Monday, October 22, 2007

Spanking Story: You Should Have Expected This

Now this is funny! I'm gonna drive you mad with my M/m spanking stories. Sorry people, but this flows through my mind, and I have no problem anymore bringing it out - as intense, as ruthless, as powerful as I feel it. Why should I restrain from writing what I feel? I mean, as it was said in SSS, maybe your kink is not my kink and v.v. So, who wants to enjoy it, can do that.

Oh, boy! *evil grin* Guess what! I feel great!

Blah blah all disclaimers apply etc etc. Now read.


It was three weeks into school when Alex took a break again. And it was more than five weeks after a promised spanking that had never happened.

“Dude, just call his Dad,” the big guy said. “He’s gone into mushroom land.”
On the floor, staring at the ceiling, breathing with difficulty, Alex whimpered.
“Don’t mind him, he’s gone. Just call. I don’t want to see him dead.” The guy stood up and started collecting the cans of beer spread on the floor.
With Alex’s phone in his hand, Josh was sitting on the couch, smoking his cigarette. He stared a few minutes at the phone, then at Alex, then back at the phone.
“He’s gonna kill us if we do it…” – Josh said with a serious look in his eyes.
“You have a better idea? Maybe an ambulance? They will call his parents anyway, you idiot. So call! You know what? Gimme the fucking phone, I’ll call! He’s in a coma almost!” He took the phone, took a deep breath. “Ok, that’s it.” He searched for the name and called. “It’s ringing… Gimme a cigarette and a lighter… Fast! I can’t talk –“

“Hey Alex!”
“Ummm… Hello Mister Pierce… It’s not Alex, it’s Mike, his classmate.”
“Hello Mike. What can I do for you?”
“Sir… I think you should come over and pick up Alex. He’s not feeling too good.”
“What happened?”
“Ummm… We played a game and he drank a little too much … ummm…” – Mike lost his concentration while watching Josh’s frantic signs: ‘Don’t mention the joints’ – his friend was whispering. “Umm… he mixed some stuff and he’s not feeling good at all. We wanted to call the ambulance but…”
“What did he mix?”
“Just some stuff and-“
“Michael Miller, I have asked you a question! What did he mix?”
“Beer, whisky, and joints, Sir.” His friend slapped his forehead.
“Where are you?”
“Josh’s place. Do you know-“
“I’ll be there in a second. Roll him on his right side in case he needs to vomit.”
“Yes, Sir.”

Mike stared blankly.
“Why did you tell him?” – Josh asked.
“Don’t be an idiot! Just clean the mess and get rid of the joints… And help me roll him on his right side. Alex? Hey, Alex?”
Alex moved his head a few inches and mumbled.
“What did he say?” – Josh asked.
“He said you’re a dork. Now roll him over.”


Alex first woke up around two in the morning. His stomach was too full to let him sleep. He felt the thick saliva gathering in his mouth. He managed to lift himself on an elbow. The dim light in the room cast deep shadows over the floor. His Dad had fallen asleep in the armchair. The room was spinning madly, but he pushed himself into a sitting position, trying to gather his thoughts. His mind was still a foggy place to think in.

He managed to sit up, stomach pushing towards his chest.
I’m gonna puke. I need to puke. – was all he could think of. And if I don’t move fast, I will do it on the carpet. He tripped as he tried to stand up, tumbled, and fell hitting his elbow hard on the floor.

“Alex?” – His father called, and his tone was as clear as if he had never been asleep.
“I need to puke…”
Jack ran to him and picked his son up. Convulsions were already shaking Alex’s body.
“If you need to puke before we reach the bathroom, don’t hold it inside, you hear me?”


That’s the only scene Alex could remember from last night.

On the couch, knees gathered at his chest, he was sipping his tomato juice. It was Friday, a normal school day, but not for him. He had vomited until exhaustion last night, until there was nothing else to take out but acid bile. His head howled with throbbing pain, as if an army of midgets were tap dancing on his brain. His Dad had pulled the curtains shut. On TV, a blondish guy was reporting about last night’s attacks in Mosul.

