Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spanking Story: Lost

This is an M/m story. Implied more M/m. And probably the audience I will get for this story is from people who don't think of spanking as something sexual. And who get a twist from non-sexual spankings. You don't get the meaning of that? Well, I do, and that's life. :)

Oh... and the title has nothing to do with the series. But it was the best title I could come up with.


They were lost. When Alex said “Let’s get lost in the woods” and when he craved this adventure he didn’t have this in mind. He meant ‘lost’ like in ‘let’s see how far we can wander but still be able to find our way home’.

Ashley, his eleven-year-old sister, grabbed his hand. He felt her fear.
“Are we lost yet? I’m hungry. I wanna go home. Mom will be mad…” – she said, looking for support in Sam, Alex’s new girl-friend.

Alex stopped.
“We *are* lost, aren’t we?” – Sam asked.
“No. Why would you say that?”
He chuckled. He didn’t want to, but he did anyway.
“Because you look lost.”
“We can always follow the track we came from. It’s a little longer but it’s easy to go back. See that rock there?” – He pointed to a naked cliff behind them - “We will keep walking towards it until we reach the main road. Sooner or later, going that way, we will get home. Or we can follow the railroad over there, which passes from the end of the clearing next to our house. What shall it be?”

“I wanna go home…” Ashley wiped her eyes. “We’ll get grounded because of you!”
Alex dismissed her with a wave of his hand. “You’re always crying and nagging. If you shut it and tell them what we agreed on telling them nothing will happen.”
“As if they will believe…”
“Less talking and more walking, please…” Without looking towards the two girls, he took the railroad path.
“She has a point, you know,” Sam tried. “We’ve been gone for… five hours. I just hope they are not looking for us.”
This was insane. They had been gone for five hours because for three hours the girls had been busy collecting flowers and inspecting bugs.
“Well, excuse me you two Misses, but from what I recall – and God, by all means stop me if I am wrong – you were complaining about being boooooooored. And when I asked you to come, you were both excited. So, if you would be so kind to follow me and keep it… SHUT!”
“Alex…” Sam tried to take his hand.
“Just leave me alone, please?” He walked away from them, as fast as he could. Behind, Ashley was sniffling. “And Ashley? If I hear one more sniff coming out of you I swear I will leave you right here, in the middle of the forest!”
“I’ll tell Mom and Dad what you did!”
“Be my guest. ‘Cause after that I will tan your behind and lock you in the wardrobe. I bet you like that.”
He saw her dashing past him, running as fast as her legs could carry her. “I hate you! I hate you…”
“Fuck,” was all he could mumble before starting to run after her. His heart began pounding. He shouldn’t have started to smoke.

“Ashley, stop! I swear that when I catch you…”
The girl screamed something back at him and kept her pace.
“Great tact you have,” Sam said.
Where did things go wrong? Oh! Of course. He shouldn’t have brought the brat with them. He had different plans for him and Sam. And now… now he was pissed at everyone and if he could not catch up with the brat before they got home, he knew he was in trouble. Grounded for life, probably.

But also, what if the train came while she kept running like that? What if…
“Ashley! Stop running right now! You hear me?”

He began recognizing the surroundings. He remembered coming here once with his Dad, looking for firewood for the grill. The cliff itself was nearer and a distant honk made him aware of the proximity of the main road. A few higher roofs became visible over the trees, and a wooden fence encircled what looked like a big orchard.

“We’re almost there,” Sam said.
“Alex… isn’t that your Mom?”
What the heck?

The figure walking on the railroad looked an awful lot – even from here – like her. Then he heard his sister calling her, and the figure started running towards them.
‘I’m fucked. Home, ok, but I am so fucked. If she says anything before I get there…’
He pushed himself a little more to sprint closer. He was almost dizzy when he came within talking distance of them.
“Sam, you don’t say a word about the idea, you hear me?” – he whispered to his girlfriend.

The figure hugged Ashley for a minute or so, and he thought he even heard a few sobs. “Alex, Sam, are you ok?”
“Yes, Mom…”
“Here,” she said, “Take the phone and call your Dad, tell him you’re fine. He’s been searching for you for an hour. We were going to call the police…”
She handed him the phone. “You better have a good explanation for it, young man!”
“We do,” he said without looking her in the eyes, and took the phone. He dreaded his Dad’s voice.

