Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seriously Now...

The thought was triggered about Juju's post. It's an old one, but it keeps coming back...

What on earth would you do if you had a kid interested in spanking? Honestly guys. I know it's a tough issue you don't wanna think about. But really... how would you feel? Would you freak out? Would you be scared? Would you share?

I'm going to use my example. I was always into spanking and my parents - and my aunt and gramma - realized it by the time I was 15. Even earlier I would dare say. I am sure they didn't know what to make of it - they probably thought it was something related to puberty and shit, you know? They never mentioned it. But the word 'spanking' coming out of their mouth was always spoken on a funny tone. I can't explain what 'funny tone' means, but trust me, it was funny. My relationship with my parents was a bit cold. I told my Mom that I love her once in my life. She is not a cold person but... I don't know... there is something odd in between us. She loves me and she sacrifices everything for me, even now, but there is something odd somewhere... I am somewhat positive that my Mom has, in her blood, a bit of the spanking virus. Not much, but just a bit - enough to make the word sound 'funny' when spoken.

I am into spanking 100%, so much so that for me spanking is much better than sex. Now if my kid would show signs of interests into spanking by the age of 14-15, I would definitely come forward. I don't want him/her to go through what I went through, not knowing what the fuck was going on; thinking he/she had a problem, etc.

Now if I would want that to happen to him or her? It sounds extremely degenerated and selfish maybe, but I wouldn't mind. And that is because I don't think there is anything wrong with liking spankings. Furthermore, I believe that people with such a kink have a much better sex life than others. Finding the significant other might be tough, but it might be worth the waiting. That's my view and you don't need to agree with me. :)


Cindy said...

Hi Kayley,

I agree with you 100%! I always encouraged my kids to accept and experiment with any "kink" they may have BEFORE settling with a lifetime partner. I refused to accept my "kink" prior to marriage and have never been fully satisfied. I hope my children were smarter than me.

Eric said...

Interesting issue, Kayley. I think it's much better to reassure your kid that there's nothing "wrong" with them.

I wouldn't mind at all if my kid was a spanko. I think most people have some kind of more complex sexuality beyond simple convention, but not all embrace and explore it. Some of us are more obsessed with a particular thing, but we like having the obsession. If someone didn't like it, then they probably wouldn't wish it on their kid. I guess, bottom line, if the kid's happy, I'm happy.


Paul said...

Kay, I think your view is sensible.
If a child's sexuality is slightly off the beaten track then they need to be reassured that not everybody walks the main road.
That way they will not enter adult live thinking that they are strange or mad or not normal, as so many of us did.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Hello guys! :)

Cindy - phew!! You know how good that sounds - I mean agreeing with me 100%? :) Anyway, that tactic is great. Awesome advice! Even if my kids didn't have a kink I would still tell them the same thing - it's safer. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Eric - I'm getting used to your very clear way of explaining things. You nailed it again Mister. How long did it take you to come with this: "Some of us are more obsessed with a particular thing, but we like having the obsession. If someone didn't like it, then they probably wouldn't wish it on their kid."? :) Hugz!

Paul - Yeah, exactly. I really wonder if there is anybody out there - a fellow spanko - who hasn;t been through that state of mind? HUGZ!! :)