“How’s your head?” – Jack asked, returning from the kitchen with a coffee for himself.
“Better, I think…” Alex expected some lecturing and he knew it was only a matter of time before his Dad would start the assault.
“Good. You could have died, you know that?”
Alex nodded, playing with his glass. “I can’t…”
“Just drink it.”
Alex smirked at the red thick liquid and with a grimace, took another sip.

He waited for his Dad to say something. Anything. But Jack drank his coffee and watched the news.
“Dad? Don’t you have work today?”
“Dr Howard will cover for me.”
“Did you talk to Mom?”
“Are you asking me if I told her?”
Alex nodded.
Jack shook his head. “No. She has enough things to worry about with your Granma being sick and all that.”
“I didn’t want to get drunk, you know?”
“You shouldn’t start that now. We have plenty of time to discuss it.”

Crap! – Alex though. What? You were thinking you could get away with it?
“You’re not going to work today then, are you?
“No. I don’t think that I would be able to open and close anybody safely today…”
“I’m really sorry…”
Total silence.
“Am I grounded?”
Jack put his cup down and a funny smile rose on his lips. He turned his amused face to Alex and assumed a thinking position, his forefinger on his chin. “Oh, let me think… Should I ground you or not? I wonder if what you did was worth grounding you? Tough question, Alex!”
“It was a mistake… Everyone does something stupid like this once in a while. Especially at my age. You could have expected it…”
“Are you blaming me for not expecting my son - whom I thought to be mature enough - to drink countless cans of beer and glasses of whisky and smoke joints? At fifteen?”
“No, Dad, what I meant was –“
“Yes, you are grounded. Not only grounded, mind me. You have the mother of all spankings waiting for you! Say thank you it is Friday and you don’t go to school tomorrow, because hell, Alex, this is going to be the longest weekend of your life!”
“And don’t tell me you weren’t expecting it! After what you’ve pulled in the first semester and then during the spring break… and now this! You’ve earned it big time, mister!”
“But if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have known how bad it was, you know?”
“Don’t play with me! Drink your juice-“
“But I didn’t want it to end like this!”
“Drink your juice, go take a shower, and then take the pills on the table. Enough excuses.”

Alex mumbled something under his breath.
“What was that?” – Jack asked.
Alex looked up from his hands with an innocent face.
“What did you mumble?”
“I didn’t mumble anything! I have a fucking headache and you keep questioning me as if-“
Jack darted up then stopped himself.
“Isn’t your head hurting enough? Do you want your cheeks on fire also? All four of them, before shower? Interested?”
Alex went quiet, head still hanging, eyebrows wrinkled, mouth in a pout.
Jack rubbed his temples and sighed.
“Go take your shower…”


Around seven in the evening Alex woke up again. He had fallen asleep watching Star Trek on AXN Sci-Fi. His head had stopped hurting, but he felt his body was still weak. And his dreams had been nightmares. The puking sensation was also gone and he was so thirsty that he emptied the glass of water on the coffee table in one gulp.
The house was unusually silent.

“Dad,” he called reaching the kitchen area. He picked the note left on the table. It read “Out for groceries. Back by 6:15. Drink the soup in the pot. Find in my wardrobe my old black belt and leave it on the table in the living.” His stomach turned. Soup? You kidding me? He dropped the note back on the table. He could pretend he’d been asleep and never read the note. Play dumb, you know?

The pressure in his sinuses was building. He wiped his mouth with his hand, in a tick he had been having for years now. Now what? Begging didn’t help last time. It wouldn’t this time either. Calling his Mom? No point. How he wished she was home now. She might have been able to help.

He started climbing the stairs, his mind still covering a large number of theories of how to avoid a good spanking. But by the time he was down, his Dad’s belt in his hands, he hadn’t found one that could have worked.

