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Story: Coming to Senses, M/F, nc, birch (part 1)

Intro: It's been so long since my last spanking story. It was nice that something came out again, finally! Originally, this story was written as an M/m - before I knew I had an interest in spanking. So now I pretty much kept the setting, but changed the idea. I like it better as an M/F. I really do.

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Coming to Senses, M/F, nc, birch (part 1)

Kayley collapsed under the chestnut tree, in front of her house. She started laughing, her mind quite puzzled about the source of humor.

“Damn it, girl, don’t do this to me! I have to get home. C’mon! Up!” Bending over, Julia tried to grab her best friend’s arm and haul her up. “It’s past my curfew time, Kay. Don’t be a bitch! Mike is gonna kill me.”

She brushed her hair, measured her friend with an amused look then stared at the impressive red brick house a few feet away. All windows were dark, except for one. And through the living room’s wide French windows she could see the silhouette of the man pacing around.

"Girl, you’re in fucking big trouble.” She laughed. “At least I won’t be the only one getting it tonight. Will you stop laughing? It’s not funny. Stop laughing and start thinking about a way to get us out of this mess. And it’s all your fault, by the way!”

The last giggles escaped Kay’s mouth a bit forced, as if trying to hide her own uneasiness. The uncountable numbers of Bacardi glasses were starting to leave her brain, and the reality kicked in her foggy consciousness.

“He’s still up?” – She asked, turning towards the house. “Why on earth isn’t he sleeping?”

“Surprise, surprise,” Jules shook her head. “Honestly now, were you expecting him to be asleep? You’re dumber than I thought! Listen,” – she bent down again, helping Kay to her feet – “I gotta go now. Tell me you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” Kay gave a bored smile. “Just piss off already and stop annoying me. If you get whacked tonight you’re gonna blame it on me.”

“Of course I will,” Jules smiled. “Are you sure you’re fine? You know you’re home, don’t you? Just walk to the door and go in, you know?”

“Fuck it, girl, I’m not that drunk! Duh! I know I’m home. Just go and stop pissing me off.” Then, as if coming to terms with her anger, she extended a drunken hand towards the road. “Just go. We’ll talk tomorrow. Drive carefully though.”

“Yeah. Sure… I will. See ya…”

Kay watched her friend fade in the dim light, towards the main street, where her car was expecting her. Jules reached the corner, turned back and waved at Kay. Kay waved back, half heartedly.

It had been Jules’s idea to leave the Ford on the main street, just in case Jack would see her driving. And Jack was good friends with Mike and the rest of the story would have come out with a bruised butt for Jules.

Yes, Jack *was* up. Kay wiped away the grin from her tired face. She was cold, even on a hot summer night like this, and the chills had raised goose bumps on her arms and the hair on her nape.

She remained rooted to the ground, slightly aware of her thoughts, eyes following the impatient shadow pacing behind the curtains. God, she was in trouble! She wasn’t sure how ‘trouble’ was spelled at this hour of the night, but she had a vague idea in which form it would reach her.

Her hand rested on the trunk of the chestnut tree for support, as the red moon seemed to dance on the sky. The whole world was engaged in a mocking ballet and her stomach acknowledged it the moment her guts twisted and crammed. She puked her life out, in a disgusting jet of brown liquid. She fell on her knees, one hand resting on her hot forehead. “Shit,” she thought as her body contracted once more, and she felt the acid burn on her throat. “God, let this be the last one. I swear I will never drink again. Let this be the last one!” She wiped the drip of saliva off her mouth slowly, recovering. Her head pulsed painfully, as if a vice had caught her temples. Her eyes rose full of pain to the house; thirsty and burning inside, she dragged her feet through the wet grass towards the entrance. She had no recollection of her previous train of thoughts. The whole world resumed to now. And now was pretty bleak when she touched the doorknob, pushed the door open, and risked a peak into the dim hallway - her future.

“What time is it, Kayley?”

The voice caught her in between tiptoeing towards the stairs. Her feet froze, her breath stopped.

Nonchalant. You are definitely not drunk!

She turned around slowly, poker faced. Yet her traits twitched nervously, incapable of following her orders. She smirked.

A black outline in the lighted doorway, the man was fixing her. You did not need to see his face to understand his state of mind - Kayley had a good idea about it without seeing his expression. The tone was enough – enough to send her small body sinking in the parquet covered floor.

