Sunday, December 16, 2007

Question about Belts

Ok, you guys... You should know the answer to this one:

A few days ago when I was running around for some shopping (needed a fancy belt for a costume party) I found a very very smooth flexible belt. I mean it is not the hard kind; it's the lighter swooshy kind. The moment I saw it I fell in love with it.

Do you think it hurts more than the normal Levis belt - You know, the ones for guys, with the big buckle?...

I just need some advise since it's about 80 bucks and I am low on money this month with all the presents and shit, and in the same time my mind got stuck to it. So I want a good investment...

help? anyone?


Dave said...

Well, 80 bucks sounds pretty exorbitant for a belt. Beyond that, I do not have enough r/l experience, yet, to determine the difference between a regular belt and a more swooshy kind or whatnot.

Interestingly, I had a belt my brother gave me, must have been 30 years old, so supple it was ridiciulous--I threw it out as it no longer fit and I was in one of the apparently not uncommon "I'll grow out of this kink" phases.


Paul said...

Kay, $80 is a lot for a belt.
It really depends what you want from the belt, if you want heavy lasting marking and deep bruising with a fair amount of thud than a stiff inflexible belt will do the trick. A soft flexible belt can be used for much longer, reddens, doesn't mark much and can really sting. I used both depending on Mel's needs.
I've been using Pay Pal for many years, never a problem and most sites take it now.
Have a good Sunday, feel better soon.
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Heya guys and thanks for the input... Yeah, I know. It's a lot indeed... but it's so pretty (get in a girl's state of mind and see that pretty = I need to buy it no matter how much it costs). hehe

Dave - Yeah, "I'll grow out of this kink"... I know it. :( And for a few months at a time somtimes I can. But all I need is a hint from somewhere about spanking and I am back into "red asses land"... This is also ridiculously supple and swooshy. And about what Paul said - I think I like the ones that don't leave bruises but sting a lot. :) Thanks a lot both of you for helping me... I am running out of funds so I might 'borrow' Jack's card for this particular shopping spree. ;)

HUGZ to you both! :)

Kayley said...

Hey, I remember something now that Paul said that pinching jack's card might get me a whacking... Remember last year when I got that hairbrush for which I paid a lot of money at The Body Shop? I got spanked with it in the end because of how much I paid. So my question is: do I have to keep buying new stuff in order to get spanked? lol