Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Evening

Let's see... Yesterday, Viasat Explorer had a very interesting episode on BDSM. So I got the chance to watch 45 mins of bondage and female domination. Pretty interesting. Nothing turned me on but one thing actually turned me off - that was the needle part. Except for that, it was fun to watch. Maybe certain things would have worked better for me if it had been a Dom, not a Domme... but then again, I don't think so. I'm not a rubber fan. I'm sure though that some Dommes and subs out there got a kick out of watching this show. hehe

What *did* turn me on and made me giggle yesterday came actually from a very vanilla series. hehe Some of you might be familiar with "Little Britain" from BBC Prime - yes, my all time fav channel. This was episode 6, and one of the characters, a teacher, married his student, or pupil if you like. It's extremely funny. It's a lot of control involved. Jack and I planned on playing that. I'll let ya know when it happens. I was also trying to find this scene for you on but they don't have it.

Then... well... We went out to buy some whiskey and some booze. We are again out of cash and had to go to the mall to use the credit card. I got myself some Bacardi with lime. I love Bacardi with almost anything. hehe Got back... Well, I've been acting like a brat a lot lately - no, not online, but in real life.Too many smart comments and nagging. I usually ask him questions that definitely bring a 'no' answer, so I can nag and say "yes" and stomp my foot. Last night I did again something stupid. After bothering him all the way home, sulking, nagging, giggling, and kicing a car's tire just to see if the alarm goes on, and pressing randomly the elevator's buttons just to be a pain in the ass, he decided that I needed my bottom warmed.

Now, what was on my mind when I wore a thong this morning? He slapped me a few times on my pants, then realized that is not good enough, so he dragged me to the bed, placed me in front of him, and ignoring my protests, pulled down my pants and underwear. Now we come to the well-known moment when you're face down on his knees, head hanging down, feet kicking and bending. After a few slaps that sent me crying, because they seemed too stingy at the moment, he announced five more, centered on both of my cheeks. Unfortunately he developed an interest for the seat spot. Yeah... It makes me howl. So at two, my legs were so high up bent that my feet covered my bum. He had to bring my hands together, grab them in his, bring them upper in the air so I wouldn't move, trap my legs under his. My butt went very high up, positioned for the low part of my butt to be slapped. He was laughing and I was laughing at my sounds. I think it was a continuous "no no no no no..." Who knows how many times I said it. hehe He delivered the last three swats and thought I could live with that. I couldn't, 'cause the moment I started crawling back to my feet, I mumbled something like "donkey" to him and "leave me alone", which brought me down on his lap again, for a very long and hard session. He said it was time for me to confess my crime. "I didn't do it. I was good. Seriously, I didn't do anything and I have no idea what you're talking about." He spanked some more, asking me to confess. "What bad thing? I dunno which one you are talking about... And it wasn't my fault anyway... whatever it was..." I'm not stupid, you see? hehe What if I had confessed something he was not aware of and got myself into more trouble? So let *him* do the talking, was my policy. In the end I couldn't take it anymore and I admitted that "I did too many bad things... I dunno which one you are talking about!" Which made him laugh, obviously, and spank me more.

When I ran out of breath and was ready to accept my spanking without fighting anymore, he let go. He asked if I was wet. "Lemme show you," I said, grabbed his hand, and dragged his finger through my pussy lips. I was a pond, alright. hehe

So he made me lie down again, fingered me, fucked me. He asked me to take my top off and put my hands behind my head. I had my first orgasm. Then he grabbed my hair, pulled me up, and asked me to masturbate and watch him fucking me. Yeah, that's always hot. And I got so hot and everything that I had a huge orgasm. I squirted. Hell yeah! It's the fourth time for me and he biggest. I had to change the bed sheets. All I know is that I was in a pond of juices. lol That I was wet all around and he said he's never seen me this wet before. I have been very wet before, but this was extreme. lol

Now guys I gotta go shopping and stuff with Jack. See ya later. :)


Tiggr said...

Goody for you and goody for Jack and goody for Spice and goody for The Man and goody for Less and goody for Dragon freakin' M... I feel so damned left out that I could just, oh, I dunno, if I felt better...

I feel awful anyway so why not spank me, too? Maybe that will get rid of this damn flu... and at the very least, maybe it will give me an endorphin buzz so I don't care that I'm sick... I don't have energy to even sit up anyway...

GOOD FOR YOU babe but can you tell that I'm jealous, jealous, jealous? I KNOW envy and jeaously are wretched things but I don't care... I wanna spanking, too... maybe tomorrow...

Hugs and love and a pillow,

adam said...

Well, I'd say you have to do something BAD!!!

Now, that post got me hard!--blush!

{naughty, brat you}


Paul said...

Hi Kay, nice post, you obviously enjoyed that, I know that I did. WEG!!!
Warm hugs and soft pillows Kay,

Theresa said...

Hey Brat

Glad you got what you were looking for....keep it up!


lessa{D} said...

wowwwwwwwwwww kay.. sounds like your weekend was way more interesting then mine... mmmmmmm

I want some real spankings to... and like tiggr don't get it... cause of my hurting lower back... waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... that flogger is medication for me... really it is...

and uhmmmmm needles... november 17... needle day overhere... ;-)

and I expect all of you to come and hold my hands... grinnnnnnn

Tiggr said...

OK, Lessa, dear, what the HELL is "needle day"? Are we talking tattoos or the needles for pain idea? Please do tell...

Hey Kay, wake up sleepy-head!


Kayley said...

Tiggs, shuddup girl! lol You got the crop and the tawse and you're still sore and you are complaining about not enough spanking? OMG! lol Hey, Dante, come over here and see what your wife's writing! hehe ;) Luv ya brat! :)

Adam - oh, dear me! *weg* I hope your *toy* is feeling better for now. ;) hehe If not, Tigger has something hot on her site. *giggles* Hugz!

Paul - Tell me about enjoying! ;) Thanks for the pillows! I'm stocking them up. ;) Hugz!

Theresa - well, given the fact that 100% of the lurkers and posters were hoping less than two weeks ago that I would finally get a spanking to shut me up... yeah, it's good that it happened. lol Hugz!

Lessa - Ummm... so what if your back has problems? Tell him to tie you down! Duh! Excuses excuses! lol And yes, pray tell the needle story. *weg* Luv ya!

lessa{D} said...

the needle story... well, that's simple...

in may i had to start using insuline.. injecting every day.. and i was scared of that.. scared of putting that needle in myself... the Master of my friend M:e is an expert in needle play... and when they are here in november i am gonna experience real needle play... ofcourse DragonM will be there and he will be responsible... and M:e will be there to hold my hand... so i know i will be fine... and I do look forward to it... as I did a year ago for my 1st electro session... I ama violet wand addict now... grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn