Saturday, December 22, 2007

Back to Getting Spanked

I didn't push it. Not much, anyway. I guess it happened because of Jack's mood. Honestly, I don't even remember what started it... Actually, I do. I bit him a little and when he gave me the chance not to bite anymore, I bit again. Oh, well... I couldn't resist, really.

I kind of remember some lecturing about staying up late and reading and watching too much spanko stuff, but I am not sure about what he was saying. The pain was a little too much so I was focused on not kicking. I had flashbacks of spanking vids and I wondered how the heck were some guys taking it so bravely. Anyway, the spanking went on for a while because I kept calling him names - I didn't want to but they kept coming out. I was supressing the urge by the time I got to the middle of the word.

Anyway, from intense pain I went to a hot bottom and the slaps stopped hurting. So the fact that I stopped wriggling gave him the idea that he should slap on the curve under my butt and my upper legs and then he decided that slapping towards the thighs would also be a good idea. It was, because I had stopped breathing already.

I have some sore spots still - that is about 2 hours later. But my energy is high again. So I wonder what the heck can calm me down? Not much, I guess. If I were Jack, I would make use of my new belt also... But I am not. *evil grin*


Paul said...

Kay, the voice sounds really strange.
I wondered if a spanking might result, I think that you will find that a belts pain might last a lot longer.
Warm Hags,

Spanking Flash said...

We propose an exchange of links between our blogs.


Kayley said...

Paul, I agree. :) I might even remove it... :)

Spanking Flash - Could you drop me an email? Thank you!

laura said...

i think ur spanking was well deserved. i like being spanked. others should 2. builds character. my man beats me, then whips me with a belt or a horse whip, then ties me up and gets huge pieces of wood etc to stuff up random holes and make me scream. hurts, but its 4 him.

Kayley said...

Hi laura :) Well, you wouldn't do it anyway if you didn't enjoy it. ;) Yeah... and I agree it was deserved, but then I have to complain about it or I lose my brat status. ;) hehe Thanks for the input. ;)