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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.7

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

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Part 7 contains two mini-chapters. I wrote the second one for fun. I just had this funny picture in my mind and I had to exploit it.

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One in the Bathroom

The water in the shower was running, as Alex scrubbed himself furiously. His backside was still hurting, but he had chosen to ignore the pain. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to totally forget about tonight or remember it; you don’t get spanked everyday together with a girl. And certainly not at this age. The hot water ran down over his face.

“Alex?” – Alexis’s voice came from the other side of the bathroom door. “Hey, can I come in, please?”

When she opened the door, he wiped his face with his hands and popped his head out from behind the gliding door.

“You shouldn’t be doing this, pretty face,” he said. “What would they say if they found us both in here?”
“That frosted glass is not even transparent, so chill… Besides,” she sighed, “they are busy catching up on old times.”

He could feel her detached tone. Somehow she was monosyllabic in the way she was forming sentences.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”
She shrugged absent-mindedly. “Do you happen to have a spare toothbrush?”
“We usually do. See in that cabinet. Not that one… the one on the left. Yeah. There.”
“Thanks.” She ran the hot water.

Without complaining on the sudden rush of cold water from his shower, he concluded: “Ok, it seems I cannot take a shower, so hand me the towel please…”
She did. She brushed her teeth paying him no attention. Alex stepped out with only the towel wrapped around his waist, hair wet and ruffled. He waited patiently for her to rinse her mouth.

“So, pretty face, what’s wrong?” – He said turning her around to face him.
“I just got spanked in front of your Dad and everyone else, remember?”
“’Everyone else’ being me, yes?” He was smiling. “So?”
Alexis watched him speechless. “So?” – She repeated incredulously.
“So what if you got spanked in front of everyone? I also did.”
“But you’re a guy! Guys don’t give a shit about those kinds of things.”
“Says the expert in male behavior?”
“You don’t understand” – she shook her head.
“Oh, I certainly do. You’re fussing too much over it. I know you don’t want me to say that… but that’s the truth. If you are concerned about me seeing something – I didn’t see shit, since you were behind that couch. You think your Dad would have taken the risk of two others guys seeing stuff? Besides, butts… well, butts are all the same…”
“Stop amusing yourself. It’s not funny.”
“It’s not a tragedy either. Relax! And you know they were right. We both knew.”

She sat on the toilet seat.
“Listen,” he said lowering himself on his knees, to her level, “if you want my advice – don’t piss him off more when you see he is ticked off. Be smarter than that.”
“So spoke the expert who’s been throwing cutlery all over the table and poking at the front seat?”
“So spoke the expert who saw after a while that there was no way out… yes.”
She paused. She didn’t look at him.

“It’s humiliating… Even though I’m getting used to it.” – she was almost smiling.
“Why? You’re looking at the picture in the wrong way – there are parents who spank and parents who don’t. I’m not speaking of tonight because tonight was an exception. But your Dad doesn’t know how else to handle you and you’re really not leaving him with any other possibility either. Ok, I do the same many times… but you are really pushing it, instead of going with it. Going with it makes it easier for you. You know this won’t be the last time when you get spanked.”

She was really smiling by now.
“Ok, smart guy, show me your butt,” she suddenly prompted him.
The request had taken him by surprise. “What?”
“Show me your butt. I wanna see how it looks. I could only see your face from where I was and now I wanna see your butt.”
“You know, I always thought a girl might want to see my front before she sees my butt…”
“Obviously, you were wrong.”
“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”
“What are you, ten?”
He raised his arms.
“Ok, fine, but you go first,” she said.
He did.
She did too.
“Well, it’s not *that* bad.” – he remarked.

“Ok. Enough. That’s it. Get your red ass out of my bathroom and let me finish what I was doing!” He patted her bottom jokingly.
“Were you gonna jerk off in the shower?” She laughed.
“Out!” – he said, pushing her playfully into the corridor. “And stay there.”
He heard her giggle.

The One with the Concerned Grandmother

After breakfast the next morning, Jack finally managed a phone call home.