“Heeeey…” – she grinned. “I didn’t know –“

“Kayley, what time is it?”

Just cutting to the chase, huh?

She turned her gaze to the big clock on the wall. She knew it had hands, and she knew there should have been two; now she could see a couple of them. She opened her eyes wide, like the drunk that she was, trying to figure it out.

“Thank you, Kay. I’ll tell you what time it is: it’s only three in the morning.”

“Oh… It is?”

Yeah… Don’t let him get you. Play stupid!

“Get your ass over here.”

We are so fucking doomed. Walk straight. Straight… And don’t talk when you’re too close...

She glided carefully in her eyes, and more like stomped in his, towards the open door. Close enough to see his tired and stern face. He looked worried and disoriented, with his white business shirt hanging loose over his pants.

“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?”

She didn’t answer, instead her eyes traveled to the floor.

“Do you?”

Kay shook her head. No, she didn’t. She didn’t care about how worried he had been. She was too drunk to care about anything. She was hardly aware of what was going on.

He seemed to sniff something and his voice fell hard on her, accusingly. “Did you drink?”

“No, I –“

“March your ass inside!”

Her heart pounced against her ribs. “But I just –“

“Young lady, if you make me repeat something one more time, I’m gonna spank your ass until you won’t be able to stand up and you won’t know what hit you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir…”

“Then march your sorry ass inside. Now!”

“Just let me explain! Why can’t you ever let me explain? It’s not fair!”

Hell, did she stomp her foot? She certainly did not.

Jack’s fingers grabbed her ear before she had time to protest and he dragged her in, after him. She cried. He slammed the door shut. She whimpered, hand reaching tentatively to her burning ear, trying to protect it. Suddenly she felt very awake. The Bacardi had escaped to a part of her body she wasn’t aware of. Her voice went up by a few octaves. “Ooof… I’m sorry I’m sorry… It’s not my fault. Pleaasee…” Towed by his grip, she followed him around the room, to the cabinet, from where he retrieved the birch she cut last spring. “Noooo…” Her legs weakened, and if he hadn’t held her by her ear, she would have been already hugging her knees on the floor, in the corner of the room. “Nooo, I don’t want the birch. Jack, pleaaasee…”

The swish cut the air high-pitched, in her sight. She shrank.

“I didn’t plan on using this on you tonight, but you’ve earned yourself a few strokes, Kay.”

His determined hand dragged her to the massive desk across the room and bent her over.

“It wasn’t me talking, it was the alcohol…”

“And that’s why this is going to be a warm up only, to teach you proper behavior when talking to me. Don’t you dare move,” he snarled when she tried to push herself up. His hand reached to the front of her tight jeans, undid the buttons, hooked down her Tommy Hilfiger navy cotton knickers. “Even drunk, you are going to learn to behave, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” The far end of the desk became blurry, as she recognized the needle-like sensation in her sinuses and tears began to form in her eyes.

“And never ever again you are to stomp your foot when I am talking to you!” His palm forced her torso closer to the wood. Her small protesting sounds filled the room until his hand came down, birch on her white skin, and then her howl exploded. “No more, no more, I swear I won’t do it again. I won’t drink again!”

The birch rose again, without wasting any time; the swish, followed by her scream, by his lecture. “Kay, I assure you this is not the spanking for drinking. This is for your previous behavior.” Another swish, another yelp. “This is what that big mouth of yours has earned you.” The birch landed again, making her struggle against his palm, pressed on her back. “This is for stomping your foot.” Her tears smeared on the smooth surface of his desk, her feet kicked. The welts burnt like fire licks. “And this is for trying to sneak in past me.” She cried again, from the top of her lungs. She fought back with all her might, against her mind asking her to behave. “And even if you are dancing now in Booze Land, I still expect you to keep a position and control yourself.” She subsided finally. And lay limp, as he threw away the birch and went on slapping her butt with his hand. “This is hardly a spanking, as you well know it, Kay. If you weren’t drunk, for such a behavior, I would have really thrashed you.”

As her cries changed into sobs, he stopped. She was hardly aware of his hand leaving the small of her back. He picked the birch from the floor and went around the desk, sitting himself on the chair facing her. She didn’t look up. Her fingers were still tightly entangled; nail mark scratches raised on her skin as she had tried to stop the pain in her butt.

