Saturday, December 22, 2007

Over Being Drunk

Yeah, I got over it. Like I said, yesterday I felt like shit, really... Today I slept untill 11,30am. Jack was a little pissed off at me for staying up very late again and smoking too much. I woke up with an incredible cough.

SInce Christmas is falling on Tuesday and I didn't take Monday off, I cannot go visit my parents. The trip takes about 5 hours on a good day, so with the traffic and stuff it would take about 6. My parents will come visit. Oh well...

I should do some shopping - I didn't buy ANYTHING yet because I didn't have time. It sucks. I mean normally, by this time of the year, I would have had all the presents. I haven't even bought food yet. It's not good... And it's extremely cold outside.

Cheers! Hope your shopping was better than mine...


Paul said...

Kay, glad that you are feeling better.
Lots of people aren't ready for Christmas yet this year, it's been one of those years, it will work out.
It would be a good idea to stop smoking, it would certainly help with the coughing.
Maybe a New Years Resolution, I will help if you do decide, I stopped more that forty-six years ago.
Have the best Christmas that you can, you and Jack.
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Well, Jack started today.As a matter of fact, we switched to rolling, because smoking rolled cigarettes is not quite the same with smoking the already prepared ones... It worked for me also today - I smoked a quarter of how much I used to... Now let's see how it goes...