Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spankings... Wherever You Look

This is my impression. It's like the new fashion or something.

I put this in relation to US's policy of spanking and the on-going debate: "to spank or not to spank".

Jack was flipping through th channels less than an hour ago and he stopped on a sitcom on HBO: The War at Home, ep.8. Ten seconds later, I hear the word spanking, I look up, and here's a spanking scene. All the episode was on spanking, more of a satire, of course, since it's a sitcom. I giggled non stop. At some point the father talks to his friend at work about "what is wrong with giving two - three swats to your kid's behind" and the friend says something like he loves his kids and has never wanted or tried to spank them... but... "I have spanked my wife once. She wanted it." hehe

At this point both Jack and I were chuckling.

"See," I said, "I'm a perfectly normal person. There are plenty like me out there."
"Yeah, she got one spanking," he said.
"It's not like she wouldn't have liked more."

Then, while eating our lunch, "Huff" was about to start. "Huff also has a spanking scene somewhere," I said. "I've seen the commercial..."

Eating... watching TV... He looked at me: "Why do you like spanking?" He was amused. Also interested. He wasn't wondering. He was asking.

Dante's post came to my mind then. It was funny. I am myself prepairing a post on spanking and married couples, so the question came at the right time. Is he psychic or something?

"Well... it's that it calms me down. It makes me happy. After a spanking I feel calm and focused and all my problems seem to vanish. I need it when I'm nervous or when too excited. "

I paused, ate a bit more, then added:
"It's also that I see you more of a man when you spank me. A real man. It's about control. It makes me respect you more."

He showed me a pleasing smile and laughed.

I feel good about us today. Positive.


lessa{D} said...

wowwwwwwwww Kay.. I love this blog... yes, it has to do with respect... trust... letting go of stress and tears... and uhmmmm, admitting without feeling guilty of throwing away all those years of woman's lib that some of us really do love and need to be dominated... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

love and kisses


Paul said...

Very good news Kay, of course, respect and trust lie at the heart of any relationship, especially a D D and/or D/s partnership.
I think some of us get lost in the idea of Dom and sub. They each have their own strength, the Dom isn't stronger than the sub, the strengths are different. Doms and subs are such good examples of the different strengths of each sex, I'm often surprised that more don't see it.
Warm hugs Kay,

Tiggr said...

Beautiful post, Kay... letting go... yes, that is at the crux, which of course is trust personified... and one can't have trust without respect, not really, not completely.

So good for you, so very, very good for you. A warm, fuzzy day to be sure!

Hugs and love,

Dante d'Amore said...

Awesome post Kayley. Although one thing you said scares me. You said, “I need it when I'm nervous or when too excited.” If that is true then Jack would have to be a wife beater to keep you happy , lol!


Dante d'Amore said...

I just finished commenting here and decided to go over and read the New York Times as I do to start every day (damn girl, I just realized I check out your blog before visiting my favorite newspaper! Yikes!!! I think I’m hooked.) One of today’s stories looks rather interesting though I haven’t yet read it I thought you’d get a kick out of the headline. Go check it out at

Theresa said...

Great post think Dante is implying you are bipolar, but because you have some occassional mood swings??? Mostly upward swings, but still.Hey that just part of being a girl. Isn't it? You guys are with me right? Huh. Someone back me up here!.


Eva said...

Kayley~ I knew it!! You're not really a brat at all. You just use brattiness to get what you want. So now that you've told him all this, you won't have to be a brat anymore. LOL


Dante d'Amore said...


It’s not anything to do with being bipolar or anything related to moods. Kayley said she needs spanking when she is said, “nervous or when too excited.” My joke was based on the fact that she is too excited 24 hours a day. Bipolar means there are “downs” to go with the “ups.” With Kayley it is “ups” 24/7. I am hyperactive to a fault and she runs circles around me. It certainly has nothing to do with being a woman. Bouncing off walls is more a male trait. In Kayley’s case it’s not bipolar. It’s polar, period. North Polar. She’s always pointing “up.” She's just nuts! Take it from an expert. I live with nuts. I am nuts. We have produced nut.

Kayley said...

Lessa - Thanks girl! Yeah... woman lib. *laughs* It's good we have it so we can throw it away when it suits us. lol ;) Hugz!

(snip) I think some of us get lost in the idea of Dom and sub. They each have their own strength, the Dom isn't stronger than the sub, the strengths are different. (/snip) I so agree with you! Very nicely put, Paul. Those two sentences can cover a whole essay on Dom and submission. :) Hugz! Thanks for sharing!

Tiggs - I trust him completely! I know he wouldn't hurt me more than I can take. In any way... Love ya!

Dante - thanks for the addy! yeah, that title was .... hehe... interesting. Juicy. Promissing. Now tell me if the content was as good as the title! ;) And thanks for helping me define 'bipolar'. I couldn't have made it in an objective way. lol Luv ya!

Theresa - ummm... No, thank Goodness, he wasn't implying it. lol Yeah, I have mood swings, mostly up, like you guys say, but I'm happy I'm not cronically depressed at the things going on in my life... or that have happened to me since a certain age. hehe ;) Hugz!

Eva - Of course you knew it, girl! Being the brat is just the cover. The way I make Jack spank me. lol Actually, it's a lot of too much positive energy that makes me very playful. And I also like challenges, so inthe spanko world this is how "I ask for it". lol Hugz!

Dante again - Yes!! I agree I agree!! I am just nuts! Finally you nailed it man! lol ;) But being nuts is so much fun! My grass is greener than others'! ;) Hugz!

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