He waiting patiently, his sympathy covered behind a stern mask.

He placed the birch on the desk in front of her eyes.

“Do you see this birch, Kayley?”

She risked a look up. Wet mascara had painted black traces of the tears on her cheeks.

“Yes, Sir…”

“This is what you will get again tomorrow. This time for drinking.”

She wailed. She begged. He hushed her.

Her eyes followed his hands reaching for his pants and unbuckling the belt.

“Noooo… Please not the belt…”

He slid it out slowly, doubled it, and put it next to the birch.

“Also the belt… for staying up late, putting yourself in danger, and worrying me to death.”

“But I don’t want the belt,” she managed to mumble between hiccups.

Jack smiled indulgently, raised his eyebrows, and locked her eyes into his.

“Since when do you decide what you want for your punishment, young lady?”

She looked down.

“Thought so,” he added. “Go wash your face and go to bed. Tomorrow morning I will deal you. And then we’re gonna have some guests coming over. Needless to say that I expect your best behavior, since they are important business people and our money depend on it.”

Kayley mumbled softly her protests.

Jack raised an eyebrow again and forced her chin up.

“Do I make myself clear?”

Silence. Small, timid protests.

“Kayley, if you don’t go to bed this instant, I have a feeling that you’ll get to taste that birch again tonight.”

He picked up the birch. She straightened up, fought to pull her panties and jeans up. Her lip trembled. Her feet scampered on the floor. She stopped in the doorway for one second. Jack watched her amused. He knew she would do something stupid. She was still drunk after all. But he hid his smile when she turned a rebellious look to him: “I’m not going to any bed tonight.” She flew in an instant, but she had time to hear the evil swish of the birch cutting the air, emphatically. “You heard that, young lady?” – Jack retorted sternly, without bothering to run after her. “That’s gonna come on your butt tomorrow morning and I’ll make sure to add five from the house, for that little comment you’ve just made.”

“I’m not gonna sleep!” – her answer came tauntingly from the top of the stairs.

“Well,” he raised his voice for his words to reach her, “I’ll be in the bedroom in twenty minutes, and I better find you in bed and sleeping. And trust me, I’ll have this birch with me!”

A door closed with a slam upstairs, marking the end of the discussion.

“And I’ll make sure to include that on the list,” he added to himself, placing the birch back on the desk, and grabbing the belt. He stood up, slowly sliding it back in its loops. He knew she would be sound asleep in twenty minutes, and he also knew that her punishment would seem a lot more real to her in the morning - especially before she would see the belt out again. So let her have her fun tonight, because tomorrow she gets to pay for it, he mused, buckling his belt.

*End of Part 1*


Anonymous said...

I know this story was posted a while ago but I just read it and I love it. I love your blog!

Kayley said...

Hi! Thanks a lot! :) Funny thing, I've just seen the comment. The bad thing about blogger is that you don't see the date when someting is posted.. oh well. :)

I appreciate the comment. Of course, I bed for feedback, but I don't always get it. ;)

Thanks a lot again!

Anonymous said...

Loved this, Kayley! Hope there are more parts - I want to know a lot more about this girl.


Kayley said...

Wow... thanks, Eric! :) I guess M/F is your cup of tea.. or coffee... or whatever you call that. hehe :)

Yeah, I had plans about this one but it just takes some time to write. I usually write a story in 2 hours, maybe 3 at times - especially a long one. I rarely pause and I rarely stand up to do anything. And I usually write late at night or very early in the morning... I can never continue things which I haven't finished - unless they are novels. lol

Anyway, this story and A Rough Evening are my favs... so far. :) So thanks a lot for the comment. I am debating with myself about should happen the next morning... the point from where the story starts and the plot that makes it 'squirmy' concerns me a lot. :)

Big hugz! :) Thanks mate! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this story! Read it three times. Please continue!

Kayley said...

Hi. :) I don't know your name but I do appreciate your feedback. :) Wow! Three times! :) Thanks! :) Anyway, this is one of the stories I enjoyed writing most. :D

Anonymous said...

LOVEEEEE IT!!!!! Wheres part 2?

Kayley said...

hahaha Thanks! :)

Right sidebar, same name, but Part 2A and part 2B. :P