The phone did not have time to ring by the time his Dad answered. He was panting. His voice was worried.
“Dad? It’s me. We -”
“Alex? Where have you been? Do you have any idea… Why didn’t you take the phone with you when you left?”
“We – “
“We’ll talk when I get home.” Dead line.
“What were you thinking?” The slap landed so hard and so unexpectedly on his right cheek that he almost dropped the phone. Ashley was smiling her bright evil smile.
“No Mom!” She snatched the phone from him. “March your ass home. I can’t believe that at fifteen you are still acting as irresponsible as a seven-year-old. You are in so much trouble!”
He risked a look at Sam, who was pretending to be as innocent as Ashley.
“Mom, she’s lying!”
“I am not lying! You wanted to lie but I am telling the truth.”
“Just wait until your father finds out!”

He’s heard that far too many times, with no result, but he kind of knew that this time it was going to be different. But he was not going to beg. Not in front of Sam. Instead, his hands dived in his pockets; he put on his rebel mood, and followed the party home.

For ten minutes, until they reached their summer vacation house, no one spoke. As long as Mom kept quiet, no one dared to bring up any subject related or not related to their little escapade.
He saw his Dad from the distance, coming out from their Ford Mondeo, accompanied by a few men. He recognized one of them – he was the neighbor whose window he had broken when he was small. The man saluted his Mom from the distance, shook hands with his Dad, and left.

“Daddy!” – Ashley ran to him expecting the embrace Mom had given her. Instead, he grabbed her arm, twisted her fast and planted two solid smacks on her behind. She wailed as if burned with fiery iron.
“Get inside!” – he ordered, not impressed by her cries. “You’re grounded. One month no TV and sleeping at 8 o’clock sharp! No parties, no nothing.”
“Daaadddyyyy…” She looked towards the blank face of her mother.
“Inside, I said,” – the man went on. “Bathroom and get yourself washed. Now!” Then he turned to his wife. “Where did you find them?”
“On the railroad. They were coming home when I met them. Sam, you come with me inside please. Jack, you should have a long discussion with your son.”

And like that, he was left face to face with his Dad. The anger in the man’s face had not subdued. He bore his eyes into Alex’s. On Alex’s face not a muscle moved. He was good at it. He had practice with teachers at school, especially when the big lies were pouring out of him. In his pockets, his fingers twisted.
“Do you have any idea how worried we have been?”
Alex’s eyes traveled down. No, he could not lie with a straight face. And if he did not hide his expression, then it would end up badly for him.
“I’m sorry, Dad… It’s not my fault. We got lost.”
“You did not get lost by accident, Alex. Don’t lie to your father!”
Fuck! Where did she come out from? Wasn’t she inside with Sam? His mother watched them with her arms crossed across her chest.
“Alex?” The man continued to fix him.
“Mom, Ashley is lying! She got mad at me and she wants me to get in trouble, that’s all!”
“That’s not Sam’s version of the story either…” – Mom went on.

Alex felt as if something had hit him in his stomach.
“I’m listening…” – Dad said, calmly. But his eyes… – Alex risked a short look to see the storm clouds gathering in there.
“Dad, I swear I did not want to get lost.” It was the truth. “I just wanted to wander a little and then we pushed it a little too much.”
“*You* pushed it a little too much,” his Mom interrupted.
“We were not lost.”
“That’s not what I’ve heard!” – Mom said again.
“Mooom! C’mon…”
“I don’t think you are in a position to whine or complain, young man. You dragged an eleven-year-old and a friend’s daughter in the woods with you!”

Alex’s foot was kicking repeatedly a stone. He left defiant. Rebel.
“They are ok, alright? I brought them home, haven’t I?”
The second slap for the day came as swift as the first one, but enough to make his head fly to the side and shift the view in front of his eyes from his Dad to the windows of the house. His Mom gasped. It was bad. His Dad had rarely slapped him. That was his Mom’s job usually…

Alex had doubted that his Dad could have gotten even angrier, but he has.
“Watch your attitude! And take your hands out your pockets when we’re talking to you. You have no respect for anything anymore, I see. You think that being fifteen means being an adult and doing what you please? You are still our child and you are following the same rules in this house. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Sir…”

The door opened as Sam came out to announce Mom that dinner was served. But no one heard her. Alex was vaguely aware of her presence.
“Look at your Mother!” – Jack started again. “She’s been crying her eyes out since you’ve left. Five hours! I had an emergency call from Aunt Sally who had fainted and because of you I could not go see her. And she is my patient!”
“I don’t see why you could not see her? What’s that have anything to do with me?”
Dad paused. He paused so abruptly that Alex knew he had done a big mistake. He saw his Dad’s features freeze. But he avoided the gaze by looking at his feet, hands out of his pockets, expecting another slap across his face. That did not come though.
“Jack, maybe you should talk inside,” Mom suggested. Sam had grabbed her hand.
“I’m done talking here,” the man answered, but Alex felt that the words were, in particular, addressed to him. The tone raised the hairs on Alex’s nape. His Dad went on: “Clara, I need a sharp knife from the kitchen to cut a rod. And you - you get your ass into my office now!”

