Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Audio? and Some Other Nonsense...

Ok... You guys remember Castle Handyman's website? He had stories and then he had the audio versions of them. I LOVED that.

Unfortunately for me I am not a native English speaker and I live in a studio with my husband, so recording myself reading the story would be almost impossible...

Anybody out there interested in reading one and maybe editting some shit to make sure it's gramatically correct? This is just a call and I pretty much know I won't get a 'yes' from anybody, but we are allowed to try, aren't we? *dry laugh*

Anyway... on the line... I might have a fellow spanko working in the same company with me. I'll let ya guys know the story soon enough. This would be the funniest crap ever! *chuckling*


Paul said...

Kay, yes, I think that there are more of us around then we dare hope.
I know Castle Handyman, though I haven't visited for a while.
I have really no idea how to do an audio blog, sorry.
Warm hugs,

Eric said...

I'm ignorant on the audio, Kay.

A fellow spanko at work sounds awfully intriguing. I love a good laugh too. :)


Kayley said...

Yeah guys... I know what you mean... Too bad I can't do it. Maybe some day... :)


will69b said...

I think I may have found a solution for you:
Check out, this website:
odiogo (dot) com

They can transform your typescript on your blog to audio. It's free. However, you have to give them access to your RSS feed.
(Worth looking into. I may use this service myself.)


Will said...


It reminds me of HAL in "2001..a Space Oddessy [sic]"....LMAO!!

(Well. At least it got the words right. I'll have to give using this a lot of thought!)

That is f'ing wonderful!


Anonymous said...


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