Monday, October 02, 2006

Hairbrush Purchase

Well, I woke up early enough, after four hours of sleep. My face looks bad again. I shouldn't wonder, given the fact that I smoke two packs a day. Very light cigarettes, but I don't think that's an excuse. Took a shower, shaved, blah blah, put on my suit and my shirt, and went out to buy ciggies.

I talked to the head of department about my interview and hopefully my employment today and I found out that I should be there only around afternoon. So now I'm home, in my PJs again, wearing make up, hoping I would get a nap before going out. My air conditioner doesn't work anymore. Actually, it's the stupid remote... and the new batteries seemed not to be new at all. And the room stinks like ciggies.

I miss Jack. This waiting makes me lose my patience. I already classified my fav vids on PunishedBrats for him to watch. hehe I'll just make him sit down and spend five mins a day watching this and that. He might get ideas. He's good at getting ideas. I should also tell him what I wouldn't want him to do from what I've seen. Just in case he gets the wrong ideas! lol And I think that today I will pass by the Mall and buy a hairbrush. I'm no expert in hairbrushes so, guys... *calculating time left* So guys, you have four hours to give me instructions on the best hairbrush to be purchased. I'm serious. You see, I don't usually ask for directions and feedback, but this time I do.

So I tell you what I want from that brush: to sting the shit out of me! lol Don't we all want that? I just can't go into a shop and start trying every single brush on my palm now, can I? It would look... yeah... weird. If he were with me to try them on my butt, I wouldn't mind. But he's not.

So, if you have any ideas, now it's the time. lol


PS If I buy the ultimate brush, I'll let ya all know!


Theresa said...

I am no expert on brushes either. I had a friend once buy me one. It is a cheap drugstore one, but the perfect size and shape. Now once a man went to use it on me and he said it was no good, the plastic(not wood) was hollow. It makes a terrific noise, and I thought it hurt. Apparently what is good is solid wood. I have seen many good ones on line, but would not begin to know where to tell you to shop. They just don't sell brushes like that anymore. But online sources for paddles and the Vermont Country Store are good places to start!

Hope you find what you are looking for, hehehe

Kayley said...

Thank you for the help! It seems like my purchase needs to take place tomorrow - I came back and my feet are killing me. :( waaahhh!

But I will take your advice and look online today for wooden ones. Solid wood. Now that you've said that, I remember that little detail in stories, about the brush being heavy. I'll check that too.

I'm not sure I want that thing to make too much noise. I'm not too keen on my neighbors hearing the whacking... lol Maybe the noise has something to do with the size. I mean a belt makes a lot of noise, while a wire or something similar is pretty silent. So I'll keep that in mind too!

(Hope you find what you are looking for, hehehe)
Yeah, me too. Aren't we crazy, buying those things that we will start hating 5 minutes into the spanking? lol

Thanks a bunch for the help, girl! It did help!!

Kayley - running to check online stores


padme said...

Hello kayley,
I saw your blog mentioned by tiggr and wanted to pop by and say hello and check it out. :) You have a really good blog.
I got my hair brush from avon actually and it's a very solid one and has given me more than a few spankings. ;)

Kayley said...

Hey padme! Thanks for the nice words! :) I'm glad you like it.

Avon, you say, huh? *biiiig grin* Well, I think I still have somewhere their booklet. And then it's time for me to make a call and ask my Mom to get it for me from someone. haha Exciting! *mad grin already*

Maybe I'll just buy two of them, to make sure... One from Avon and one from the store, by myself. Let's see which one turns better... *eg*

kayley - the brush hunter!

padme said...

Hey kayley,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. :) Good luck with your hair brush find. I have heard good things about the vermont country store that theresa mentioned too. Do you like avon too? my friend sells it and I buy every time. :)
I will be back..I really enjoy your blog..