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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.5

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

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This is one of those parts where we wrote a lot together. It is also understandable why. ;)

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One Where the Trip Comes to an End

Drew was disappointed in Alexis, but very glad she was at least safe. He stood outside for a minute and looked at Jack. “So what do you think, Doc? Where do we start with these two: dinner, a stern lecture?”
“I think we need to get the whole story out of them. Alex is in big trouble and he knows it.”

“Oh, so is my daughter. That look on her face is her ‘I’m fucked’ look. She knows she might not be sitting for a week.” Drew said.

Jack looked at him curiously. “You mean you plan to spank her?”
“Well, Jack, I’ve only been at this father thing for a short time, but when it comes to Alexis she responds to one thing and one thing only: my belt. I told you she’s a juvenile delinquent. She knew that would be her fate the second she started planning this shit.” Drew laughed a little.

“But I don’t mind watching her squirm for awhile, waiting. She knows it’s coming, but with the grief these two have put us through, a little more suffering on their part can’t be all that bad.”
“Maybe we should make dinner first and let them squirm some more?” - Jack asked.
“I like the way you think.” Drew smiled. “Besides, if I don’t take time to cool off some I’m liable to really hurt Alexis, more than I intended.”


Alex was flipping absently through the channels, Alexis resting her back against him, when Jack and Drew came inside the house. Drew shook his head in astonishment – the two kids seemed so peaceful. That instant he knew that Alexis had a crush on the boy. He gave Jack a long look, to which Jack simply shrugged.

Drew hung his leather jacket at the entrance, as Jack placed the food on the kitchen counter.
“Alright, you two,” Jack said. That seemed to grab both kids’ attention, as they turned to look at him with scared faces. “It’s time for dinner. Set the table. Then, Alex, you might want you give that stare you are giving me right now to the corner over there.”

“Whaaaat? – Alex protested. “You’ve never made me stand in the corner before.” He turned scarlet. “I’m not five anymore.”
Jack stopped unpacking the food.
“Set the table, Alex. I’m not in the mood for chatting.”

Alex stomped to the kitchen, fuming, followed by a very apprehensive Alexis – the kind that Drew hadn’t seen before. She didn’t dare comment on anything anymore. Drew was a ticking bomb, and she had no wish to make it explode in front of her boyfriend.

Alexis was quite good-tempered at this point (or tried to be), somehow relieved that nothing was coming her way. Alex had managed to get all the attention for now. He was slamming the glasses and basically throwing the cutlery all around the table. Alexis put a hand on his as she passed by, trying to calm him down, but as the time was passing, he was becoming more vexed and more frustrated.

“There. Happy?” – Alex retorted to his Dad, when he had finished.
“Alex, stop it… You’re gonna get in trouble,” Alexis whispered to him, sitting herself at the table.
Drew and Jack exchanged looks for an instant, before Jack turned to Alex: “So what are you waiting for then? Put your nose into that corner, please.”
Alex crossed his arms over his chest, silently.
Jack grabbed the wooden spoon, purposely heading towards Alex.
“Ok, I’m going, I’m going… Geez!” – He stomped, but moved quite fast out of his father’s path. This was embarrassing. He sighed and put his nose in the corner. What a fucked up evening!

“Alexis, you too,” Drew said, checking on the chicken in the oven.
“Dad, you gotta be kidding…”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?” – He was mad, she knew it.
Alexis stood up. I mean if Alex was in the corner, she could also be. I mean, it was bad, but having her boyfriend in the same situation made the situation look less uncomfortable.
Now and then one of them would sigh, as loudly as they dared to, making it clear that they were not enjoying it. “Can I come out now?” – Alexis asked suddenly.

“No,” Drew said. “You will stand there until dinner is ready.”

“And isn’t it ready yet, for fuck’s sake?” – Alex mumbled. Jack was behind him in an instant. The sound of the belt being unbuckled weakened his knees. He thought he would fall. Alexis turned her head around from the corner, in shock. It wasn’t the surprise to find out that Alex might get spanked that shocked her; it was the prospect that if Alex got spanked, she most probably would too.