Alex’s feet felt rooted to the ground.
“Jack…”- mother pleaded, her eyes filled with tears, not leaving Alex’s face.
“Clara, either you go or I go. It won’t make a difference.” The woman covered her mouth with her hand and, crying, she left the porch. “I’m not joking, Alex. I am not in the mood. Get your ass into my office!”
“Daaad… please… I’m fifteen…” – Alex managed to beg.
“So that makes you old enough to do what you want and backtalk?”
“Please Daaad… I’m sorry…”
“Now you’re sorry? When I’m done with you tonight you will be sorry enough to respect us until we die, trust me on that! Now move it!”

He wanted to but he couldn’t. And Sam was watching. His ego was torn into pieces. He had been spanked only a few times in his life. Mostly it had been his mother whacking his ass when he was small. It never hurt much. He got the belt from his Dad also, but that was an exception. Such an exception – and the last one - was also in his 7th grade, when he skipped class and lied to his parents. His Dad was so angry that he ignored again his Mom’s tears and whipped his ass with his belt until it had turned blue. And ever since, with a couple of small reminders, he had been behaving. He’d been grounded three or four times for smaller issues. He got a few slaps also and he was threatened with the belt, but no spankings were received.

Now he panicked. Worse than he had at thirteen.

His Mom had returned with the knife and a handkerchief in her hand.

“I swear, Alex, if you don’t move, I’ll first whip your ass right here and now, in front of Sam and where all neighbors can hear, and then I’ll take you to my office myself, like you would take a child and spank the daylights out of you.” His hands had already started to unbuckle his large Hugo Boss black belt.

Alex put his hands in his pockets. His defiance seemed to defend his ego from being really crushed. Slowly, controlling each of his moves and without daring to look up at either one of the three people present, he slid past his father, crossed the porch and went in. Vaguely, he heard his father asking his Mom about the knife.

In the living room, Ashley was sitting on the couch – TV off – grinning at him.
“I saw Mom crying. Dad’s gonna spank you, isn’t he?”
“Bitch!” He couldn’t control himself.
“Mooooom!”Ashley darted outside screaming. “Daaaad! Alex called me a bitch!”

Alex crossed the living without looking back after his sister, hands still in his pockets, and opened the door to his Dad’s office. He normally came here when he needed to check his emails, since Dad had decided that no child of his was to spend the vacation on the Internet, straining his eyes. He turned the lights on, sighed, rested his back against the wall in a position which he thought of as ‘cool’. And waited. The voices from outside were muffled but he couldn’t help but wonder if his cries would also be muffled by the massive wooden door. He stared at the desk with hate, knowing fully well that that was where the spanking will be carried out, with him bent over it. He hated it. And Ashley…oh my God, what he will do to her after this! Thoughts of how he could make her pay for what she’s done were making him feel so much better.
“Jack, please don’t…” – he heard his Mom as the door opened and Dad stepped inside. He was holding in his fist a long rod, quite supple and not too thin. He closed the door, whipped the air with the rod once then placed it on the side of the desk.

“I’m not going to negotiate with you again like I did outside. And don’t count on your mother to save your ass from being tanned properly. No amount of begging is going to change my mind, so don’t waste your energy.”

“I’m sorry, Dad… I’m really sorry…” He felt small again. Really small.
The sound of the belt sliding out from the loops was nerve twisting.
“Didn’t you hear what I’ve just said? No point in begging.” He doubled the belt. “Pull down your jeans and boxers and bend over the desk.”

Alex fingers twitched as, with very slow moves, they unbuckled his own belt and then unbuttoned his jeans. “Alex, move it already! I’m not playing.” The belt cracked loudly as Dad smacked it hard across the desk. Alex jumped.
“Daddy, I’m begging you…” He was as bad as his eleven-year-old sister now. Tears gathered in his eyes. Last time Dad spanked him he took it like a man. Now… now he was both scared and embarrassed. And he still hoped he could negotiate.

