Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Belts Again

Belts - my favorites... To which extent, though?

When I searched for the word 'belt' on Google, I've found plenty of them. Somehow, trapped in my spanking mood, I was prepared to see only black masculine belts. What I got instead was a bunch of brown, beige, and even pink ones. It was a major turn off.

For me, a black belt is the ultimate turn on. If you tried to scare me with a brown one, you'd only manage to make me laugh. It can even hiss into the air and I wouldn't care. Because, to me, only black belts are meant to take care of a proper spanking.

To ramble a little more, let's talk about the perfect belt in your everyday spanking fantasy. (Actually, in my spanking fantasy, since I am the one rambling and you are the one lurking.) And we're talking here only about black belts, the mean ones. Never a long buckle, but always square. Wider, rather than thinner. Flexible, not rigid. When doubled and pulled, it should crack just like a nice hard slap. Simple, not a rock-star belt, one that winks at you from a business man's fancy suit. And if this belt matches a serious shirt and some rolled sleeves, then we mean business! A word of advice when you meet this guy and his belt - make sure he is not a spanker enjoying the view of the roundness perfection of your butt.

To end this pointless discussion...

...with all its masculinity though, if I were to give a gender to the belt, I would have to call it a 'she'. Isn't that weird? I felt the need to call this evil thing a 'she' all through my post! What's wrong with me?!


Anonymous said...

really , a black leather belt is " she " ! what's wrong with you/ weird ? as a male spanker i believe you need a serious , make that a very serious tune-up with my black leather work belt, have fun your stories are interesting. all the best , hardmac.

hardmac said...