting for kay to show up in this outfit... the rest of the street would want a lift also... grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Kayley said...

First, thanks everyone for passing by and leaving your comments. I know most of you said "don't worry, it's a kool pic", but I wish I could believe that. hehe I usually go with my intuition and, well, I didnt have time for something way cooler, but come back next time. :) For those of you that like schoolgirl stuff. *grin* I'll explain next time, but don't expect nudity. I like role-play that looks a lot like real life. hehe


Paul - haha You want me to believe you really hope that jack is not hard on my butt? *giggles* Well, probably he won't be, buthe is highly unpredictable. I might get spanked for what I did last week five weeks later. lol Seriously. :) Hugz!

Tiggs - mmm... isn't Dante there? *weg* I'm sure a certain part of his body would love some nibbling... ;) hehehe Get him girl! Love ya!

Adam - oh, deary me... I didn't forget, honestly, but these brats around dragged me to Aussieland to see koalas. We saw more of something else than of koalas and kangaroos. lol Look, next time I *am* coming. I love New York. It's a naughty place! ;) hehe Hugz!

Kayley said...

Spice - Yeah, I kinda know when else you were speechless during our vacation... *giggles and looks at Lessa and Tiggs* hehehe ;)


Lessa - lolol! Well, you *are* a brat! Typial comment! lol So, how's DragonM doing? *wink wink*

Love ya girls!! :)

lessa{D} said...

*grins at kay*

DragonM is missing me like crazy... did send him all kinds of suggestive texts and there's nothing he can do

*angelic smile*


Theresa said...

hey was that my toes sticking out of the water?? I thought you guys were going to keep and eye on me!