“Yes, hon, we are fine,” Jack walked inside the house, carefully holding the mobile phone with his dirty hands. He had been busy helping Drew fix the car. He wiped his hands on a towel he found in the kitchen. “I was just fixing the car with a friend. I’m sorry I forgot to call you last night. Is you mother feeling better? … Yes, Alex is also fine.” He looked at Alex who was playing with Alexis’ hair and reading to her from a magazine. “Of course I did! ... Tell your mother that I’ve heard that! She is exaggerating, as always. … I heard that too. ... Now tell her to mind her own business. … Yeah, I’m thrilled that she wants to speak to me. ... No, I wasn’t being sarcastic...” He saw Alex raising his eyes from the magazine, watching him carefully, as if waiting for something. Long live the savior!

“Hello, Rose. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. ... He is ok and no, spanking is not child abuse. You are reading the wrong magazines. … Those idiots don’t know what they are talking about. … He is fine, for God’s sake! … You most certainly won’t. Hold on a second, please…” He looked at Alex who returned fast to reading his magazine.
“Alex, have you told your grandmother that you wanted a motorcycle for your birthday?”
“I might have mentioned something,” Alex said innocently.
Jack rolled his eyes.

“Rose, Alex is not getting any motorcycle for his birthday. … Because it is dangerous. … No, Rose, you’re not sending him any money and most certainly you are not buying him that. Small or big. … Over my dead body. Maybe you should read more about teenagers dying in wreckless motorcycle accidents. I think it beats the score of those dying from spankings. … Ok. Now can I talk to my wife again, please?” He sighed and extended the phone to Alex.
“She wants to talk to you first. You are most definitely not getting a motorcycle for your birthday so get it out of your head!”

Alex sighed and took the phone.
“Yeah, hi, Gramma… I’m ok. … He kinda did, yeah...” He was happy to get his father in trouble so he grinned at him while talking with his grandmother. “Of course I am too old to be spanked! But try telling him that… He actually spanked me –”

“Alex!” – Jack roared from next to him and snatched the phone away.
“That’s enough Rose! You’re putting things into his head. He’s my child and I educate him the way I see fit. Now I want to talk to my wife please. Thank you!”

Alex started laughing as soon as Jack got out of the house, fuming, to help Drew with the truck.
Alexis giggled also. “You are so evil!”
“Yeah, I know,” he said kissing her forehead.


Anonymous said...

Ah, cute the "grandma" part.

Paul said...

Kay and JuJu, this feels like it was written by a brat with two syllables to her first name to avoid a mix up, K-yl-y, love the chapter, and the grandma is the cream topping. Thanks you two, may blessings rain on you, hopefully in the form of smacks on a nice cushioned part of your anatomy, as encouragement of course. WEG
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Ok girls, I'm all for co-writing which you both do so well, but I keep getting distracted by other things on your blogs and forget the story.

As to the series "Alex and Alexis" I'm really enjoying it. Juju as always is at her excellent best when writing and I can't wait to read more from Kaylee.

Keep up the good work (you're keeping me sane).


Anonymous said...

Whew...the bathroom scene was great. And an indulgent grandmother. Spanking IS child abuse. You GO Grams! ;)

So much going on, I'll wait til the story's finished before throwing down every penny of my lousy two cents.

Big hugs,

Kayley said...

Cathy - thanks Cathy :) Yeah, I was in the 'cute scenes' mood. ;) hehe

Paul - lol Yeah, I love the Granma - the one who overspoils the kids and disagrees with the parents about everything. ;) Hugz! Thanks! :)

Shrew - Now I am getting curious what could possibly be distracting you on our blogs? lol j/k Thanks for the nice comment! :) Yeah, if we are not sane we try to keep others sane. It's only normal. lol

Eric - Mate, I love your two cents. ;) Even in longer forms. I am getting trapped in real life at times, not having time to answer and stuff, but I always appreciate and really enjoy reading your 'two cents'. ;) Hugz!

Nununana said...

I really enjoy this story, it's great and the characters are very likeable. The scenarios that lead up to the spankings are also great, there's meaning to them and it's not just to get to the spanking part. I try to read the parts written my Jujube but her blog is down and since this story is really old I shouldn't hope for a reply on where to read the rest,eh?