His father covered the distance between them in two steps, grabbed Alex’s ear and pulled him towards the desk. “Take your hand away!” – He warned as Alex’s instinctive move was to cover his ear. “If you don’t do what you are told when you are told you are getting a free whipping before we start our spanking.” And with that, he pushed Alex across the desk, placed his palm against his back, and cracked the belt hard against his jeans about a dozen times. Alex winced and reached back, only to get, without a warning, a belt on his palm as well. He howled this time.
“Save your cries for later. I haven’t even started yet. Now get yours pants and boxers down, Alex.”

Alex obeyed. Then his torso was pushed back again against the smooth surface of the desk. And the first real lick of the belt landed. “This…” - Jack said as he laid the belt across his son’s bottom hard and fast – “… is for calling your sister a bitch.” Alex wanted to open his mouth to protest but instead of words only a gasp came out, as the belt twisted around the upper part of his legs. The blows flowed like torrents, so much so that by the tenth one Alex started to struggle. When they had reached his actual crime he was crying at each blow, girlfriend and sister in the other room completely forgotten. Ok, the pain was bad, but the fear had completely taken over his mind. When you don’t get spanked in a while, the fear is bigger than the pain. And mostly you forget the pain quite soon after a spanking, but the fear stays with your for months and years.

“Please no more… Please Dad… Please Dad… I’m sorrryyyy….”
His father already had to restrain his hands, and more than once he stopped to ask his son to be kind enough to stop trying to twist away or to slide down from the desk. Then the assault continued, Alex continuing to beg like a baby. Pride? He was not aware of the word anymore. Anything to get him off the hook was perfectly fine with him.

“Daddy… I won’t do it again. I swear.”
“You certainly won’t. We agree on that.”
“Please Daddy…”
“If you still have energy to beg and fight back the spanking you are far from being done.”
“Nooo… Daddy, pleeeeaasseee…”

It’s been probably five or six years since his son had stopped calling him Daddy. But from what he remembered, each time Alex was in trouble, the kid would put the word into use again.
Jack put the belt aside and reached for the rod, strategically placed a few inches from his son’s nose. Only picking it up was enough to get Alex to beg and move frantically again.

“Now I should cure you of back talking and we shall deal with your general disrespectful attitude. And with your lying.”
The rod’s first cut seemed to bring more life into Alex. He muffled his cry. He wished he had his hands free so he could bite onto his sleeves or something.
“You are not to talk to your mother or to me like that again. Am I making myself clear?”
“Yes Dad!”
More swishing, more pain.
“If it ever happens again, even tomorrow, this is where you will find yourself. Do you understand?”
“Yes Dad! Pleeeeaaseee please… no more…”
Then for five minutes nothing else was said and the rod continued to fall on his butt and legs.

Then Jack paused.
“Do you know why you got spanked?”
Alex nodded between sobs.
“Because I insulted you and Mom… and for my attitude…”
“And because I lied… I went into the woods without saying where I was going and I got everyone in trouble…”
“And because something bad could have happened to you or to Sam or Ashley and we wouldn’t have known where to find you. Because you made us worry and you made your mother cry. And the last reason why I thrashed you tonight?”
Alex froze. His mind went blank.
“I’m sorry…”
“Alex, what is the last reason why you got this thrashing?”
“Dad… Pleassseeee…”
Jack sighed, raised the rod again, and let it connect with Alex’s inflamed buttocks.
“Pleeaasseee… Daddy… I will remember…”
“Because you cursed at your sister, and from what I have heard it wasn’t only calling her a bitch, but treating her the way you did in the forest.”
“Yes, Daddy… I’m sorryyyy…”
“You better remember that.”
“Yes, Sir…”
“Stand up now, put on your boxers and go apologize to everyone in the other room. Then come back.”

Alex reached for his boxers which had been kicked away on the floor and put them on. He wiped his tears and nose on his sleeve. Jack watched his son. He was still behaving like a boy, but he was turning into a young adult. His chest had become broader, his hands and legs were longer, his arms stronger; and he was already shaving. Fifteen… The age when all the madness started and when he would start challenging their authority as parents.