On the floor, sitting with his knees to his chest, and his head on them, he had given up trying to find solutions. He was exhausted. The key turned in the lock but he did not look up. He heard Jack’s footsteps to the kitchen, the rustling of the bags, the fridge was opened and then shut, then silence. Then the steps approached the living room, stopped next to him.

He felt his Dad’s gaze on him but didn’t say a word. Then he saw the hand picking up the belt.
“Are you angry with me?” – Alex asked.
“Disappointed, shocked… maybe somewhat angry.”
“I’ve learnt my lesson. It won’t happen again. You don’t need to spank me.”

Jack sighed.
“C’mon Alex, stand up…”
Alex looked up, tears in his eyes. “Please don’t spank me, Dad. I’m begging you. It really hurts…”
“I wouldn’t spank you, but it seems there is no other way for you to learn how to behave. I’ve grounded you but nothing happened. I cut your Internet – nothing. The things you do… you’re getting worse and worse, and the moment I take out the belt, you melt and become a lamb; you become respectful, you study, you go to school.”
“I can be like that. You don’t need to spank me… Dad, please don’t spank me? I swear to you it won’t happen again. I’ll always behave. I swear.”
“Isn’t that what you promised also after the last time I thrashed your butt?”
“But that was different!”
“How was it different?”
“Well… I didn’t get lost in the woods anymore, have I? And I haven’t called Ashley a bitch anymore…”
Jack suppressed a smile.
“Mhm… So basically, I should spank you for every offence to make sure you don’t repeat the same offence again. Is that what you’re saying?”
“Daaaad!” The frustration started rising again in Alex. Jack could feel it in his tone and in the look on his face. He had to stop it before Alex was going to start pushing it too far again.

“Ok, get up! You know the drill: pajamas and boxers down, bend over the arm of the sofa!”
“But I don’t want to…”
“Alex, stop acting like a baby! You’re worse than your sister!”
“I don’t want a spanking!”
“I’m counting to three. You know what follows. One.”
Alex scowled and looked up at his Dad.
He slowly stood up and started pulling down his pajamas bottoms, being deliberately slow.
“Three.” Jack grabbed Alex’s arm and marched him to the end of the sofa.
“What? I was doing it! Are you mad?”
“I’ll show you mad!” The leather coiled around Alex’s legs.
“I’m sorry! Dad, I’m sorry!” No words this time. He landed face down over the arm of the sofa.
“Pull down your pajamas and boxers. Now!” The belt cracked noisily on his clothed bottom.
Alex reached back with both hands and uncovered his bottom. Which seemed not good enough for Jack, since the belt cracked again. Alex screeched.
“Lower! Pull them down, I said.”
Alex fumbled back, trying to reach behind as much as he could. Jack lost his patience, grabbed the pants with both hands and brought them to his son’s ankles.
“Dad, you shouldn’t spank me when you’re angry… Dad…”

The spanking started. Alex lowered his head in a cushion, fighting not to let any sound out.
“Drinking… drugs… skipping school…” Alex had no time to recover in between the lashes. He locked one leg behind his other, in an attempt to keep still. If he were to break position now, his Dad would get even angrier.
“Maaad?” Five more belts landed on the sit spot. All of them overlapped. “Mad, huh?” He planted a few more on the boy’s upper legs. Alex was biting on his sleeve. His fists dug into the fabric on the sofa.
“You could have died from an overdose!”
The slaughter went on and Alex’s hand finally flew back to cover his bottom. But the belt went round it, towards the legs, where it twisted mercilessly around his flesh.
“Daddy… Daddy… It won’t happen again, I swear…”

Jack paused, seemed to consider something, looked around the room then went right to Alex’s PlayStation2 and removed the cable. Alex’s eyes widened and he tried to twist. “Nooo….”
“Move one inch and you won’t be seating for months!”
Alex buried his face back into his crossed arms.
“And don’t you tell me you weren’t expecting a spanking for what you did. Were you or weren’t you?”
“I was…”
“Good.” He doubled the cable in his fist. “The next time you see a can of beer… or a joint… think of this!” The pain was so intense that only Jack’s hand planted on Alex’s back stopped the boy from jumping straight up.
“Shiiiiit!” – Alex screamed, straightening his legs to ease the pain.