“Do you want to face that corner with your jeans around your ankles, Alex Pierce?” – Jack asked tapping the belt against his leg.
“No, Sir” – the boy answered, eyes fixing an invisible spot on the corner, not daring to shift his look around. He swallowed the knot in his throat.
“But you act as if you want. And you are very convincing.” – Jack went on behind him.
“I’m sorry,” Alex babbled, losing his grip on the control he thought he was having.
“Turn around and look at me.” Alex did, eyes cast down. “Look at me, I said.” Alex tried to. Jack was shocked to discover the moistened eyes. He wasn’t expecting that. But he didn’t make a comment on it.
“Do I need to have a chat with you before dinner or do you think you can behave?” – He questioned. “Alex?”
“No need to have a chat,” Alex answered, blushing even more.
Jack pointed with the belt towards the chair.
“Sit down, please.”
Alex did, but he was looking down, trying to avoid the shame by avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Drew scooped the rice into a bowl.
“Alexis, get the chicken from the oven, please” – He said, aware of his daughter’s glare at Alex.
She moved as if she was hypnotized. Normally she would have started to argue but now she was freaked out; her rebel self hid deep inside. Normally she would have also wanted to get it over with as soon as possible and would have pushed Drew to spank her, but this time she was doing everything possible to delay it. She still hoped she had a chance.

The chicken smelled great, but she had lost her appetite. She placed it on the plate and sat herself next to Alex. Under the table, she slipped her hand over his, trying to comfort him. Until now all she cared about was herself; now, there was also her boyfriend in the picture.

They couldn’t eat. They took a few bites, to avoid their fathers’ nagging them. Drew and Jack cleaned the table, placed the rest of the food in the fridge and the dirty dishes in the dish washer. Then Jack rested his back against the wall, watching them. Drew retrieved a paper out of his pocket, placing it in front of his daughter, on the table. Alexis panicked. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. She caught Alex’s distressed look. Now I’m in trouble, he seemed to say.
“So, what’s your explanation for this medical note?” – Drew questioned her. It felt as if she was back in detention again.
“Um,” she said, looking back at Alex again. “I…”
There was no explanation really. Everything she had to say was going to get her into deeper shit.

Jack intervened. “Alex, what did you ask me a few days ago at home? Weren’t you asking me about diseases and I told you Cholecistitis? Please correct me if I am wrong…”

Alex twisted his fingers nervously.

Jack brushed his hair with his fingers. He needed to calm down.
“Ok. Let me ask you this then,” he said picking up the note and pushing it under his son’s nose, “have you stolen this from me and forged my signature and handwriting?”
“It was a mistake. It won’t happen again,” Alex risked a look up at his father.
“And have you used it yourself in class and then also dragged Alexis into this scheme?”


“Are you aware that for this I can get in jail and have my medical license removed?”
No word came out of either of the two.

“Alex!” – Jack boomed, and the boy looked up in panic.
“I’m sorry…”
“That wasn’t my question. Are you aware that you can get expelled for using and selling fakes like this and be sent to a juvenile correction center?”

Alex sighed.

“Of course you were. I can’t imagine you being almost seventeen and not knowing that. So what went through your head when you did this?”
“Many are doing it.”
“That’s hardly an excuse, as you well know it.”
“Alexis, that goes for you too,” Drew said. “Now you are not only hurting yourself and your future. You are becoming a full-time delinquent, having no consideration for others. For this prank you’ve pulled, as you’ve heard, he could have ended up in jail. Has that crossed your mind before you used that medical release?”

Her eyes started filling with tears of frustration. She shook her head ‘no’. It really hasn’t. She had been all too focused on herself and how to skip school and avoid Drew to care about others.
“You skipped school again. You lied to me again. You went on a trip without letting me know, you rode in a stolen car. I could even venture to say that you did other things, but I have no proof of it.” “Yet” – he added.

“I just wanted a break, Dad,” she cried.
At least she is communicating, not stubbornly closing inside, like she used to, Drew thought.
“And is this the way to achieve it?” – Drew asked.
“I’m happy we finally agree on something.”
“But you don’t understand,” she shouted. “You’re always checking on me! I have no freedom! I can’t live like this! I am tired of school!” She stomped her foot.
“If you don’t calm down and lower your tone, you will get back into that corner over there, until you are ready to speak to me without yelling.” – Drew pointed out. “What did you do the moment I stopped checking on you, Alexis?”

She refused to answer, shaking her head.

“Well, then let me help you remember: you disappeared again. So give me one good reason why I should trust you at all. With anything.”
She didn’t answer. She pouted. The tears were silently rolling down her cheeks.
“I hate you,” she tried again to hide inside her world.
“I love you too, sweetheart. And for sharing that with me, please go face that corner. I warned you once already.”
“This is not fair!” – She cried.
“You know damn well it is. Now move it. When you have calmed down, let me know. I have all weekend, you know…” She moved with small steps back into the corner.

