Friday, September 22, 2006

Actors that Would be Nice in a Spanking Scene

I would vote for Mel Gibson, for some reason. If you find out why, let me know. hehe

Anybody watching "Lost"? Good. Then you know Sawyer. That would be a guy good in a spanking scene. I can't picture one he would be good into, but I know I would know if I saw it.

"Bonanza" - Adam, that is Pernell Roberts. He has a scene spanking a spanish chick. I don't remember the epidose, but I remember watching it. It's good enough. You can find it on if you're interested.

Dr. Aaron Shutt from "Chicago Hope", Adam Arkin. How did I come out with that? I was watching "Hitch" a while ago and I just thought he would do a proper job. Funny thing is that I also thought Will Smith capable of a good spanking. Yeah, you have to see the guy mad if you want to understand his potential. hehe If he looks sexy and impressive when he's mad, he has all the chances to be a good spanker. Even if only for the movies.

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