Saturday, September 23, 2006

My First... and His First Too

It is understandable that his first doesn't matter as much as my first. *eg* I have to thank Bonnie for reminding me that my spanking experience also had a beginning.

I was abroad visiting him. My spanking interest was dormant, given that my sexual interest, aroused by him, was climbing the Everest. He has a tendancy - hell, it's no tendancy, it's who he is - to be in control when doing it. It might be one of the things that attracted me in the first place. So my mood for spanking popped up again when, teasingly, he slapped my butt. Now go figure - if you haven't had a spanking yet and your subconscious is craving one, what do you do? You fidget about it until you can't keep it inside anymore, and you start leaving small pieces behind, for him to complete the puzzle for you. Which I did. A bit ashamed of myself and stattering and all that, but I did it. And then, knowing his interest for school girls, I thought that mixing the two would be a good idea.

Schoolgirl outfit? Never had one. But I surely had short skirts and plenty of them too. I went shopping for white socks and a white shirt, and I managed to put something together for the evening. His parents went out, leaving us alone. So I prepaired. Didn't know for what, exactly, but spanking was not really something on my mind. I was thinking more in RP terms. Some kind of punishment, screwing around and all that. So when he came in the room, he had his story ready. I was the bad girl, failing the test and not wearing a proper uniform. He was the teacher, ready to give me something to remember. I wish I would remember the dialogue, but by the time his attitude became dominant, I started melting in a puddle of thrills. Fog seemed to cover my mind, my legs - I couldn't feel them and couldn't move them either. I couldn't speak.

He lectured me about the test, my general behavior, and I kept mumbling something. I think I called him "Sir", but I did not do it willingly. And then he simply asked me to turn around and bend over. He had to repeat it, since I was already in Neverland and could hardly absorb the situation. I was quite impressed. I had turned into a doll for you to play with the way you want. And that's when I got my first real swats. All my answers had to be reapeated, since my mumbling didn't make sense. And then came the second part of the punishment. And I was in heaven.

For a long time - months maybe or years - he held back, scared of my screams and complains, scared he would hurt me. He got over it. A few times he got over it better than me even - I'll remember the spank I got with the hand, belt, and jumping rope for the rest of my life, that's for sure. And God, he learns fast. He never ceases to amaze me. I mean, I wouldn't call him a vanilla anymore. I wouldn't dare. Because someone who manages to get over his fear of hurting and manages to make a spankee cry is no longer a vanilla. He knows his business already.

My hubby absorbs spanking information like a sponge. Let me see. He was quite clumsy before about over the knee business. Then he learnt that, plus how to hold me down and spank my bum while sitting on a chair. Then sofa, with my head dangling close to the floor. Then pinning my hands, then punishing me for not keeping my hands home - we apply this as much as we can - and now pinning my legs. He even learnt how to spank in the most effective way. I don't know what he is doing when he is home alone and where he is learning all this from, but who cares? The job is done. I even did corner time and it was quite strict.

I'm a brat. And when it comes to spanking, I'm worse. But any smart brat learns in time to behave, if she has someone to teach her to. So while I still make a big fuss about spankings, I know when to shut my mouth now. Before, I was testing, pushing limits. What will he do if I go on being bratty? Will he spank more? Naaaah, he is not into spanking after all and he won't. Now we are somewhere where I have a 'position' over his lap, and he'd better not see my hands coming back to cover my butt. Where I still whine about my pants and panties being pulled down but I don't slap his hands anymore or try to stop him - unless I really want to get it. Where I don't curse at him anymore and I call him "Sir" when I can't take it anymore. And where he doesn't believe my "I'll be good" and "I won't do it again" any longer, and makes sure I mean it. He learnt where my limit is - where I can stand up and behave and where, still hurting, I stand up and act up again. Yup, we are a long way from where we were and still plenty ahead.

Probably his early successes, and the ones he still scores are pretty much related to the impact of his voice on me. He has the right tone and attitude. And headspace, I'm sure everyone agrees, takes you half way through the spanking. The headspace makes the difference between a spanking and a beating. He knows that. He exploits it.

So why would I need a real spanker when I have him? He is better than anything I would have ever wanted to witness. And God, do I love him for that!

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