Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yet Another Spanking Memory (part 3)

This story is not in my diary, so I have to trust my memories and hope to recall things right.

Something tells me that my second spanking was not, as I have already claimed, the next day. But I'm not too sure.

I do remember I had a few bruises, very light ones, more like small purple spots on my upper legs and bottom.

The whole think started again from a game this time. Greg, Mike, and I were in the living room, and had just returned from the pool table. I think we had played snooker that day and that I cursed the immense table and the balls who wouldn't go in the pockets. So, from pushing one another outside like sick children, we got to taking out our belts and wacking each other inside. Greg and Mike started it, but I was eager to join and I took Greg's side, only to catch a few licks on Mike's legs. Things were going well until Greg had to leave and I was to face Mike alone. For me, the game was over. I buckled my Hugo Boss belt, signaling my intention to Mike. I knew that if I had played I would have lost. So there was no point in me signing my suicide note.

Mike didn't take it easily though. Maybe he was in the mood. Maybe I never knew that he liked his new dominant position. So he actually brought up my last spanking. Especially the last part. He asked me how I felt about it and my answer wasn't encouraging. He thought I needed more to reinforce the lesson. I didn't think so. So he said it would be a good idea for me to move my ass to his room. Haha! "What? You think I'm stupid?" Living room was safe for me, and if I was never to visit the bathrooms next to his room again and piss on myself, I didn't care. Today I wouldn't be around his headquarters! He understood that but he didn't like it. He spanked my legs once. It hurt! Just as much as I remembered.

"If you don't start moving, I'll spank your legs again."

I tried to retreat myself behind the large table, hoping he wouldn't reach me there. But he caught me in mid-flight, whacked my legs and butt again, making me jump foward like a little kid, and directed me to his room. I mumbled and protested, but didn't curse this time. He needed to reinforce his words now and then with a mild slap and he made that belt crack all the day there. I still wonder if the maid hasn't heard us. For God's sake, how deaf can one be?

Once in his room, he closed the door. His finger pointed to the window next to his desk.

"Go there."


"Because I'm telling you so..."

Not good enough.

"I'm not." And I was ready to pay the consequences. I did pay the consequences but it turned out I wasn't ready.


I went. Dragging my feet slowly, postponing it, trying to show him that I do it because I want to do it not because he's asking me. I leaned against the closet, crossed my arms.

"Don't cross your arms, young lady. Just stand there with your back to the window. Don't lean against anything."

This didn't make any sense! Why the heck would I do such a boring thing? Right, maybe it was what we call now time-out or corner-time. A time to reflect on his words and his control over me. I studied my nails, looked at him - Mike simply rolled in bed, put his head on a pillow, belt next to him, and watched me. Stalking... waiting... knowing from previous experience that a brat like me was bound to get in trouble.
Ten minutes later I was bored like hell. I kept considering the chances to escape through a closed door within a foot from him. No chances. But I needed to try. I waited for him to close his eyes - he did it on purpose, I know it! - and then, slowly slowly, with the laughter in my throat, I reached the door. And that's where my journey ended.

"You're going to stay where I asked you to stay." In an instant he was up and spanking me again. I let myself fall on the floor, my back against the closet, and I hugged my knees.

"Stand up!"
"Stand... up..."
"No no no! I'm not gonna stand up. I didn't do anything bad today!" *I was getting the message that I was to be spanked if I did something wrong. lol*
"You did. And we have unfinished business from yesterday. Stand up."
With my arms crossed, I refused to look up at him. I sulked. "I'll stay here and I won't move..."
"We don't negociate. You do what you are told."

How efficient a bare bottom spanking seems to me now! I would have shut my mouth long before this moment if he knew how to handle it properly.

No reply from me. No move. But I tried to look sorry. I kind of was too.

"If that's how you want it..."

The story repeated itself with me on the bed, getting the whacking of my life - till that point, at least, and still no match now for the jumping rope - and being lectured about my behavior, about dissing him yesterday, about my stuborness and my resistance. I was going to cry. My eyes were watery. And I knew the bruises had started to form. And I begged again.

It came to an end with me standing next to the window, pouting, but not daring to move. Until he said I could.
If this spanking solved any of my problems? Why don't you guess? lol Instead, it opened an increased appetite for spanking and a dear affection for the old belt.

He made me show him a few of my bruises and he laughed at me. I was wearing them proudly though. He also said that I was quite funny during my spanking, like a mad cat, one moment hiding, next moment attacking. He made fun of me for months.

I started controlling myself around him. I think he even made once a spanking connection about me in front of others. The others didn't get it, but I sure did. If only the earth could have swallowed me! But there was no comment from me though. My mouth was shut. There was no more 'fuck' or 'shit' either. Just 'damn'. I was allowed this word. And when I crossed the line, even in public places, he cleared his throat, looked at me, and placed his hands on the belt. And I was shrinking on the spot and looking at the floor, ignoring the goosebumps on my arms. I couldn't make eye contact with him at those times. He didn't find any other reasons to spank me. I was a smart brat in the end. hehe

That spring vacation was funny. Weird too. After I got home he called a few times. Asked me how my bruises were coming along.

"Better, I think."

"It will take like two weeks, probably," he said.

" I guess so. The ones on my butt are worse, but I have a few yucky ones on my legs. If my Mom sees them I'm doomed."

Then I said something and I cursed.
And he said that I was lucky I wasn't there or else...
It wasn't my fault. It was my friends' fault.
He was sure I could get rid again of this bad habit. Until I see him. And also, how many did I smoke?

"More than you want to know..."

Yes, it was a pity I wasn't there, he concluded. But we'll see until next time.

"Did the spanking help though?"

"No," I confessed.

*The End*


Caryagal said...

Welcome! I found you through Tiggr's blog. I liked your story! My husband and I haven't really done discipline spankings yet, but hopefully some day!


Kayley said...

Hey Caryagal!

Thank you! Trust me, this wasn't the best punishment spanking, but it was a good memory. hehe

A spanking is not a spanking if it's not bare-bottomed. lol Well, it is actually, if your significant other decides to smack your bum in the Mall... yeah...

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

Theresa said...

Those do sound like good memories. I have met so many men who spanked GF in high school. I don't understand why I never met any. But I was shy and I also believe I live in a geographically no spank zone! If that makes any sense!

Keep writing!

Kayley said...

Theresa, maybe you should have asked for a spanking! lol

No, seriously, I agree with you. What happened to me was pure luck, but I do have the feeling that boys at that age, with testosteron running wild, are prone to spank more, even if they are vanillas. And to experiment more too. If getting laid doesn't happen, at least they get to feel the butt. lol

If you know some HS stories, share them. Spice them up and share them, girl!! :)

Anyway, spanking good things happened to you later in life, right? So it's all for good! ;)

Kayley said...

Caryagal, I can't see your profile! :( Can I get your blog address? I'm curious!

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

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