Friday, October 06, 2006

Corner Time

Corner time. The biggest punishment.

Why do I have the feeling that you'll come out and say that it's all about the spanking? Do you want to argue? No, it's not about the spanking - well, I mean not for me. It's about this torture machine, called corner time, that sucks the energy out of you. And trust me, I'm not talking 5 minutes of staring at the wall after you've been spanked. Or about the sweet moments before the punishment when your mind is full of fantasizing and busy not realizing where you actually are. It's about staring at a blank wall for 15-30 minutes, after you've been whacked, and being so bored that even the scary perspective of some bunjee jumping would appeal to you! That is maddening! I would trade anything not to have a corner time like that.

Oh, I'm sure there can be ways to improve corner time, apart from staring at your feet, playing with your fingers, or contemplating the pain in your arms raised on your head... I'm sure there *is* a way to make this 'time out' more interesting. But from presuming to articulating the thought is a long long way.

I haven't come up with anything.

And to just show my point and demonstrate how boring this corner time is, think about this post. Was it exciting? I doubt it. Unless you are the squirmy kind that gets turned on when I repeat 'corner time corner time corner time' - hoped that helped some of you - I am willing to bet that you don't want to see any more corner time posts of mine in the near future. Even talking about corner time is boring!

*contemplating* Should I post this? If Jack sees it... Hell, let's post it! I already bought an evil brush - how much worse can it get? Besides... *grinning* I think I came up with an idea: get some crayons and make use of your time by writing and drawing profanities on the walls. Sketch him with a musketeer mustache and glasses and something dangling from between his legs and remember and cherish those times when you thought your classmates were immature to draw on history books. haha!! Yeah, Mister, just give me corner time now! I dare you! C'mon!

By the way, unless you want more trouble, don't forget to have an eraser in your pocket!

Ta ta!


Tiggr said...

WOW... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your new look!!!! This is freakin' incredible!!!! It is absolutely perfect... looks great, is easy to navigate... what more can I say? You are a whiz kid and you continue to surprise me at every turn!

Now, about that corner time post... now you had better hope Jack never does read this blog or boy aqre you ever in for it. But that's just like all those who have come before you and will folllow in your tracks... you gotta push it, don't ya, just to see what will happen. No, actually, to FEEL what will happen. Test him to see if he will really do it, really follow through...

Corner time? Me? Oh, I just LOVE corner time... my favorite place to be, with my ass bare and on fire with more promosed to follow afterwards. I had a note taped in "my" corner for a very long time, right at eye level, that said "Nowhere to run, no place to hide." Nice reminder, don't ya think? As if ya need a reminder by the time you are there... but it helps to quiet the mind and to mentally prepare...

Love and hugs,

Kayley said...

Thanks girl! Well, the upper part and the background image are not mine unfortunately, but at least I added two small images that I created to make the site more spankable. lol I am thinking of making my own design similar to this one though. Something more related to spanking - like bad girl's notes. lol I hate the posting the image to the blog problem when you want to use a picture on your site. But for now, I'm happy with this. Thanks again!

Ummm...well... I kind of said to Jack that I was happy with my blogging and he kind of said "You show it to me when I come." So... maybe I'm pushing him into reading it. And in the same time, given some of my posts, I pray he forgets all about it. And the rest of your comments - you're right... like always! hehe

I like that statement on your wall! Maybe I should use your idea and then play with anagrams. ;) Just in case I do get bored. hehe

Big big hugz,

Dante d'Amore said...

Amazing new look Kayley! Great job.

When I was a boy, corner time was my main punishment. I would have preferred the firing squad. Corner time is against the law in the U.S. for people like me who are hyperactive or have attention deficit disorders. Unfortunately, it seems nobody has yet to point out that fact to powers that be, but it is written right into our Constitution. No, it doesn’t say “No Corner Time For People With ADHD” but it does bar “cruel and unusual punishment.” Corner time is as cruel as it gets.


Tiggr said...

Hey Kayley,

I'm so glad you made this post! Now I can prove it once and for all that Dante actually said "corner time is as cruel as it gets." I just hope he remembers that, he, he, he... yeah, that he remembers only that and nothing else from this little on-blog running commentary here today!

Big hugs,

Kayley said...

Dante - Thanks for the comment on my blog's appearance.:) About corner time - yeah, I imagine it must have been a torture! It's pretty bad for me too, so I understand your point. I still prefer the 'firing squad'. lol

Tigger - With that remark, sweety, you simply prove, once more, that you *are* a brat! lol *big hugs* I'm very sorry to announce you that Dante, most probably, will have smth smart to say about 'corner time' and 'cruel' when he puts you in the corner again! lol

Hugz and love,

persephone said...

hi there...
my first visit to your blog so i can't comment on the new look that everyone is so taken with! but i did like your thoughts on corner time. i always thought i would hate it but once i started having to do it regularly i didn't hate it quite so much. i like the regrouping time. then again, i've never had to stay there for 15-30 minutes... i think i would most certainly change my tune if i did.

Kayley said...

Hey persephone! :) Thanks for passing by! :) I also like five minutes of corner time and I believe you - it might become a part of the spanking routineö with all its excitement, if done every time.

What made me post this 'corner time' is a few vids I watched, punishment spanking, where the girls were to stay in the coner for a hour, after their spanking. I thought to myslef: Oh, my, there can't be anything worse than that! lol


Theresa said...

Hey Kay

Great new look. You did a sensational job!


Kayley said...

Thank you, Theresa! :) *hugz*