Monday, December 17, 2007

Poll: What's Your Favorite Room?

I made a poll out of this question just out of curiosity. If you have any reasons why you have picked an answer, feel free to share. :)

My fav is the bathroom. Whenever I want to be alone with my thoughts, I move to the bathroom. I like closed places, with no windows (if possible), isolated from all the noise outside or inside... And the bathroom is like a sanctuary to me.

I cried there, I dreamed, I cut myself when I was younger, I talk on the phone for hours, I smoked, I drank and chatted at parties, I hid in there when I was in trouble... It's such a quiet and peaceful place. I even studied in the bathroom, when I was cutting classes and was preparing for exams 3 days ahead, studying my ass off from morning till morning. I wrote in the bathroom, on my laptop... I run the water - because I love the sound of running water, and I sit there with my cats around me. I don't need the bathroom to be a luxurious place. I just want something cozy.

I love bathrooms... :)

Your turn.


Paul said...

Kay, I suppose my favourite room, is my meditating room. For the same reason you like your bathroom, my people know that if I'm in there I'm not to be disturbed.
I have a great sound system in there, my favourite things of Mel are there and my altar.
Once I'm in there the world cannot intrude.
Warm hugs,

jujubees1 said...

I admit it, I live in my bedroom far too much. It is my favorite room. I have pretty much everything I need in there, complete with a bathroom and television and a big kingsize bed. Often when I am away from home I wonder what my bed is doing without me! ~Juju

Eric said...

Kayley, I had to think about this a bit... For isolation, I think of the bathroom as a place to be disturbed and/or depressed - cold, hard, like a protective shell. Running the water would be good for blocking out the world beyond - and I like the sound of running water too. For you, the bathroom is such a comfortable place, and where you can even be productive.

I'm not sure I have a favorite room. Once I was around 10, I had my own bedroom. As an adult, though I've always had a room to work, my room as a kid was the closest thing to having a place to close the door to my own private world - not that I was safe there if I was in trouble. And speaking of trouble, I like the idea of a spare room or office as a designated place for spanking - adds a bit to the ritualism.

You ask an innocent question about a favorite room, and I end up with spanking again. I have a problem. :)


Kayley said...

Heya! :)

Paul - wow! That really casts a different light on you... I mean that explains why you are always such a calm and equilibrated person. :) Thanks for sharing! :) HUGZ!

Juju - oh, yes, the bed! *grin* Do you have a laptop? That's the ultimate gadget to have if you don't want to get out of bed at all. Only because of the bed sometimes I like being sick... too bad I can't afford anymore staying in bed when I am sick... :( HUGZ! :)

Eric - Oh, don't worry about your problem. Let's share it! ;) lol I had spanking in mind when I wrote this post since I escape into the bathroom at times to think about spanking. ;) So spot on! Yes, I agree with your room being such a safe and nice place. I liked it too but I've moved a lot lately and while I still like my room - I love my room at my parents' house - I still like bathrooms better. In general. In particular though - I love the big room in my Grandparents' house. It brings back so many great memories... including the warm feeling on a cold winter night... All the Xmases and the Easters... and my birthdays when I was small (I am born in July so during summer vacation)... and the room where I was napping and where my gramma, who was a doctor, gave me shots when I was about 5 cuz I had caught pneumonia... hehe :) That's my fac room, in particular... :) HUGZ!! :))

jujubees1 said...

Yep I have a laptop, once you get one it's difficult to go back to a desktop! HUGZ!!