The next one landed almost immediately, which made Alex push his torso up from the sofa. Right away, a third one. “Owee.. owwee… Dad. Please.” And one more. “Daaaad!...” And three more, by the time Alex started fighting in earnest. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He was panting. The pain was too much. He was reduced to sobs. “Please please please…Owe! Oh pleaaasee…” Collapsing back on the sofa, he laid there accepting his punishment.

The lashes became rarer, interrupted by questions and lectures.
“Any plans on drinking again, Alex?”
The cable came down. Alex whimpered. “No, Sir.”
“Any plans on smoking cigarettes or joints?”
“No no no…” He choked on his sobbing.
“Look at me!” The kid watched his Dad’s stern features. “Any more smart comments to share?” Alex shook his head, and lowered his eyes again.
“Good. Then a last reminder…” – Jack decided and the last ten spanks brought new energies into Alex’s body. But by the tenth one, he went back to sobbing.
Jack put down the cable.
“When you’re ready, go and wash your face… And if you’re hungry later on, I can cook some spaghetti. You can watch TV tonight.”

October 2007, ©KayleyBlue


Paul said...

Kay, you are on a roll, *G*.
I would say that Alex deserved that spanking, it might, if it were real, save a boys life.
Lessons need to be learned, sometimes a hard spanking is the best lesson.
I was an orphan and often beaten, the master was, I really believe, a sadist, I'm talking about the late 30's and 40's when corporeal punishment was the norm.
No I don't have nightmares. *G*
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Hiya heya! :)

Isn't it amazing how the human mind works? I mean you were beaten yet you are into spanking. I kind of wonder if the lack of spanking made me feel humiliated when I was threatened with spankings...

*warm hugs* Paul, even with the hildhood you had, you developed into a wonderful person! :) And you always know how to bring joy to everyone. The thing I always feel through your comments is 'warmth'. :) Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

So well written.

(Quite a pair of stories)


Dave said...

I love the way your mind works.


Kayley said...

Will - thanks! :D Happy you enjoyed them. ;)

Dave - that's the kind of compliment I die for! Nice! Loved it! thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Kayley, you had Alex in very deep shit right away, and after reading the first story, I was seriously worried for him. :) This one focused a lot on the waiting, considering the possible punishment, and you brought back difficult memories - I'm not complaining. :) You describe his recovery from the "mix" so well. Damn, you're good!


Kayley said...

Hey Eric, so nice to see you back! :) You nailed it, Mister. I like the waiting. I like the play. I think the play is almost the best part. You know, trying to get away with it and stuff. It's actually when the adrenaline starts kicking in and all the thrills happen. And then it's the panic - when you know you can't get away with it; and then, the pain. I mean that's how it works for me.

I am sure there is a lot of fun also when you are dead sure there is no way out of a spanking... but pretending to find one is... well, that's the nicest part for me. :)

Thanks a lot for your comment and for passing by. And thanks for the encouragements. ;) They get me going. ;)


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Adam and Caleb said...

I read somewhere up there that you were beaten as a child, abused and it's nice to see it carried on in imagination.

Now that I have the suitably bitchy out of the way, for the most part this was actually a good story. It needed some proofreading but you get the point across.
I am a brat and get spanked on the rare occasion that I play up. Some are just "reminders" some are harsh.
It would scare my Top if I did something this stupid and he would most likely see to it I did not sit for a very long time without remembering the consequences of those actions.

I do have to say though, having the "Dad" use a cable was totally out of line and the man should be reported. It's a fine line between discipline and abuse. You crossed it hon.

Anonymous said...

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spanker said...

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