Alex and Jack were watching. It was a ping-pong game. One at a time being charged at, and the ball being passed from Jack to Drew.

“Back to you, Alex,” – Jack said, opening a closet and searching for something. “It seems to me that the belt is not working well enough for you anymore.” He stood up with a slipper in his hand; he tapped the rubber sole a few times against his hand. It wouldn’t bruise; just sting a lot – exactly what he needed, given that he had no plans to have Alex get away with one simple spanking. “In two months you will be seventeen. A few months ago I spanked you for blatant disobedience and getting suspended for three days from school.” Alexis’ ears opened wide. Ok. Now being compulsively careful made sense. She knew Alex was just playing cool about his punishments. He was just bragging. She had known it all along. “Prior to that, I spanked you for drinking and drugs.” Wow, his list was as long as hers, Alexis thought. “And even before that, you got another spanking for dragging two girls into the woods with you and getting them lost.”

“We weren’t lost!” – Alex mumbled again.

“Alex!” – Jack warned him, raising his voice. “I remember you saying that you don’t repeat the mistakes you get spanked for. But this time you did. I think it’s been too long since you last got your ass tanned, mister. You corrupted her” – he pointed to Alexis, in the corner – “got her also in trouble, and stole my car! And skipped school again. And to top it all off, you forged my signature. Haven’t I spanked you in junior high for that once? I thought I made it clear back then. Or has it been too long ago and the impression didn’t last?”

“Daaaad… Pleeeaaseee…” – Alex said, becoming aware of Jack’s intention with the slipper. He could hardly control his calm by now. This was not routine. He could have handled routing. But he couldn’t handle this.

“Dad? “Alexis’s small voice interrupted from the corner. “Can I come out now?”
“If I hear you yell one more time, your nose will be right back there in that corner.” Drew was skeptical. “Go sit in that armchair over there. I’ll talk to you in a second.” He got himself a glass of water so he could think. He wondered what went through Alexis’ head right now. He could recognize her rebel attitude, but her attitude right now had changed.
Alexis cuddled her knees up to her chest as she took her seat.

“You,” she heard Jack say to Alex, “bend over the back of the sofa.”
Alex freaked out.
“Dad, no. You can’t do this to me…”

Jack knew that arguing with his son was getting him nowhere, so out of experience, he yanked him up from the chair and dragged him to the sofa. “You aren’t arguing with me today, mister. Jeans down.” The boy’s face was as hot as if he had been sun tanning in the Sahara sun the whole day. “Unbuckle your belt,” Jack explained to him patiently, “and pull down those jeans. Or should I do it for you?” That got Alex’s fingers moving. He caught for a short instance Alexis’ stare of disbelief. He carefully lowered his jeans. Jack placed a hand over the back of his neck and pushed him down, over the back of the sofa. “Boxers too.” – he added, waiting patiently beside him.

“No. Dad no.”


He complied, lowering his chin into his chest, for no one to see his expression. When he looked up, Alexis’ eyes locked his. She was sitting right across from him, extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing. Drew was observing the scene from the doorway, in between the open kitchen and the living room, resting his shoulder against the wall. He couldn’t help but think of the time he and Jack had been spanked together for stealing apples from a neighbor’s garden. They had been in junior high then and that hard lesson had worked for them. They stayed out of trouble for a long time. That experience helped Drew realize that spanking can work. It had worked for him and Jack, so it could work for Alex and Alexis too. The same memory was going through Jack’s mind. As for Alexis, she watched the scene mesmerized. She had wondered how a guy would take a spanking. Now she was about to find out.

Jack lifted the tail of Alex’s shirt to his waist.

The sound of the slipper slapping the flesh was deafening in the deep silence of the room. Alex had turned himself on mute. He was determined not to let a sound out. At least that much he could do for his poor self image. He found himself looking for comfort into her eyes, instead of gazing into a fixed point on the couch.

“You should know better than to steal and use medical notes and forge my signature, Alex…” – Jack said, bringing the slipper down again. Again and again, the sound echoing from the walls into the whole house. Alex’s nails dug deep in the fabric of the sofa. The pain was different and he wasn’t accustomed to it. He took deep breaths, forcing himself not to jump up or put his hand back. The slaps were slow paced, but hard.

“Was it worth forging my signature now, Alex?”
Alex gulped in between the swats and his voice was choked: “No, Sir.”