Alex left the room to meet his Mother and Sam – who had been both crying, in the other room. Ashley was not as happy as she had been when he last saw her. He could tell she was feeling guilty.
“I’m sorry…” – he said, fidgeting.
“I can’t hear you, Alex,” his Dad called from the office.
“I’m sorry everyone for the way I’ve behaved.”
“Good, now get back in here,” Jack said. “Close the door.”

Alex did so and reached for his jeans.
“Leave them there. I need to talk to you first.”
“I’m not spanking you anymore tonight for other crimes. That’s because you won’t feel much. I’m just informing you that you are grounded for two week, until we get back home and your school starts, with no TV. When we get home, you have two more weeks with no TV and no Internet.”
Alex winced at the word Internet, but didn’t dare comment on it.
“And when we get home, I will have a long serious discussion with you, similar to this one, about why you have skipped half the classes before the spring break.”

Alex froze.
“You didn’t expect me to know... Well, I know. And the only reason why you weren’t punished until now is that I wanted you to have a vacation. And I wanted to bring up the subject before school, so the reminder would be fresh on your mind. And I’ll see to that. I don’t want to hear any comments or begging right now. I just want you to implant that idea into your head - that once we go back home you will get another good spanking. So prepare yourself. There will be no more shows when I spank you. And your mother will not interfere – get used to it. It’s you and me, and it’s for your own good if you cooperate. Did I make myself clear?”
Alex nodded.
“Yes, Sir…”
“Good. Then put on your pants, wash your face and be down for dinner in 10 minutes.”

October 2007, ©KayleyBlue


Paul said...

Kay, it's nice to see you posting again.
This story brought back some not pleasant memories.
Very well written and realistic.
Will it continue?
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Heya Paul! Long time no see! ;)

Sorry I brought back not pleasant memories... *eg* Well, it's partly based on my adventures, only that there's was no one to whack me then - we were on a camp and I took with me 5 people, including my two best friends and boyfriends hehe and I decided to get lost with everyone. The cliff and the railroad are real and the panic on our teacher's faces when we got back was also real. lol I was 14 then. And a bit crazier than I am now. Actually, I did get two smacks from a guy then (we were playing 'house' still at that age lol) for making his gf ('Mom') worry about her little sister who was with us. hehe

If it will continue? Yes. I am on the roll. ;)

Big hugz!

Anonymous said...

~~loved your story!
(Couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for "Alex"~~His Gf, Sam, spilled the beans on him [she should get a comuppance, I think!])...
~~I'm looking forward to reading Part Two. You're right about M/M (non-sexual spanking, or "punishment spanking.)~~Alex, in your story, deserved a spanking for sure..
..still, entering his head, and reading his thoughts, brought back memories too:

~~The embarassment Alex felt; the fear, of exposure & humiliation, in front of his girlfriend, and Sister. (went deep, my dear!)

Kayley: It is so good to see you back here, writing stories.
I really got a kick out of this one...poor Alex, is learning the hard way, for sure!

(ohh, my! that hurt!)


`x~Will (bottomsUp!, at

Kayley said...

Hey Will! Man, you can change your name one thousand times and I could still recognize your writing style! ;) I need to update my links again with your new address, I see... Oh well... hehe :)

Well,Jack is pressing me to have the computer also in the morning so I'll write more when I get back from work. Crap. I went to bed at 1,30 at night woke up at 7 again... Not enough sleep for me... bwaaah!

Hugz! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayley,
I just discovered your blog. This is the first story I read. I don't see that many M/m stories where I hang out, so it caught my eye. What a gut-twister it was! I think your writing is fantastic - it seems effortless. What a gift you have. You pulled me right into my worst teenaged nightmare. That was a crushingly difficult experience you created for Alex, and you made it so real. Maybe tooooo real. lol. I really liked it. ;)

Needless to say, I want to read all your stories as I have the time.


Kayley said...

Hey Eric,

Wow man, you really gave me wings, you know. Thanks a bunch for your comment. *broad smile* Honestly, I have no idea how long I'm gonna keep going with M/m stories but lately I don't seem to be getting enough of them. hehe And you are right - I have been searching desperately for M/m stories on the net and there are a couple, but very few... :(

I'm really happy that you enjoyed the story. ;)

Hugz back! :) :D

Euge said...

Very very good!

Kayley said...

Hey Euge! :) Thanks a lot! :) I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kayley! I'd like to publish your excellence of this story at my blog "eugiee" with reference to your RAGING BRAT :) What do you think about?

Kayley said...

;) no problem man. :) be my guest! :) thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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