Thursday, October 05, 2006


So you can see that I have played with the links a bit. The only reason why I am posting this is to ask if you are ok with the way your link was labeled.

I am mostly concerned with the Master and brat category and with Eva's site.

Theresa, given your recent post on your blog, are you ok with the blog in "Master and brat" or do you want it moved to the upper cat? I was not sure about your site so I would be happy if you helped me. Thanks! :)

I would also want a line from Adam, if he thinks that his link is ok where it is or if it needs changing to ... something else. lol

As for the rest of the links, I'm pretty sure they are ok.

So, if you have something to say, at all, now it's the time! ;)



Theresa said...

Oh I don't know Kayley, I am just delighted you have me listed and you coem visit. Mayye hasn't shown too much of a bratty side yet...she might need to soon! I consider her and Danny domestic discipline and that is how I feel about myself. But I have had some people tell me Mayye is a slave. Goes back to my post yesterday on labels. I don't care what you call me.


Tiggr said...

The links look great kiddo!! Have fun playing with your template...

Big hugs,

adam said...

I love it!!

You linked to "Sweet Muse" w/adam, which is just right, considering the fictional Journal of (Master) Moi-Chromo.

Listing it beneath a "reluctant" Dom, is cool also: Moi-Chromo is something of a reluctant Dom, himself--as will become apparent, in the coming weeks. Phishette, really, is the one with the power in this relationship. I hope you'll enjoy this little Journey into Character-study, along w/"After Paradise."

Well. Seems I've dropped a litttle more than a line, here!...I leave off, and give someone else a chance to speak.

Thanks for the Link!!

I'll read you daily.


Kayley said...

Theresa - Girl, I hate labelling, but I need to label your site somewhere. hehe I will go deeper into it and see where it stands. For example, the previous episode of Mayye was more like Master-brat, the one now turned to be a lot more of DD. So I am puzzled! But I'll take a decision today, now that you said you were ok with it. Thanks girl! HUGZ!!

Tiggr - Thank you! Oh, I am having fun!! Better than work, right? ;) HUGZZ!

Adam - haha! Ok, I will keep reading your site and see what's going on with your stories. If you have more pics and creative stuff, you stay here. If you have more insightful thoughts and stories on Master stuff, you move up. HUGZZ!

I just want to put the links in the right place, you know? So people interested in similar stuff know where to go. :)

BIG HUGZ again everyone! Love ya!