Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday's Poll and Happy Halloween!

Along with my wish, you can have a Tuesday's Poll. Last voting day is Thursday, November 2, 2006.

Halloween Spanking Poll

You hold a Halloween party and you invite some of your collegues from work or relatives. After drinking too many beers, one of them says he/she is into spanking.What do you say?
Not much. Maybe you pretend not to hear and you change the discussion fast.
You smile knowingly but don't say a word.
Become all enthusiastic about it and ask for details, without saying that you also like spanking.
Guess what! I'm also a spanko. This is so great!
 Current Results

A funny clip. Nothing to do with spanking, but very funny!

Oh... forgot to add something. Poor pooor kitty... I mean TIGGER getting a bath. ;)


Tiggr said...

Hey, I like this one... sure, I'd not only admit my spankoness but probably offer some suggestions... beign the shy, mousy type that I am... NOT! But, sure, I'd fess up, if blushing the whole time... shades of scarlet, no less!

Anonymous said...

I'd go ahead and bend over. Hopefully, he also likes it rough ;)

Love your blog by the way !!:)

padme said...

Happy Halloween kayley. Love that poll question. Very neat.
have a good day!!

Theresa said...

I live my life vicariously through Eva...and she has already had this happen twice in real life. Once with a trucker at the wash o rama, then again this weekend with her daughter. So I answered like I thought she would.

Not much. Maybe you pretend not to hear and you change the discussion fast.

Kayley said...

Tigger - I'm sure you'd start asking thousands of questions and even direct the poor guy/girl to your blog for more info! You would even offer him a tour in Blogland, hell! ;) As if I dunno you! Always ready to help! :) Luv ya!

Anonymous - Thank you! :) That's very sweet of you. I was just going out with Jack - finished the ciggies in the house - and told him I got an anonymous comment and the person said he/she likes my site: "How cool is that??", I asked. So thanks a bunch for the comment! :) Oh, about the rough part, I dearly hope you are right! lol If not, you can switch places and show him what he should be doing! *weg* ;)

Padme! Hey girl! Yeah, the polls is okay. Honestly, I loved the ones you had on your site last week. Been voting like a maniac! hehe ;) Hugz!

Theresa - How lucky is that?? Actually meeting someone who also likes spanking? The world is either small, or the spankos started multiplying. I prefer the second option. ;) Hugz!

Anyway, if you guys wonder what I voted for, it was the 3rd choice: asking questions and crap, and not saying a word. It sounds so evil but fun! ;) Sorry guysss... hehe

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnn kayley... I choose that one as well... and added for myself that maybe later in privacy I'd say more..

us brats can be discrete *winks*

Tiggr said...

Discrete my ASS! You two brats have not the slightest hint of a discreet bone anyway... I know, I've looked... I've even searched long and hard trying to find it. Yeah, THAT's what I was doing, looking for discrete bones... and if you believe that...

I STILL haven't been able to watch my bath scene yet... just can't bring myself to look. Somebody tell me the truth... I'm gonna claw the poor oaf's eyes out and shred him good, right? The nerve! Pussies are the very cleanest things on the planet! Especially the hairless variety, he, he, he!

Now back to that mysterious truffle trail...

Hugs and love,