Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tuesday Poll's and Saturday's Game Results

Now let's talk about Tuesday's Poll results. The question was "When watching a spanking vid or looking at a spanking picture, you are more interested in seeing what?". While everyone would have picked all the three answers, they had to decide.

Most of the Tops (70%) answered that they prefer looking at the spankee's bottom, and 30% prefer seeing the spankee's face during a spanking.

As for bottoms, 62% want also to see the spankee's bottom, 21% are interested in the spankee's face, and 17% voted for the spanker's face.

The results are a bit different than what I expected, especially the bottom's voting results. I thought they would score a lot higher in the spankee's face but obviously, I was wrong. hehe

So, most of us, spankos, prefer a shot of the spankee's bottom getting spanked.

Thank you for voting people. On Tuesday, don't fortget, we will have a new poll. :)

Now, the Saturday's Game Results...

Here you have a picture of the results for the first question (to see a larger pic, click on the picture):

The correct answer was "Kayley shows everyone the finger". hehe Here is my proof, the fourth picture of the sequence:


About the second question, what happened in real life, here is how the voting went:

The correct answer was "Jack spanked Kayley and had sex with her". :) And an account of that will happen tomorrow, since today my post is already long enough, and I don't want to try your patience.

Guys, thanks for voting!

Now, on other issues...

I will add a new link to Domestic Discipline. The site is called Cease Resistance: Spanking Ree. It's the site of a 22 year old girl involved in a nice relationship. I think she's a bit of a brat and the way she is asking for spankings surely reminds me of myself at that age. ;) So I recommend that site.

Here's a nice spanking test in French. :) I found it on Le Journal de la Fessee. I love that site! :)

Vous êtes fessophile à 78%
Ce test a juste été construit pour vous en apprendre sur vous-même. Il n'y a pas de score à battre ou à atteindre. Il s'agit juste d'un moment de réflexion personnelle. J'espère qu'il vous a été agréable.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 71% on fessophile
Link: The Fessee Test written by fessee on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

See you tomorrow everyone! :)


lessa{D} said...

heyyyyyyyyy... I was right, I was right... and even on the 2nd quizzical question... yihaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I am sooooooooooo gooddddddddddddddd

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I was right too!!

Paul said...

Hi Kay, I was right on the second but not on the first, nice one Kay.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...

Yeah, I was right, too... whatcha get for getting it right?

Such fun this is!!!

I just love games!

Hugs and kisses,

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, games are fun indeed Tiggr... so kayley... bring them on.. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

padme said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, kayley. You've got some neat poll's on your blog. I got a few right. :)

lessa{D} said...

hugsssssssssssssss from Holland coming your way.... just cuz I like that...

love, me

Kayley said...

Guys, thanks for the comments! I am happy you had fun voting and even happier that you got them right or mostly right! ;) hehe

Hugz! Luv ya!