Monday, October 02, 2006

3 Issues, 1 Post

Rearranging links:

Ok guys... After putting my two cents in on both Tiggr's and Dante's blog, I realized that I should reorganize my links in categories. So when I'm not sure where to put your site, I'll just send you an email and ask - if you have an email on your profile, that is. If not, I'll just pop up on your blog and ask what I need to. :)

I'm thinking of dividing the links into D/s flavor and ... dunno... Domestic Discipline. I dunno how many of you are married or in a relationship, but maybe that could go for a criterion. I'll check with you tomorrow. The work is too much for me now. hehe

My Day:

If you wonder though how my job application went today, I'd say really good, and I should take some exams and start teaching in December. In the meantime they will try to make an exception and give me classes without taking the exam and without having the necessary experience. My coordinator is very supportive! And if this is the job I will take, then next year I also have to start the PhD, like Haron. Oh, girl, you are so lucky you got rid of it! lol Anyway, let's hope for the best. I really want this job!! I really do.

Compared to my last job however, the money is low. For starters... then, with teaching additional classes and Master students, it raises. We'll see. Let's not become too optimistic until it happens. Right? hehe *nervous laugh* Right!

Hairbrushes again with pics:

Oh, the hairbrush! I can't find the Avon booklet but, following Theresa's and Padme's advice, I'll check the net for something kool. I'm sure I can find a stingy bitchy brush!


*back after 5mins*

I couldn't find anything wooden at Avon's online store. :*( But I did find some sweet babies, and a pretty one at Vermont. It's funny - each shop explains to me what their hairbrush can do for my hair, but no information on what it can do to my butt! It's outrageous! I should drop them a note. *lol*

The Vermont beauty:

I fell in love with this one!! I think they all have potential. I don't like the spikes much on the first two though... But, we care about the other side anyway.

*back again* I found some nice ones at Body Shop. I think I can get one of them tomorrow. So, what do you think? I like the second one a lot!

'kay guys, I'll catch up with ya later! ;)


Master Fitznicely said...

I like that last one a lot. Is there even the outside possibility that it'll be used as an actual brush?

I love the way you spankees have this unerring sense of what will cause the most pain.

Just recently, brat's been spotting planks of wood everywhere and suggesting I cut them into paddles.

It's an obsession, I tell ya!

Kayley said...

An actual brush, you say... *deep thoughts* Naaaah... It will ruin the brush! I'll keep it in my underwear closet. I think it fits there... lol

"I love the way you spankees have this unerring sense of what will cause the most pain."

We do it for one reason: to complain about its sting later. ;)

"...brat's been spotting planks of wood everywhere and suggesting I cut them into paddles."

Sounds like a very good idea to me! If you do it, show'em to us!! Maybe we get some ideas too. hehe *eg*

"It's an obsession, I tell ya!"


Theresa said...

That last one looks exactly like the cheap one I told you I had. The guy was not impressed, but I sure was. Go back to the Vermont country store and look at there bath brush. The caption reads...."it really hits the spot." I don't think there are talking about your back!!!

Oh and I love Master Fitznicely comment. What I call a laugh out loud moment!


Tiggr said...

Yup, my vote is for the last pic, too... a real zinger but without the narrowness of at least one of the others... as to the bath brush, start slow and work your way yp. God grief, girl, no need to commit spanko suicide quite yet!!

Big hugs!

padme said...

Sorry you didn't have any luck with the avon. I got my brush last year and it's a nice wooden one. :) Also..are you from canada? I think avon canada is a bit different than in the states. Not sure. Good luck with your hair brush looking. ;)

I would love to trade links with you if you want. I have found myself at your blog a few times the last few days and am really enjoying it. Let me know. :)

Kayley said...

Theresa - you were right! I checked it last night and even tried to reply to you, but Blogger crashed a few times and I couldn't post a thing. It was very funny though! Thanks for pointing it out!

Tiggr - hehe 'spanko suicide'. Yeah, I bet that thingie would kill my butt! But you're right, I will take my time. I have a spanking life in front of me waiting to be uncovered. ;) Why rush?

Padme - I checked your site last night and really liked it too. I added it today. I suppose the link arrangement will happen this week, but not sure when, anymore.

The brush looking - tomorrow I'm out and on my way back I'm passing by the Mall, where I change from subway to bus. I'll check the Body Shop and let's see... maybe they have what I'm looking for! hehe

About Avon - yes, I like Avon. A lot also because they do not test on animals, but let's not get into that right now. hehe ;) I used to buy cosmetical products from other companies, then I realized that I DO care about animals and stuff, so to feel better I switched to Avon and Body Shop. They have quality stuff.

Hugging all of you,

Thanks guys! :) You do a good job on cheering me up today! :)