Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Spanking and Tiggs's Meme

Sorry first for not having time to blog bounce... But I'm sure you understand why. hehe *weg* Anyway, once we're over the moment, I'll be back catching up on your blogs, guys.

Anyway, yesterday we've been busy for a few hours, and while we were busy and experimenting new stuff, my head - realized way too late - was a few inches from the heater and now I can rest asured that our activities and my cries were brought to the knowledge of the whole building. You gotta love the heaters! yeah! hehe

Today, while we were more careful, and we moved the playground from the couch to the bed, my neighbors might have heard this time not my cries of pleasure but my cries of pain and my protests, going in perfect rhythm with the pace of that damn evil hairbrush on my butt. The sin? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to guess since I've been able to gather quite a few lately.

I'll help ya: it was the first in the long row - the price of the brush. Yes, I got spanked with the brush for spending too much money on it. Very inventive, eh? Painful for sure. It went something like: "Bet you didn't buy this brush to brush... Oh... How much was it?!" *stupid me, I forgot to take the label off and I left it wrapped nicely!* "No, no, it wasn't that much!" I think by now he was closing the blinds. "It was... it was 70% off." He didn't believe me. "70% off?! Uhuh..." "I swear! It was like 4 bucks only!" "You really think I'm stupid to believe that?" "No, no, but it's the truth! It was only four bucks!" Well, first, my mind wasn't able to make 70% of the price on the label, and aproximating it at 4 was very low. It was like more than 80% off. "If you wanted the brush, I'll give you the brush!" "I don't want it anymore. I swear I don't. I wanted it before I bought it only!"

Then I got spanked with it. And since my legs were kicking and my hands were way too busy covering my ass, he tied my longue sleeves together and that solved the problem. Trust me, when you have your hands at your back and you tie the sleeves, there is no way out. hehe That brush is evil. I tried to tell him that it hurts and I honestly don't want any of that on my butt. "Oh, you've already tried it?" "No, no! Only on my hand!" My ass! I smacked my butt two times with it and it was enough. And someone else smacking it against your ass is even worse. Bet you know that already.

He was amused to see the color changing slowly, after each smack. This time he took his time. I took mine to protest and cry. Yeah, I'm not bruised I think, but it's two hours later and my butt is quite sensitive to touch. And warmish. So one sin down, lots more to go.

I think he's catching up with them... slowly slowly.

Another round of wild sex for us and now we really are exhausted. Our night was long, we woke up early... You know how it is.

So Tiggs, I'm catching up girl. Hope that makes you feel better. ;) I dunno what's next in line... which is a bit scary. I don't know when he will find out or/and decide upon the rest, but be sure he's back into the game. My striker is back. lol And the brat is under control, again... from a few points of view. Dunno how good that is...

Also, from Tiggs! I got this meme. I did it this morning, before getting spanked, and when I had energy.

Hey, Tiggs!! I wanna have the Bratpack logo from you girl! It's way kool!

Is your sink always full of dirty dishes? Not when Jack is around!

Is your car in the driveway because it won’t fit in the garage? Might as well be!

Are you late a lot? Nope. Sorry.

Are your credit cards out of control? I've asked Jack. He says: "If it wasn't for me, they would be! It's not out of control 'cause I pay for it and blah blah" - Jack goes on explaining... lol *not gonna write all the shit down, tyvm*

Do you love animals? Yeah! I agree with Tiggs, animals are way cooler than people.

Are you afraid of some of the stuff in your fridge? Yes... especially of the salmon which has been there for a week now.

Do you like surprises? Yeah... but only the good ones! And the spanky ones... hehe

Is your laundry backed-up? Yeah... About two bags. And I washed three before Jack came.

Are you creative? Pretty much...

Are you overweight? Yeah, by whose standars? Good point Tiggs. By mine, even if I were a walking plank I would still be overweight. I know cuz I've been there.

Do you scrounge for receipts on April 14? HUH?

Do you like pretty things? Yes I do!! Buy me all the pretty things there are in the shops!!

Do you love life in spite of the mess you are in? Yes I do.

Do you like to please? Jack says yes, I say NO WAY! lol

Do you use the “but” word? It seems I do. lol *Not gonna put here the dialogue between me and Jack. It's complicated.*

Do you like celebrations? He says I love them. I say I don't. Well, some of them are kool.

Are you still paying for the gym you don’t go to? No, we're still paying the equipment I haven't used in a gym. lol

Do you love children? More or less...

Is it hard for you to say, “NO?” NO. Any time.

Are you spontaneous? I would be probably, if I got the chance, says Jack. He says he keeps me under control and that is why I am not that spontaneous anymore. hahaha Very funny! He should check my previous posts and comments. ;)

Do you “over-goal?” YES!

