Saturday, December 22, 2007 - Listening to Posts

Thanks Will! :) I installed and it works quite right... The only "down" side is that... well, it's a male voice which is quite weird. hehe I mean even this post will be read by a male voice and some posts might sound even funny like this. But it's okay, I guess. It's useful sometimes.

Another down side is that the stories, when read by this robot, are not read as I meant them to be read. So unless you are desperate or busy reading other stuff, skip the button. :)

Anyway, Will, thaks again, mate! :)


will69b said...

HAL says:

"I'm sorry. I'll self-destruct now, k??"


(I love this!)

Anonymous said...

That is quite nifty technology.

Though if I installed that robot on my blog, I think it would go crazy and take over the blog ! ahhhh!

Seasons Spankings,
'The Cherry
Red Report'

Kayley said...

Lol Will! It does sound like that, doesn't it? ;)

Dave - that woud be an interesting scenario... Do you realize how many more visitors you would get if this were true? ;) hehe