Thursday, February 07, 2008

Spanking Story: Alex 6: Dear Diary (Implied M/m)

Here is something that has been running through my mind for awhile. I loved writing it. It's an entry in Ashley's diary from when she was ten and a half or something.
Dear Diary

Copyright: KayleyBlue, 2008

July 29, 2006

Dear Diary,

Today we got back from visiting Grandma in Boston. We came back two days earlier than planned because Dad was called back to work. It’s really too bad because I had a lot of fun – best part was that my stupid brother, Alex, was not with us. I met a very pretty guy there. His name is Mark and he has beautiful green eyes and blond hair and he is older than me. He’s 12.I can’t wait to call Cynthia and tell her about him!

Hold on. My stupid brother is calling me.

Yeah, I’m back. He wanted to know where I’ve put his MP3 player which I haven’t even touched. His room is so messy! There’s no wonder he can’t find anything there. And he has the guts to blame me if things are disappearing! He’s a real asshole, you know? And he gets even worse for a whole week if Dad spanks him. Oh, joy to the world cuz he got spanked today by Dad! I can’t say I was happy – honestly, I wasn’t – but right now I am thrilled Dad blistered his butt. He really deserved it.

He didn’t know we were coming home today, you know? So when I get in the house today I see my brother, in his jeans and T-shirt, sleeping on the couch in the living room, with the TV on. The house was a MESS. It seems he partied with his friends while we were in Boston. I even saw cans of beer and there was a stain on the couch and the house stank of cigarette smoke. But my Dad said it smelled like joints. Of course Alex denied everything but I mean how dumb can you be, having a party and not cleaning up, you know? He wanted to call the maid in the afternoon, he said. Guess he was late! :)~

One sec.

Yeah, it was Alex again bothering the shit out of me. He wanted to know if I could lend him *my* MP3 player for an hour. I did it only because I’m not a bitch like he is.

So anyway… He didn’t wake up when I came in but then Mom came in and she flipped out. I mean REALLY! She was screaming in no time and Alex sassed her – he is so dumb, isn’t he? – and then my Mom called my Dad who was still unloading our truck and that was it. I mean my stupid brother had no idea Dad would also be home because he thought only we came – which is quite stupid, don’t you think? – and when he saw Dad he freaked out big time. And my Dad was really furious because of the mess, and then the party, and because Mom was crying because Alex had sassed her so he really slapped him.

You should see how Alex changes when he knows he’s in trouble! I mean I can’t ever do that! He comes out with the most incredible stories sometimes and he is so serious about them! He would do anything to avoid a spanking – two weeks ago he gave me one of his games for free only not to tell Mom and Dad that he took Mom’s car joyriding in the weekend. So this time he couldn’t invent anything because Dad didn’t want to listen so he started begging and stuff. Which didn’t work because Dad was still in the living room with us when he took off his belt and took Alex to his office.

And Mom called Martha – who is our cleaning woman – to come help her clean the mess. You wouldn’t believe how the house looked!

Alex really got it this time. I mean usually there is silence for awhile – I mean you don’t hear from the living room what they are talking about or what my Dad is saying. But that usually happens when Dad is calm. Today *I* was scared and I was in the living room. I swear! Alex is almost always as silent as he can be. And I’m saying he really got it because today he was begging my Dad not to spank him and started crying right after my Dad began spanking him. I covered my ears at some point. I felt like crying. And Mom just walked outside, to the garden.
And when it was over I couldn’t hear Alex’s voice anymore. I heard my Dad was saying something and then he cracked the door open and he told my brother he was to go wash his face, take a shower and get his ass downstairs to ‘scrub clean every inch of the house’, as he put it. And then Dad looked at me and asked me if I have unpacked and I said ‘not yet’ and he said that I should get moving also then. Which sucks – because when Alex does something bad everyone is in a bad mood. I went up to my room and then I saw Alex going to his room and he was still crying and stuff. I asked him if he was ok and if I could help and he told me to ‘fuck off’. Go figure the idiot that he is! As if it’s my fault that he got spanked.

Anyway, Mom was calling for dinner a minute ago so I better get moving cuz Dad is still pissed off because of Alex and I don’t want to get in trouble because of him.
Talk to you tomorrow…
P.S. Do you like my new stickers?


Paul said...

Kay, you are spoiling me, but I like it.
Poor old Alex always in trouble, never cheek your mom that always pisses off dad.
And little sisters that gloat, well!!!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Cute idea, the diary. I think you captured the spirit of a little sister well, though I'm not one to judge. Actually, makes me kinda glad I didn't have one. LOL.

Tsk, do enjoy getting Alex in trouble. Well done, Kayley. :)


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how parents play in to the bad behavior of the younger siblings. The older kids (almost) always take the rap after being driven crazy by the younger. I should know, my brother was 6 years younger than me and we fought like cats and dogs. I always felt the need to restrain myself in retaliation cause I knew that I'd be the one getting my butt smacked if he started whining.

Oh yeah, I want to see Ashley get hers. My sympathies are with Alex.
Good stuff Kay.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes!
Ashley certainly needs to have her fanny warmed!

~~I need to calm myself.
Your stories are like a new drug!
(~~apologies, to Huey Lewis & The News!)


Kayley said...

heya guys! :) Thanks a lot for the kind words - well, I did the best I could _ I rushed to put it down because the story was screaming to come out. hehe :)

Big hugz!

Will, how have ya been mate? I'm happy to see you around! How's life?

The Guess Who # 2 said...

Life? What's that?
Let's put it this way:

I wish I could be here more often!

Keep smiling,
and writing those super stories, hun.