Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yet Another Spanking Memory (part 2)

*taking out her old diary* Smart of me, putting everything down, eh?

So let me tell you the events of that day, based on my diary.

It was on a Thursday. It was May and the weather was warm and nice. The maid in the kitchen woke me up with her plates and cutlery. It was around nine and Mike never woke up at nine. He was the late man, pushing it to eleven even if possible.

I moved to his room - since I was sleeping in the guest room - and found him sleeping, just like I had expected. I remembered I had homeworks for Physics, since I was attending the contest again that year - I *loved* Maths and Physics! - so, it was a good moment to start doing my work.

I sat at his desk, took out my books and papers, started reading. I was nervous. And irritated. I lit the first cigarette, out of instinct. Mike was awake now, but lying in bed and listening to me mumbling. I was smoking and writing. Then the second cigarette came out of the pack- click! the fire of the lighter again, heavy smoke pouring into my lungs.

Mike rolled out of bed, on the side, watched me, asked for the pack. I threw it to him, while taking out one more for myself and mumbling some inaudible curses about my homework. That year we were studying a weird combination of Physics and Chemistry - it was the one I liked the least. Mechanical Physics was the love of my life. I did it for fun, just like I take quizzes today.

Third cigarette. No thoughts on my mind, but the book. I had already forgotten. He put out his own cigarette, threw the Lucky Strike's back to me, put on his clothes, and came back to watch me. Was he stalking me? Probably. He just wanted to see me taking the wrong step. And he didn't have to wait much. Smokers know that a cigarette burns by itself when you're too deep into something. So my cigarette had smoked itself. I reached for the forth, lit it, and then I heard him.

"Of course..." - he said. He stood up and, watching me watching him, he started unblucking his belt. Slowly... very slowly. He was amused. I tried to look calm, as if I didn't care. As if I didn't know what plans he had for me. Then Mike doubled the belt, pulled the ends and snapped it hard. He made it crack a few times, as if testing it.

"I'm not in the mood now," I finally said, knowing he would be coming for me next. "Some other time." I smiled sweetly.

He cracked it again, waiting. He was trying to impress me.

"That thing you're doing doesn't have the slightest effect on me," I bragged.

He raised his eyebrows and then, crack, he hit against the desk so hard that my soul leaped out and my eyes froze on it. Panic, terror - in a second I felt them all. The blood had left my cheeks and my eyes were wide open. He did it again. The loudest crack I've ever heard since then. Without the slightest experience, this guy was creating the proper headspace for me. It's just that back then I wouldn't have been able to label it as 'headspace'.

"I hope that's not how you will hit me," I almost pleaded, my eyes never leaving his hands or the belt. Let me tell you, it was a heavy thick one. Too flexible for my own good. Previously used too.

Incredibly enough, he smiled. Another crack. I hid behind the desk, sinking deep into my chair.

"C'mon, get your ass on the bed." A deal was a deal and Mike had no intention to shrink away from his duties.

"Mike... not now... please."

Without a word, he reached for me, grabbed my hand - I was no match for him, let me put that straight - dragged me to the bed and genuinly threw me on it. The push had been so strong that I rolled over until I fell down from the bed, on the other side.

He picked me up easily and then all I know is that the belt came down. I was freaked out and thrilled in the same time. In pain, too. The nearest pillow became my support and I hugged it tight, burrying my head in it. I didn't yelp. But when the second blow came, it was too hard to take it silently. I yelped. And I yelped again for the next one, and then I couldn't stop myself from rolling over. I started kicking back but I couldn't touch him. The belt did touch me, however. It wrapped mercilessly around my legs. His expression was stern, authoritarian.

"I told you not to smoke. You should have listened," he lectured me. And the belt kept coming down. I was by now crying each time he spanked me, and it was unbearable when the lashes overlayed. Looking back, he wasn't hitting me hard, but it was too hard for me already. The first impact had been strong on my mind. "What I say, remains said. You should have behaved," he said between his teeth. Then he stopped.

Well, he knew me. My stupid pride was pushing me to hit him, and I was oblidging. I showed him the finger. He spanked me again. I was by now hiding in the corner, still kicking back. "Fuck you!" - I said. Not a smart thing to say when you are at the receiving end. Somehow he managed to grab my hand and he pulled me out of the corner and towards him so hard, that I landed face down, half off the bed, hands resting on the floor for balance.

He starting spanking me in earnest then. Crack after crack after crack on my butt, the pain had cutt my breath, literally. I didn't have enough air to scream. "Don't you *ever* kick me back. Do you understand? Since you hit me and you cursed, you're gonna suffer more now," he lectured. He stopped and waited. I didn't move. "Well, I think you had enough," he said, and started putting his belt back.

I think Ididn't like his tone. It was dissing my bratty self in a way. So I hit his leg with my fist.

"Oh, so you didn't have enough!"

I managed to drag myself back on the bed, but not in the correct position. The pillow that was supposed to protect me remained in my arms. My butt was on fire. My hand flew back a few times and he caught it once before he warned me: "Take your hand away. You don't want me to catch your hand." I listened. I was starting to learn. (Please keep in mind that this was the first punishment ever for me. I didn't know what to expect.)

The spanks rained. "You hit me, you get punished."

I cracked nervously. I stopped fighting but just lay there absorbing the pain. I was on the verge of crying. I felt the tears gathering in my eyes. Somehow he also felt it.
"Look at me," he said.
I refused.
He grabbed my chin and lifted it. I wasn't crying. Not yet. Close enough though.

I slapped his hand.
"Wrong move, young lady." He was going to spank me until I was going to submit totally. Until I was going to accept the punishment. A rain of spanks, like five or six, and all landing on the back of my legs. My "Owe"s were something I never thought myself capable of.
"Owe? What "owe"? There's no "owe"!" Whack crack and spank!
"No more... Don't spank me anymore... Please..." Begging. Never been in that land before! "Please no more..."

He stopped, measured me, put the belt back slowly. And that's when the maid called. My face became a lighthouse: as he went out, I shoved him the finger again. I had won the fucking battle! The punishment was over and I wasn't defeated. I had managed to trick him! That was on my mind. Pain had subsided. Pain was not important. My victory was. Sick mind, eh? And thick-head too!

" I will be back," he announced but I didn't care. Because if Mike stops doing something, he doesn't go back to it. I was saved! Hurray!

But he did come back. And I will skip this part since it refers to more spanks to my already sore behind. "Did you remember what you showed me when I went out? That won't remain unpunished. Learn to behave!" To the point. He made his point.

Then I heard the door. And Greg's voice.

Mike stared at me. I bit my lips.

"You're lucky Greg came." He didn't say anything else, but his words sounded too much like a warning, a threat, a promise. This time I knew there would be a 'to be continued'. One learns from mistakes.

I rolled on my tummy, holding my butt, and didn't move anymore. He comforted me, but the promise was always there. He asked me if I want to go out with them. I said "no". Submissive, this time! He said ok, he would let Greg know I wasn't coming because I had a stomach ache. He smiled and left.

My first whacking ever!

*To be continued*


Theresa said...

Hi Tiggr from a Spanking Good Time recommended I give you a read. Really nice blog. I love your memories! I have some like those too!

Have a great weekend. I'll be back!

Kayley said...

Thanks, Theresa! Thanks for the kind words. Do you have those memories on your blog? Better check! ;)

As for Tiggr, I barely know her, but I did have time to learn that she's the kind of brat that deserves a medal! (Tiggr, you'd better be reading this, girl! lol)

Thanks again Theresa! You have a good weekend too! :) catch ya later!