He closed his eyes as the pain increased. He put his head down, buried it in his arm. Jack went on, increasing the pace, covering every inch of his son’s butt, from thighs to upper legs. Alex began jumping up now and then, unable to control himself. “Oww,” he whispered and the same moment his hand went back. Jack grabbed it and went on. Alex found himself unable to keep still. He started moving frantically, pressing his mouth onto his arm to keep himself quiet, biting his own flesh. He was breathing hard, sobbing, and silent tears were running down his cheeks.

“Are you going to forge my signature again? Lie to my face like you did this week?”
“No, Sir.”
“I have asked you if you were going to skip school again and you had the nerve to look into my eyes and tell me not to worry. Isn’t that what you did?”
“Yes, Sir,” his muffled voice came.

Jack stopped for a few moments watching Alex’s reaction. The kid did not move, simply went on sobbing silently into his arm.
“I remember distinctly talking to you two years ago about not using fake medical notes for skipping school, because I knew we would come to this. Have we or haven’t we had that discussion, Alex?”
“We did.”
“And you promised back then never to do it, didn’t you?”
“Yes, Dad.”

Jack put an arm around Alex’s waist and starting spanking in earnest, fast and hard. Alex jumped, screeched, puffed, but did not cry out. He pounded his leg into the sofa, arched his back in pain, and when it was too much to take, he went limp, sobbing like a kid, tears falling down from his chin on his arms and on the fabric of the furniture.

“When I’m done here, Alex, forging signatures and using fake medical notes will become the worst memory of your life, trust me.” - Jack went on, making sure the butt was equally red and trying not to leave bruises on the skin. Prolonged pain was worse than the short intense one - he knew it for a fact. As for the bruises, he will take care of them tomorrow, so Alex would remember every single day of this week and the next one what he wasn’t supposed to do. He finished with a few particularly sharp slaps, on Alex’s thighs and upper legs, which made Alex gasp for air, ignore the witnesses and bring his tear-stained face up. He screamed this time, hand trying to reach back but being caught and brought to the small of his back.

Alexis covered her face, completely freaked out.

Jack stopped, leaving his sobbing son over the back of the couch to calm down.

“Stand up and pull up your pants,” he said eventually. He replaced the slipper on the table.
Alex reached down carefully for his boxers. He tried to hide his face from everyone, constantly wiping his eyes and his nose.

Alexis wished the earth could swallow her. She was shaking.


Anonymous said...

Poor Alex, ouch! Thanks for the quick update Kayley.

Kayley said...

Hey Cathy! :) And thanks to you too for the quick feedback! ;)

Paul said...

Kay & JuJu,wow, someone has been down this route before, this positively brilliant, it feels so right.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...


This series has captivated me, especially the most recent chapter. Gosh, I want to be Alex. I want to jump into his body and take what he got from his dad. I want to be embarrassed, shamed, moved to tears, and feel the repeated sting of that rubber-sole shoe on my bare bottom. I want the red-faced humiliation of having my girlfriend watch me spanked as an older adolescent. Put me in my place Dad, and Alexis, comfort me afterward (after I see you get yours!).

Great job!


Anonymous said...

Another WOW from me... I've never read anything quite like this. I like having no clue where exactly you guys are going with it, and how the characters will react. Seeing a softer, more empathetic side of Alexis.


Anonymous said...

KinkyAG -- I'm taking notes just in case you know..we happen to run into one another...he he

eric --Yeah well Kayley, she likes to write Alexis more soft than me..I am totally a meanie and stuff...


Anonymous said...

Hah... Well, I sorta figured it had something to do with Alex ...you know...puppy love and stuff. ;)

Julie... You? A meanie? Not hardly likely. :)


Kayley said...

Pauk - Thanks mate! :) Yeah, he certainly has been on this route before. :) I thought I was sorry for him a few days ago, but today, after my conv with Juju again, I realized I am not. The guy is grown up enough to understand. ;)

KinkyAg - heya! :) And welcome! :) Well, I totally understand what you mean. You don't know how much I tried to get into Alex's skin lately to come up with Alex's reactions, the way he feels, or how he would feel about certain things. His mimic, his behavior... hehe So, I'm really happy you enjoyed it! :)

Eric and Juju - answering to you both, since I intend to comment on the softer Alexis. ;) That's how I viewed her in this circumstance. This is probably how any kid would have reacted. Taking the shame alone is one thing; sharing is another. It's not even humiliating anymore - it's a challenge. :)

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That was really hot!! Wow.

Victoria Wood

Kayley said...

Hi Victoria! :) Thank you! :)))

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Hiya there,

While i'm not quite into m/m all that much, your writing is pretty fab so I hope you can do more squirmy m/f and f/f stuff :-))