Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back after 3 Months

Why hello there happy folks!

Yes, I know I have been gone for about 3 months... which was not my fault. I am not saying that because I am a brat and because, generally speaking, nothing is my fault; it's not my fault because the fucked up cable company was unable, during all this time, to give me the Internet service I signed the contract for. So I am on wireless, still waiting for the mother fuckers to do something about my connection.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I cannot write from work. Even if I could, I wouldn't.

Also, this week I will be more than busy with work and then I will go on vacation. And by the time I am back things should be fine.

I am writing something - as a matter of fact, I started that story some good time ago and I lost interest in finishing it, but even so, I will. And then I will focus on something else.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my stories - and not only. And I apologies for not getting back to them. :) But I will see you around.




Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kay! I"m happy you are back and look forward to more of your intriguing blog posts & fiction.

Best regards,

Paul said...

Kayley, lovely to see you back!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hello, i like your blog. If you like we could ecxhange links betwen our blogs.

Please, let me know!!!

Best Regards.

Adah Lauren said...

Hey, I've always read your blog, and I'm glad you're back!
I loved this story :)