Are you always looking for your keys? I say no, he says I am. GRRR!! Hell!! I am not looking for keys! *stomps foot*

Are you afraid of your mailbox? No. It's just a box!! Can you spank with it? NO!

Are you often over-drawn? Yeah yeah Tiggs... draw on the walls!!

Are you a procrastinator? Whaaaaaaaaaa'? Me? I'm just a baby! DUH! lol

Do you have too much stuff? NO!! NEVER!! I don't have too much - the closets are too small! *Jack mumbling some "yes"'s in the background*

Do you like decorations? OH YEAH!!! House, tree, everything!!

Are you a perfectionist? More or less... It depends on what there is to be perfected. *weg*

Do you love to play? I'm in I'm in!! But I have to win, ok? If not, I might as well punch you in the head! hehe

Do you know WHAT to do, but don’t do it? I know WHAT to do alright... it's just that there are better things to do then the WHAT. :)

TTYL guys!


Tiggr said...

Aw my poor best friend's bum... and that poor, poor, POOR hairbrush... someone should call the SPCH... what does that stand for? DUH!! Are you thick? The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Hairbrushes, of course...

Jack, you're a big fat meanie pants and you've been taking lessons from Dante... I just know it. By the way, Jack, listen up now! You don't wanna talk to Dante... his email is infected with this really nasty virus that sends you all sorts of naked ass pictures spontaneously... YUCK, puke, spit, vomit...

So stay away Jack... stay very, very far away...

Kay, is that why you didn't meet me under the tree, cause Jack got hold of you? And your poor head... are you OK? Are ya sitting on a big old pile of pillows now? Make Jack wait on you hand and foot... he caused this after all, not you, never you... you are a perfect angel as am I...

Oooh, I hear Dante coming... gotta split! I'll "talk" to you soon, but not here... we may be being recorded and I bet Dante set up a hidden camera in case I flash you or something...


Master Fitz said...

(Insert gleeful sadistic chuckle here)

Every Dom has His day :D

Go Jack!

Paul said...

Yay Kay, great post have a good week-end.
Warm hugs and soft pillows,

Spice said...

Lol Jack sounds like a tyrant.... in the good way, of course!! Lol love his creativity with the hairbrush!!

Can't wait for the trip on Monday lol


adam said...

I gotta say, Brat, you asked for it..and certainly got it!!

Did he use the bristle side, or the backside??--(I can hear the "punchline" already! hee-hee)

70% off! 80% off!

Sounds like, Jack gave you 100% back!

btw: april 14th is the day before taxes have to be filed (USA)..receipts, if held onto, can be declared..FYI--but, I have a feeling you know this, and were just playing "HUH??". Right??

xx, adam.

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnn, now I think like Tiggr does you are much more an angel... hey, DragonM knows an adress were you can get such cute halo's... he bought them for clare and me... now isn't that an understanding Master...

hope you can sit today...

Kayley said...

Tiggs - I like the SPCH idea. lol Now that we know it exists, we should call them. ;) Yes, girl, that's why I couldn't meet you under the tree... But I'm still game for Monday morning. ;) And yes, I am a perfect angel, ain't I? Why doesn't Jack see that? ;)

Girl, don't go all paranoid. What hidden camera? He wouldn't dare! *grumbles* hehe HUGZ and love! Catch up with you tomorrow. ;)

Master Fitz - while I am certainly happy that you are happy, my happiness is being shadowed by the feelings for my butt. I must agree wtih every Dom having his day... but that leads us to every brat having her day too. And more than one day... we'll make sure of that. ;) HUGZ!

Paul - thank you! Finally a Dom that appreciates my need for pillows! Thank you Paul! You're a sweety! :) HUGZ!

Spice - Happy to hear that you're in! ;) The more, the merrier! Not from the guys point of view, but we couldn't care less, right? ;)

Adam - Yeah, Dante was right, carefull what yo wish for, eh? hehe Never mind. It wasn't that bad. It calmed me down for a day, but today is a brand new Sunday. hehe And honestly, I had no idea about the April. I figured it was something related to that, but never done it. Sorry. ;) Thanks for the info though! Hugz!

lessa - Welcome aboard! So sweet of you to think that I am an angel too! I think all brats are angels deep there somewhere... lol ;) Hmmm... halos... that gives me some ideas. *weg* Thanks lessa! Hugz!

Eva said...

And people here in blogland keep poo-pooin' my math abilities! HA! I'd have figured that 70% in a heartbeat! LOL

Great post!!


lessa{D} said...

kayley, you are ever so welcome... and hey, if angels showed that angelic side all the time they would be robbed... so to prevent that for their own safety and the security off doting Doms not being depraved of those angels they have to pretend not to be that angelic...

so it's for their best none of us angels behave like that all the time...

now doesn't that sound logical and isn't it a great excuse...

Theresa said...

Yeah Kayley got spanked. Way to go Jack!