Thursday, October 12, 2006

HNT - And Here We Go

Yeah yeah I know... Everyone is doing it. Well, it's fun, what can I say.

I have four shots so I have to decide upon only one.

Well, you can take a peek through the blinds at me spanking the teddy with the brand new hairbrush. I just wanted to see if it hurts or not, and given that the teddy took it quite well - didn't flinch, didn't cry -, I think it's no big deal and I have nothing to worry about when Jack comes. lol

HNT people! ;) hehe


Tiggr said...

I LOVE this pic!!! So artitistic and creative and so very YOU!!!! I'm betting Sticky's glad you decided to spank the bear, huh? She's probably still hiding under the furniture...

Hey, Dante would be more than happy to try out that brush for you... on your behind, that is... he wore mine out already, and with way more than a hairbrush, though our largest one did see plenty of action last night!


Tiggr said...

Oh, shit, shit and double-shit... I totally forgot until this very moment that Dante has decided to start "grading" my comments, based on spelling. Shit!

Maybe he won't notice the typo above, doesn't everyone spell artitistic that way? Or maybe a friend would make that spelling be magically fixed, if she could work such wonders...

I've gotta go open Word now to start trying to remember to type my comments there first...


Kayley said...

Thanks chica! hehe Nah, S. is not scared of anything. lol Well, a bit of Jack, but aren't we all?(ummm... me and her, that is. hehe) I think Jack will have a heart attack when he sees what his baby has been up to. ;)

And about that post - you'd better not be suggesting I take down that comment! lol ;) I haven't even seen the spelling mistake, girl! Why did you have to mention it? ;)

Hugz and love,

Kayley said...

Oh, forgot to comment on the brush issue. Since you get smacked for your spelling, and since you made a typo on my blog already, why don't I let Dante use my hair brush on your behind? If your cries reach South Africa, I know I have to get rid of that thing asap! ;)

Hmmm... plenty of action, eh? You could have used more, given your headache today! hehe Glad you had fun... again(!)... guys! ;)


Theresa said...

Great picture, but don't trust the bear. Their hides are though. The hairbrush packs a punch!


adam said...

HHNT to you!!

Have you informed Osbasso 'bout this:

HNT up!!

Cheers, to Teddy & You!

I miss HNT...maybe, I shouldn't have left. (Whoops! Adam~~blushes!)

xx, adam.

adam said...

Jeez, what dope I am!!

I just noticed that cute, little, chica, in the sidebar!!


~~Osbasso Rocks!!!~~and, so do you!

Really blushing, now. faux pas!


Kayley said...

Theresa - oh crap!! I thought his fanny was a bit tough... oh, it has beanie stuff inside. What a cheater!! Thanks for letting me knows, Theresa! ;) Hugz!

Adam - lol Thanks man! I'll be back next Thursday with something new. Yeah, I have it ready. ;) HUGZ!

Tiggr said...

Hey where do you buy that beanie stuff anyway? I could sew two pairs of panties together with the beanies stuffed between the layers in the back... I doubt Dante would notice... hwatcha think?

Kayley said...

Tiggs, sweets, my smart brat, what's the point?? Aren't the panties always coming down? lol First trick him into letting you keep them on! hehe ;)

eros in wunderland said...

Naughty Teddy

Crimson said...

Neat shot..HHNT :)

Master Fitznicely said...

That's a brilliant HTN Kay, trés artistic!

Isn't it about time someone left a comment with "Tiggr" and "own worst enemy" in the same sentence?

AndyT13 said...

Poor teddy! :-) Welcome to the family and HHNT!

Master Enigma said...

clever and provocative....

Regal said...


FelicityA said...

HHNT & welcome!

LushlyMe said...

Was someone naughty for HNT?

padme said...

Happy HNT. Love your photo this week. That brush looks like it can spank hard. :)

Kayley said...

Wow... lots of comments. I really didn't expect it! Thanks!

Eros - hehe Must agree.

Crimson - thank you! HHNT 2u2! :)

Master Fitz - thank you!! Well, your pic guys is more of a HNT than mine. ;) And yes... Tiggs does tend to get herself in trouble. I'm not even sure that she needs me for that! ;) But I surely need her! hehe HUGZ!

Andy - Thank you! And boy,oh,boy you have a laaaarge family! ;) HHNT!

Master Enigma - Thank you! :)

Regal - HHNT to you too! Thanks! :)

Felicity - Thanks! Happy HNT! :)

Lushlyme - Oh, definitely. And that wasn't the teddy, for sure! ;) HHNT!

Padme - sweety!! HUGZ! How's your hand?? You couldn't stay away from HNT, eh? naughty naughty! Thanks for passing by sweets! :) *big warm hugs!* And *try* to get better, k?

adam said...

I've taken a bow, and have left "After Paradise." Come, say "Goodnight," and "Goodluck"--you brat, you!

Still gonna post that "Spanking Story"--no kiddin'(real soon)--I've gotta take a break from the main blog..there are other stories to tell besides mine, right??

Anyway, I'm enjoying your Brat-pack--big time!!...the more red bottoms, the better!!

Best wishes. Keep smiling.

xx, adam/B-e/z/Moi-Chromo/Bill.

Kayley said...

Adam, I dont believe one word you're sayin' till I see that damn story! You hear me? lol ;) HUGZ!

adam said...

Ahhh, just wait an' see, you naughty little minx you!!!

xx, adam.